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A call for prayers

You know Danielle Walker of the blog/cookbook Against All Grain [link on my blogroll] is a favorite here. Now Danielle has broken the sad news that her pregnancy of a baby girl may not survive to full term. Baby Aila is due in  September but she has a rare bone disease and will almost certainly die before or soon after her birth. The Ryan and Danielle Walker are such nice people. They were doing missionary work in Africa several years ago when Danielle became ill with Ulcerative Colitis and had to be flown back to the States to save her life. That’s when she began her Gluten Free diet, and began experimenting with the recipes that we enjoy so much today.

Our hearts and prayers are with the Walker family as they face this. http://againstallgrain.com/

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Only as cool as you think you are?



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Obama, his Dems, the MSM, unions, the Catholic Church and Latino activists are selfishly pushing immigration reform, reform that would benefit each group. Like AGW, there’s a reason for the rush job: it’s a hustle before it’s too late. Why would it be too late? Elections here in 2014 and 2016 may mirror the anti-immigrant elections trending in other First World countries which are tired of their  cultures and budgets being corrupted, absolutely trashed by immigrants who don’t respect their host nations. The latest? http://no-pasaran.blogspot.com/2014/05/down-under-immigration-rules-have.html  Down Under, the Immigration “Rules Have Changed”; “Anyone seeking to illegally enter Australia … will never make Australia home”  

Nigel Farage of the UKIP clearly lays it out: http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/05/18/emstrongFarage-Migrants-Will-Cost-UK-its-First-World-Status/strong/em His main point: why is the United Kingdom allowing unskilled, uneducated, and broke immigrants to take over? Why not insist on skills quotas that will aid the UK, instead of everyone ending up on taxpayer-subsidized welfare? That’s one of the reasons he insists the UK needs to leave the European Union, which prohibits member nations from immigration restrictions.

Under attack, FLOTUS Michelle Obama turns into the political hack she’s always been. She’s way off track here, blaming Republicans for her failed school lunch program. The truth is the kids hate crap like brown rice cooked with seasonings, salt or butter. The truth is parents don’t want a politician’s wife to tell them what to feed their own kids. BTW, this article went to the exclusive Sidwell School her own kids attend and they eat a whole lot better than what Michelle wants our kids to eat.  Get your kids away from the tv, the cellphone, the video games and into the yards, the streets and chores. Don’t buy a bunch of junk snacks on an everyday basis, and eat family dinners. Bring back school recess without all the restrictions. Bring back phys ed classes and quit worrying so much about a bruise or injury. You’ll have fewer fat kids. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/378993/emstrongout-touch-first-lunch-lady/strong/em-julie-gunlock

More backlash on the stupid and dishonest Google worship of Rachel Carson, whose stupid and dishonest “scholarship” has been so destructive. http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2014/05/a-not-so-happy-birthday.php

Ah the Grievance Industry marches on, making “white” a word of hate. More video from the 2014 White Privilege Conference -partly subsidized with taxpayer $$ – in Madison, Wisconsin brings this: http://www.progressivestoday.com/professor-george-w-bush-took-money-away-from-new-orleans-levees-because-they-protected-black-people/ Can America ever atone for her Bush Syndrome Disease, perpetrated by the MSM and Democrats to win the 2008 presidency and Congressional takeover?





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Might work


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if you’re a fool rather than speak and remove all doubt, as the saying goes. I’m a big believer in free speech and I’m glad to see people like Toure make a fool of himself, thus saving me the wasted time watching him. As for the Twitter brigade, it’s never smart to shoot off your mouth without thinking first.

This isn’t the first nasty thing MSNBC anchor Toure has said but he manages to be racist, anti-Semitic and  insulting to Memorial Day all in one fell swoop. Yeh, buddy, think  how privileged Jewish survivors of WWII concentration camps are because they’re “white.” Guess the 6 million or so who were killed by Hitler plus the Jews purged in the USSR and other parts of the world might not feel that way. As for being privileged in the US because they’re “white” Toure is too young and/or dumb to know that President Roosevelt turned away German Jews hoping to emigrate here and escape Hitler [Ship of the Damned], and faced Jim Crow-era discrimination here, even as they supported civil rights for blacks.

Touré        @Toure

The power of whiteness: RT @hope_and_chains: My family survived a concentration camp, came to the US w/ nothing, LEGALLY, and made it work.

So Toure gives a weak-kneed ‘apology’ but it’s too late: we know he’s an ass. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/05/its-about-time-msnbcs-toure-apologizes-for-angry-anti-semitic-tweet/

Meanwhile Google can’t be bothered to observe Memorial Day on its doodle screen Monday but on Tuesday it hailed eco-hero Rachel Carson, one of the most destructive women ever born. Her pseudo-science book led to the hysterical premature banning of DDT, which led to a rampaging of malaria, especially in Africa. Too bad for African children that Big Green considers the possible – it’s actually a very weak cause and effect link – thinning of raptor bird eggs worth more than the lives of millions of poor people. http://twitchy.com/2014/05/27/are-you-kidding-me-todays-google-doodle-earns-a-hearty-screw-you-pic/

David Burge@iowahawkblog

Google celebrating Rachel Carson this morning; her millions of malaria victims, not so much.

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And it’s a Monday, too

PDA 19 (16)

I grew up with this holiday as Decoration Day. Whatever you call it, remember that your enjoyment of today came at a very heavy price. So many people – many of them very young men of 18 or 19 – made so many sacrifices, including losing their young lives, to allow us to enjoy the freedoms of the best country ever. It’s okay to celebrate the exceptionalism of the United States, and it doesn’t need wimpy qualification a la Obama that well every nation thinks it is exceptional.

I plan to attend the Ironton/Lawrence County Ohio Memorial Day Parade, a small town that hosts the oldest continuous Memorial Day parade in the United States, a parade that first began in 1868 and hasn’t missed a single year. Try attending some kind of observation or watch a movie/documentary that showcases our military history.

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Beats proctologists


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