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IMHO: Thoughts on Kim Davis

I had my usual fall bronchitis during the Kim Davis/gay marriage debacle and didn’t much care whether any of the people lived or died or whether I would either, for that matter. FWIW, here’s what I thought about it.

  1. I pretty much think elected officials should uphold the laws, not just the ones they believe. It’s not your job to make the law. If you can’t uphold it, resign. Take you cause outside.

2. Inconsistencies come to mind: Sanctuary city elected officials, Obama ignoring/tromping/changing our immigration laws, pretending a treaty isn’t a treaty in order to bypass Congress, refusing Congressional demands of corruption investigations within his admin and FOIA requests,etc. Somebody should’ve taken action, legal action, against those people but somebody didn’t because the liberal MSM don’t mind those law breakers.

3. Davis isn’t the only clerk to disobey this law, even in KY. If you’re curious why the MSM went after her – and only her – read the FB comments of your liberal friends or news editorials or listen to tv pundits. They’re talking about her fundamentalist religion and she’s not particularly educated and her plain looks and her checkered past and oh, she’s from the hills of KY. IOW, she fulfilled all their ugly stereotypes. Feminists lecture us that looks aren’t  important, but they mocked her looks as much as anyone because we’ve learned feminists only care about lefty values. Lefties only care about freedom of religion if it involves Islam.

3. I live close to Rowan/Carter counties. A few years ago people here were surprised to learn our very liberal and well-respected Democratic county prosecutor could not in good conscience try a case involving the death penalty. He refused to resign, saying it wasn’t a problem since a] someone else in his office could try such a case or b] we could send the case to another county and c] we don’t have very many in our county, but he absolutely refused to agree to prosecute any case himself. My husband and I were casual friends of his and see him at community religious services, but I don’t recall him saying religion was the basis for his decision. He was defeated in the regularly-scheduled reelection soon after. Although supporters decried the loss and praised him as a man of character, I felt this was the best way to resolve the issue.

4. Lefties never give up, law or no law, court case or no court case. After blatantly lying about gay marriage  to get elected, Obama declared voters in states should decide the issue. Shocked that the most liberal state in the nation rejected gay marriage, California gays reacted with violence, intolerance and ugliness that gave rise to the term “Gay Mafia.” They boycotted businesses with owners/managers who had donated money to ban the resolution permitting gay marriage, even closing down or hurting restaurants. There was an ugly incident of a gay man grabbing an anti-gay marriage sign from an elderly woman and knocking her down. They had ugly protests outside Mormon churches, ignoring that the most organized drive against gay marriage was the Teflon black churches. So don’t lecture me about tolerance or settled law.

5. Why Morehead? A lot of people would be surprised to learn MSU has long been a haven for gays. In the 80’s an acquaintance of mine was photog for the college yearbook,which planned a focus on the gay influence but that was rejected by school officials. The photog, a very liberal guy who later went pro, was disgusted with that decision. I remember he shared popular gay mags that pointedly steered undergrads, grad students and faculty toward the little college in the foothills and the quiet atmosphere there. To be honest, I suspect native residents have caught on by now, esp with the inevitable lawsuits and complaints from gay faculty.

6. Some folks on FB and social media mocked Davis supporters with the supposition they wouldn’t support a Muslim clerk, gleefully assuming they wouldn’t. Hypothetical guilt based upon predetermined outcomes from stereotypes isn’t helpful. My supposition is a little different: Will the Davis naysayers support licenses issued to a man marrying 3 wives, the incest marriage of a brother/sister or the lowering of marriage age requirements to allow legal pedophilia? Think it won’t happen? You need to pay closer attention to papers/journal articles at the APA with changes to the DSM, to popular culture,  to lower court cases, and to activists for all these causes.

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A hopeful Sunday

You tend to get more cynical as you age – it’s called wisdom – but I was struck by the dedication and goals of the private, college prep school in Louisville named the West End School.  Founded by devout Christians, funded by a combination of sources, and supported by large numbers of volunteers, the school is also aligned with basketball star Darrell Griffith – a name well known to old UK fan and younger NBA fans – who has lent his name, support and time.  The quality of workers and young men boarders is very impressive, and I pray for the continued success of this venture. The school was featured last week on Bluegrass and Backroads, a weekly RFDTV show sponsored by the Kentucky Farm Bureau. Here’s the show episode link and the description at You Tube: http://bluegrassandbackroads.com/2015/03/west-end-school/

Published on Mar 1, 2015

West End School is a free, private, college preparatory elementary and middle school for at-risk young men. Admission is open to boys entering pre-kindergarten through second-grade or sixth grade who are on free or reduced lunch, are capable of doing academic work at grade level or above and who would benefit from a safe environment and high expectations.

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But Obama does not listen


Not just a random Muslim but a leading random imam in the West [Britain]. It’s a direct quote.

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Church of England has been notoriously “tolerant” and “multicultural” for quite a while now, welcoming the Occupy movement, espousing social justice, embracing global warming, and self-righteously lecturing everyone to “accommodate” the large numbers of Muslim immigrants into England. The Church is belatedly realizing that significant numbers of Muslims do not want to assimilate, they want to take over. The more “moderate” Muslims are too afraid, don’t care or number too few to speak out. It won’t surprise you to learn that the social justice/tolerant/accommodating/warmist future king Prince Charles is CoE. Of course so is Queen Elizabeth and she is a no-nonsense, common-sense monarch; perhaps being a part of WWII made a difference. She knows there’s evil in the world that is beyond understanding, she knows there is a price to pay for freedom.

The current and a former Archbishop of Canterbury are finally speaking out, speaking out in a way that is not politically correct. Welcome to the new world, America. This is what’s been happening while our MSM worshipped Obama and worked to elect Democrats.


Current Archbishop Most Rev Justin Welby speaks out in defense of Christian schools and claims Britain is a deeply Christian country. Liberals immediately denounce him. Unfortunately he also denies the Birmingham City Schools are being hurt by a takeover of fundamentalist Muslims. He’s wrong there. This post was May 2014; since then Birmingham has been rocked by hateful anti-Semitism and  pro-Hamas protests, often violent. I think Welby may still have some reluctance to recognize creeping sharia. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-2727305. 3

Last Christmas Welby also recognized the massacres of Christians all over the Middle East, an attempt – quite successful so far – to wipe the Christians and Jews off the continent and then the planet. Meanwhile the Obama administration keeps lecturing us on Islamophobia. http://kjs-heresywatch.blogspot.com/2013/12/in-news-at-last-christian-massacre.html

Creeping Sharia demands accommodation by people with no desire to assimilate; they demand concessions to Islam while giving none to yours. Creeping sharia means the takeover of another culture and country by Muslims, it doesn’t in any way refer to respect between religions because the respect is decidedly one-sided, that of the non-Muslim culture. Creeping Sharia is typically the precursor to a less civil takeover if and when the circumstances permit the Islamist to do so.http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/08/27/Muslim-gang-rapists-are-springing-up-everywhere-Why-can-t-we-be-honest-about-it

One could reasonably argue that our society, including our Christian mainline establishment, is determined to give our nation and our Western, our Judeo-Christian culture and values over to Islamists or anyone else because we don’t think our culture and America in particular is worthy of defense of any kind. BTW, have you seen the new 2014 Dinesh D’Souza move America: Where would the world be without her? You should.

http://thefederalist.com/2014/08/21/how-to-shrink-your-church-in-one-easy-step/ , critique includes the Presbyterian Church USA [PC-USA], the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America [ELCA], United Church of Christ [UCC], and the Episcopal Church. This article focuses on gay marriage but there are numerous other issues. The author correctly notes that changes to church theology typically start at the academic [seminary] level. Churches in America don’t need to be politically correct or fit some current version of social justice. Christian churches base their beliefs upon some combination of Judeo-Christian religious history, the teachings and words of Jesus and the writings of His apostles, usually through the Bible but sometimes through inspirations of church leaders or other sources long recognized by the church as fundamental to their beliefs. You don’t change your theology according to some current celebrity trend. Believers of a specific denomination make any changes after much prayer and thought. If you don’t believe the teachings of a church, don’t join. Skilled and experienced activists rushing into a church denomination may push through their agenda by change to seminaries and  taking over committees and conferences but they will likely kill the church. An established church foundation rests primarily with quiet worshippers who work and raise families, coming to church and/or Sunday School, tithing to support the church, bringing their kids to youth group or confirmation, attending potlucks and staying for congregational meetings. It is, quite frankly, a pain in the butt. It takes a lot of time, effort and determination. It may sometimes be due to family expectations or to social standing but it is usually due to a profound belief that may peak and wane at various times but is too important to completely abandon.

Exchanging a long-established theology based upon Jesus  for faddish beliefs based upon a swath of popular entertainment and shaming from politicians, junior repeating what he just heard from his sociology prof and an obliging liberal media may give dedicated church-goers pause and confusion but it will seldom bring deep conviction and comfort like the old mysteries and ‘faith of our fathers’ and Bible study brought us. Junior can ridicule all he wants but when you need soul satisfaction – when a parent dies or you lose your job or your marriage is in trouble or you worry about what an idiot Junior is becoming in college [heh] , you will leave the new -approved church for another. The problem with the “new” Mainline churches isn’t what they stand for, it’s that they don’t really believe in anything truly religious.

The talk in college circles is that Johns Hopkins University doesn’t want to fund a pro-life advocacy student group so they chose to drastically cut the accepted liberal groups. http://collegeinsurrection.com/2014/08/johns-hopkins-political-and-advocacy-groups-face-massive-funding-cuts/

This Venn diagram was released from JHU, you might want to think about this Fail. It may be the Freudian slip of truth.




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Perhaps the Presbyterian Church USA 2014 General Assembly vote to disinvest from 3 companies who did business with Israel in the West Bank is the most puzzling. The entire Middle East, and certainly the Israeli/Palestinian struggle, is so fraught with emotions, race, propaganda, power, religion, money, and convoluted history that one can only wonder why a denomination got into a current political talking point that will achieve nothing but hard feelings and further dissension. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread seems to be the most applicable cliché, full of pithy-sounding nothingness. What did the church hope to accomplish? Bring peace to the Middle East? Oh, my sides. [in the words of Kate at Small Dead Animals]

These radical delegates may sound naïve but nobody could be that stupid. Do they want to financially hurt Israel? Israel is a huge economy and their puny efforts won’t make a dent. Were they trying to financially help the Palestinians? That is a culture that doesn’t even pretend to value hard work, plan for the future, entrepreneurship, financial investment or savings so that makes no sense. In fact lefties are suggesting boycotts of Israeli companies such as SodaStream and Sabra Hummus – hey I love both products – which hire Palestinians because they don’t think the Palestinians should have to rely on Israel for work. Think of that numbing stupidity. Israel gives work permits to approximately 250,000 Palestinians who are given safe passage into Israel and out each day to earn money but instead of applauding both Israel and the Palestinians, progressives – I’m betting most are comfortable white liberals safely living outside the Middle East, just like these Presbyterians – abhor this mutually beneficial arrangement. Maybe they hate it because it’s a private deal, not requiring Big Government or Lefty mission money.

My bias favoring Israel is partially rooted in our common Judeo-Christian culture, religion and laws despite the frantic screams from the left that today’s Israel isn’t the Biblical Israel but merely a political state created by the UN. That may be true but I sure as heck have a more common culture with Israel than I do the Palestinians. It’s true the UN arbitrarily created Israel.  It was done in a desperate move to save the Jews from extinction after a World War that wiped out more than one-third of the world-wide Jewish population. There was also probably some anger at the Arabs since they had unofficially joined forces with both the Italian Fascists and the German Nazi’s, overthrowing more western-friendly governments – some were puppet governments of the Western powers – and fighting the Allies, threatening to give the Axis powers access to the oil fields there. Did the Middle East Axis-friendly governments represent the Middle East people more than the Western powers did? I don’t know the answer to that and it’s largely irrelevant because the world was in a fight to the death between democracy and the Nazi national socialism aligned with the Fascists. While Iraq and the other Arab Axis-leaning countries didn’t technically declare war on the Allies, the Allies didn’t do anything outside the court of international law or opinion by co-opting their land and resources to prevent them from assisting the Axis. The Middle East suffered a great deal less than other Axis countries who chose the losing side of World War II. It’s remarkable how few people know the shameful  and anti-Semitic history of many Middle East peoples during that war.

No time to go into that now. I see now that I won’t be able to cover this subject well in such a brief post so I’ll just say this: I also support Israel because they’re the only democracy in the Middle East, they provide equal rights to gays and women, overall they’ve been a good friend to the United States, and although their record isn’t perfect – as a democracy they have a wide range of policy opinions – they permit a wide range of religions and races to live in peace, a rarity in the  Middle East. Additionally, I cannot support the terrorism which pervades the Palestinian culture. You cannot excuse it by talking about occupation or a return to lands or anything else. Civilized people don’t encourage their toddlers to be suicide bombers or commit random acts of violence against civilians, all done within the framework of rampant anti-Semitism. Lefties like the PC-USA want to broker a peace deal but you cannot have peace when one partner fails to recognize your right to exist and threatens to wipe you off the planet, even if your nation was destroyed. They would still kill you because you’re a Jew.

It’s difficult to respect a culture and nation that refuses to prosper, refuses to help its people progress because it wants to constantly play the victimization drama. Despite receiving huge amounts of money – these aren’t loans but outright aid – the Palestinians have for decades squandered that money by refusing to hold their corrupt leaders accountable. It’s clear the corrupt leaders use the hatred for Jews to distract the Palestinians from asking any troublesome questions. One also notices that Israel has changed the world for the better, contributing so much in the fields of medicine, science and computers that the world takes them for granted. The unnoticed elephant in the room is that Israel stabilizes that part of the Middle East. It’s no secret that Jordan is only one country that relies on Israel to contain Islam extremists. One wonders if Hosni Mubarak’s tolerance toward Israel and the West – it was strictly for security – didn’t contribute to the dictator’s overthrow.

I’m off to caregiving duties – Dad is recovering very well now – but I’ll leave you with some links that I hope you’ll take the time to follow.  As for the role of the PC-USA denomination, I’m reminded of the rejoinder I sometimes heard growing up here in Eastern Kentucky. I can’t remember exactly how it went but it was a mocking of do-gooders and how they like to make themselves feel better by sticking their noses and their money into things here they didn’t understand. The Kennedys are only one later example.

Just as the Palestinians fail to hold their leaders accountable, so the world media and lefties fail to hold Palestinians accountable. http://legalinsurrection.com/2014/06/blame-israel-first-syndrome//#more

A blogger who happens to be Presbyterian decries the politics that overtaken the altars. http://pointsandfigures.com/2014/06/23/the-presbyterian-church-marginalizes-itself/

The denomination immediately tried to whitewash the resolution, denying that it is not, no absolutely not the equivalent of the BDS petition but most people, including the approving New York Times, aren’t buying the whitewash. Here a right-wing blogger http://moelane.com/2014/06/21/bds-jews-anti-semitism-Presbyterian/

Nolan Finley and I agree on this; why are we giving the Palestinians millions of dollars each year yet have no expectations or accountability?  Yasser Arafat’s widow and daughter have lived the high life in Paris for many years. Arafat was a multimillionaire,  thanks in part to the US taxpayers.  http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20140622/OPINION01/306220002/0/OPINION01/Divest-from-Palestinians-instead

The attitude of American Christians, especially evangelical Christians, toward Israel is divided, due in part to the lobbying of Christians by pro-Palestinian groups, and these evangelicals played a role in lobbying the PC-USA for the divestment. I’m not saying anti-Semitism is behind all of this but the whole situation comes across as ugly.   http://www.meforum.org/3769/israel-evangelical-support

There is nothing new about the efforts to drive a wedge between America’s evangelicals and Israel. Many in the anti-Israel camp have been working for years to do exactly that. Anti-Israel Palestinian Christians such as Sami Awad and Naim Ateek have traveled the country telling American Christians how their “brothers and sisters in Christ” are being oppressed by Israel’s Jews. Left-leaning evangelicals such as Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo, and Serge Duss have echoed this narrative in their corner of the Christian world. Duss’s sons, Brian and Matt, have worked diligently to mainstream their father’s views within the fields of Christian philanthropy and Democratic Party policy-making, respectively.

          Until the past couple of years, however, there was little reason to believe that these individuals were influencing Christians beyond their own narrow circles. Almost every significant evangelical leader who took a position on the issue came out squarely behind the Jewish state. A center-right evangelical world simply was not taking its political cues from these stalwarts of the left.

          This situation is changing dramatically. With every passing month, more evidence is emerging that these anti-Israel Christians are succeeding in reaching beyond the evangelical left and are influencing the mainstream. In particular, they are penetrating the evangelical world at its soft underbelly: the millennial generation. These young believers (roughly ages 18 to 30) are rebelling against what they perceive as the excessive biblical literalism and political conservatism of their parents. As they strive with a renewed vigor to imitate Jesus’ stand with the oppressed and downtrodden, they want to decide for themselves which party is being oppressed in the Arab-Israeli conflict.


            Wheaton is also the home of Gary Burge, one of America’s most prominent anti-Israel evangelicals. Burge travels the country and the world accusing the Jewish state of the worst of crimes and engaging in a mockery of Judaism that borders on anti-Semitism.[5] When Christians United for Israel (CUFI) announced plans to hold an event at Wheaton in January 2009, Burge went on the offensive. CUFI’s student members came under such intense pressure that they moved their event off-campus: There would be no pro-Israel event at the evangelical Harvard.

It was awkward timing on the part of the PC-USA to turn against Israel in favor of the Palestinians. http://www.timesofisrael.com/bodies-of-three-kidnapped-teens-found/  One of the teens holds dual American/Israel citizenship. I guess we’re not going to do squat about this, since the kid didn’t look like Obama.

Yep. Here’s the same ditzy State Department spokeswoman – Jen Psaki – urging Israel to show “restraint” in dealing with the Palestinian killers, members of Hamas, which just formed a government with the more “moderate” Abbas Palestinian Authority. http://legalinsurrection.com/2014/07/three-israeli-teens-murdered-what-comes-next//#more



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Of all the radical hard-left decisions made at the Presbyterian Church-USA 2014 General Assembly, this may be the most asinine. There is no Bible blueprint for abortion. There is definitely no Bible blueprint for virtually unlimited abortion. Why did the delegates vote for reaffirming such a strong resolution? Why not just say that it should be left up to the woman to decide on a legal abortion option? BTW, wouldn’t it be great if some organization, why not a church that believes in marriage and families, advocate for men to have some reproductive rights?

Why do I find the reaffirmation vote of nearly unrestricted abortion asinine? What else would you call a church that supports partial birth abortion but opposes a resolution to condemn the killing of babies surviving abortion, a la Kermit Gosnell, while condemning the capital punishment of sentenced criminals? Killing a baby who somehow struggles to survive an abortion is infanticide, pure and simple. All the arguments pro-abortion advocates claim – it’s a fetus not a born child, the fetus can’t survive, the Bible refers to a baby’s breath and a fetus hasn’t truly breathed like a baby – don’t apply here.

The General Assembly imitated the Occupy Wall Street with its calls for tax reform that redistributes wealth from businesses and the wealthy by giving it to the poor through higher taxes. They also came out for transgender rights in other countries and to study a proposal to divest from the fossil fuels of oil, coal, natural gas, etc. Wonder if that will pass in 2016? Indeed, young delegates bemoaned the dying earth. I guess removing PC-USA investments from lucrative fossil fuel stocks that fund employee pension and future church needs will magically save the earth.

On the tax reform issue, the GA returns to the progressive idea of a corporate conscience. Yes, the same progressives who are bemoaning that SCOTUS is evil for ruling that a company’s owners and values aren’t important because companies aren’t people and can’t have a conscience or voted to force corporations to prove they have a conscience. Evidently the only corporate value or conscience that counts is if it is progressive conscience.

The most telling and damning evidence that the General Assembly was nothing more and nothing less than left-leaning politics was the haste. There were numerous motions by more moderate presbyteries or pastors to slow down, to study issues or to compromise but the momentum could not be slowed, there was a head-long rush to radicalism. The longer one lives, the more one learns the lessons of such folly and questions the agenda of such urgency.

Here, a summary of reactions for/against motions from a more moderate PC-USA source and an open letter to fellow Presbyterians concerning abortion:


A partial summary of gun control actions from the PC-USA General Assembly:

formation of support, healing and advocacy groups for those who have experienced gun violence in their families;
opposition to legislation that exempts gun manufacturers and marketers from legal liability and/or financial accountability for the medical and security costs of predictable gun misuse and availability to criminals, the unstable, and the self-destructive;
opposition to “stand your ground” and other legislation that may entitle gun owners to shoot before taking alternative measures (such as relying on law enforcement and/or other de-escalation techniques) in perceived defense of persons or property;
encouraging church sessions and PC(USA) entities that own property to declare their particupremises and gatherings to be gun-free zones;
raising the age for handgun ownership to 21;
supporting legislation to ban semiautomatic assault weapons, armor-piercing handgun ammunition and .50-caliber rifles; and
advocacy in support of state and federal legislation to regulate ammunition.

A more general summary:
an overture from the Presbytery of Nevada that seeks training in trauma crisis counseling for pastors and other caregivers so that they can respond more effectively to the needs of survivors following a homicide or mass shooting;
an overture from the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta calling for measures to promote food sovereignty, which includes the right of all people to “safe, nutritious and culturally appropriate food and food-producing resources”;
an overture from the Presbytery of National Capital affirming the importance of maternal and child nutrition in the 1,000 days between the beginning of a woman’s pregnancy and her child’s second birthday;
an amended overture from the Synod of the Covenant calling for a study of end-of-life issues;
an overture from the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta calling for a national moratorium on the death penalty;
an amended overture from the Presbytery of Santa Fe urging the church to support financial and political reforms of the U.S. political and financial sector, including campaign finance reform;
a commissioners’ resolution encouraging presbyteries and denominational agencies to adopt parental leave policies with minimum terms of six weeks at 100 percent of prorated annual salary and full housing allowance;
a commissioners’ resolution seeking support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons in 81 countries where homosexuality is illegal; and
a resolution from the Advocacy Committee for Racial Ethnic Concerns proposing actions to counter a “new wave of voter suppression” it says is disproportionately affecting racial ethnic communities following the June 2013 decision of the U.S. Supreme Court nullifying a core provision of the Voting Rights Act.

Voter ID? Man these people didn’t miss a trick, everything they passed, all the language, everything is from progressive handbooks, from an OFA wish list laundered from Soros/Tides money and agendas.

When I saw the list of speakers and the agenda, I joked to Sissy, “This doesn’t sound like a Christian church; this sounds like the Church of Social Justice.”  If you read my links, you’ll note that these radical resolutions were proudly and unapologetically pushed from the Committee on Social Justice Issues.  You have no idea how I wish I had been proven wrong.


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The odd thing is that the nation’s largest Presbyterian denomination, Presbyterian Church USA, is already the most liberal of the Presbyterians and is bleeding members and churches to more conservative denominations. This hard swing to the left isn’t surprising if you watched the last General Assembly in 2012 nearly pass these resolutions. Like so many organizations these days, the administration and leadership is far more radical than its membership.

Since 2012, the activists and activist presbyteries have worked to control local Sessions, to manipulate voting, such as moving liberal activist interim pastors into conservative churches, and control the 2014 General Assembly. Speakers at the Detroit meeting included Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin and Big Green AGW-er Bill McKibben, with no balance to more moderate and conservative voices from the outside, although there were lobbyists both for/against the Israel vote and there’s a denominational pro-life group that held meetings during the assembly.

One of the least-noticed but most radical resolutions was the continuing war on 2nd Amendment rights. It’s pretty easy to venture that most of the voters were urban residents who didn’t grow up around guns or hunters, and regurgitate today’s radical gun control groups. My gun-hunting SIL has ranted for a couple of years about how the gun control nuts will go after ammunition next. He’s been stocking up on ammo and frankly, I thought he sounded a little over the top. He was right. Not only did the GA reinforce their stance on gun control but they flat-out promoted a much higher tax on ammo as a back-door approach to gun control, thus proving the accuracy of NRA warnings.

The vote of gay marriage by PCUSA pastors in consenting presbyteries was no surprise but I still find all of this a little sudden. No church or politician was discussing this 15 years ago, and this is a huge change for churches to embrace. I don’t think a lot of people appreciate what’s happening. Let me illustrate. More than 40 years ago, I married a recently-divorced man. We asked an Episcopal priest who was a mutual friend to marry us but he refused because we weren’t members and even members were required to wait a year and undergo counseling. The church I grew up in, a fundamentalist Baptist, forbids marriage under nearly all circumstances when one partner is divorced. Was I offended? Not at all. This was the theology of those churches. You don’t change theology for friends. Radical changes within a church should come from long-standing members who respect the church theology, and the changes should come after a considerable time of prayer and study, not merely to convenience me. We did find a couple of churches who could perform our marriage but we decided to have a civil ceremony with a few friends present. We’re just as married as if we had a big whoop-di-do in a huge cathedral.

When “Ahnold” was a popular Cali governor, Hollywood liberals wanted to change the US Constitution to allow the Austrian-born celebrity to run for President. Isn’t that silly? Not only is it unwise to casually tinker with one of our founding documents but it’s insane to do that for a specific person. If we someday decide to make a change like that, it would have to take effect in the distant future, disqualifying any living candidates.

The question that kept nagging me as I read the news stories and the official and unofficial releases from the PC-USA was this: Where were the Bible references, the Bible basis for these changes? These aren’t secular United Nations resolutions. This is a Christian church. While it doesn’t follow literal adherence to the Word, it supposedly follows the Bible as its foundation. And please don’t try the feeble ‘Jesus made Peter lay down his sword’ and ‘Jesus tells us to love one another.’ Yes, dear. Selectively grasping at a Bible quote without context or understanding is at least as irritating as fundamentalists who literally interpret the Bible. Churches do change, and sometimes painfully so, but those changes can’t be done overnight and they can’t be for secular reasons, such as popular television shows or because Anderson Cooper calls you names. This change isn’t about religion or about the Bible, it’s about politics. The same liberals who roundly condemn churches for speaking out against abortion and despise the concept of ‘Christian Soldier’ as war-mongering, are delighted with this political posturing.

This is where we are today in America. If you disagree with Obama on any policy, you’re racist. If you disagree with Hillary, you’re sexist. If you want NASA to be about space instead of Muslim self-esteem, you’re Islamaphobic. If you don’t want religious gay marriager within your church, you’re homophobic. Liberal America, it allows no dissension from a leftist agenda. Like this:

Here’s a view that recognizes the contributions Presbyterians have made to this nation in the past while claiming the new contributions won’t help America or the church itself. http://spectator.org/articles/59722/presbyterians-become-silly-church

Mainline Protestantism, at least in its official curia, has been liberal for nearly 100 years. But for most of that century it was a thoughtful, dignified liberalism that still roughly adhered to historic Christianity’s moral architecture, even if it no longer upheld the core doctrine. But the yonder years of stately Protestantism, at least in the old Mainline, are largely over. And this week, the 1.7 million member PCUSA suffered a meltdown, authorizing clergy to conduct same sex unions, reaffirming its commitment to largely unrestricted abortion rights, and voting to divest from three firms doing business with Israel.

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