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Too far even for the Obama-sucking MSM. Last night Megyn Kelly hinted that the panel of Bergdahl’s platoon members on her show earlier this year had helped pressure the Army to do the right thing and investigate. Fellow Fox staffer Howard Kurtz agreed but equally credited the MSM with its crew of Pentagon/military correspondents who couldn’t swallow the tidy little photo op of Obama with the [weird] Bergdahl parents in that infamous Rose Garden. It all spelled too much of BS spread on the roses. Too bad Obama didn’t have any interest in this photo making the Twitter rounds yesterday

This is a US Army soldier wounded by the Taliban during a search operation to find and ‘rescue’ Bowe Bergdahl. The NYT is worried Bowe won’t be able to find a job if he gets a dishonorable discharge during his military trial. Message to the NYT, if he’s found guilty, we don’t give a crap and this pic is one reason why, you liberal, military-hating jerks.:


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This flag-raising didn’t mean the battle was over; far from it, but it did represent a turning point in the horrendous, costly battle that was Iwo Jima. The Marines below cheered as they fought on, getting wounded or dying in ever-increasing numbers. An amazing, amazing story of courage, toughness and love of country and of their fellow Marines. They just would not quit, stunning the tunneled Japanese.

The famous pic by Joe Rosenthal of the Associated Press was actually a recreation of the earlier one taken by the Marine military photog, so it’s actually staged but the flag pole is sturdier and taller and no one seems to much care. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/02/23/ap-was-there-marines-raise-american-flag-on-iwo-jima-as-reported-by-ap-in-145/

In other Marine news today: http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/marine-sniper-is-saluted-as-more-than-the-video-scandal-that-defined-him/2015/02/21/e0a8492a-b7ba-11e4-9423-f3d0a1ec335c_story.html

I despise what the Obama administration and his Democratic Party have done to our military, using them to sacrifice everything when we want them to fight, then tossing them in the garbage can when it’s no longer politically advantageous. Obama doesn’t know squat about the military or his role as Commander in Chief but he’ll haul them out to look pretty in dress uniforms [remember Michelle standing in front of the WH US Marine detail for the Oscars, treating them as pretty nutcrackers for Christmas décor] and he doesn’t respect them either but worse is how they are political tools. Obama and the Dems had to destroy any justification for Iraq in order to create a meme for the 2008 election and our military families were just collateral damage. A repeat of the Vietnam War. The Taliban and the Marines were there to kill each other, did it matter that someone took a vid of the Marines peeing on the dead Taliban?

Oooh, Hollywood liberals hate the military and hate military snipers and hate the movie “American Sniper” but they don’t mind LAPD snipers on rooftops protecting them fro showing off at the Oscar red carpet. Hypocrites, just like when it comes to their gun control for everybody but their own bodyguards. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2015/02/hollywood-elites-shut-out-historic-war-movie-american-sniper-as-snipers-protect-their-venue/

The AP is fanatically protective of their stories and pics but this year is sharing the original article and Rosenthal pic so I can now legally share it today.



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Male Privilege, 1944

Yes, it’s a pic of the Normandy D-Day invasion, not Battle of the Bulge, but it still appliesMale Privilege 1944

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The heavily fortified elite German infantry and panzer divisions stunned the Allies by silently building up their arsenals and trekking through the Ardennes Forest. The Allies, many of whom thought they’d be back home with the war over by Christmas, were weakened by absent leaders and low munitions. Some of the GI’s had been sent there to recuperate. It would turn out to be one of the deadliest battles of the entire war as Hitler sent in his best troops, his best panzers and his best equipment, all in large numbers. It’s a testament to the courage of the Allied young men that the war wasn’t lost there.

Keep in mind the timeline: the Normandy Invasion [D-Day], codenamed “Overlord” began June 6, 1944; Battle of the Bulge was December 16,1944 – January 25, 1945. There had been a lot of brutal fighting in Western Europe, plus Sicily and Italy, so the Allies were thinking the war was winding down, time to relax and recoup. There had been some warning from Ultra, the British code-breakers, but it came quite late, was quite vague and was quite ignored by Allied commanders, who share much of the blame here. More American were killed or wounded during the Battle of the Bulge than any other operation of the war. Incredible, and a total surprise to the Americans.

There’s so much history in this battle. The fanatic Hitler Youth Brigade Panzer, the worst winter in decades, the grounded air force, the massacres of Allies that got in the way of Joachim Piper, including the famous Malmedy Massacre of 84 American POWs at Malmedy, Belgium, the frantic struggle to blow up bridges to prevent the German drive to take Antwerp, the massacre – noted for brutal torture – of the black soldiers separated from their unit and known as the Wereth 11, the impossible holding of Bastogne by Allies to keep it out of German hands, the English-speaking German spies who stole GI uniforms and infiltrated American lines, the frantic German race for fuel to keep the panzers running while the Allied  attempted to stop them, and the multiple pockets of Allied troops who got caught behind German lines.

The infantry and artillery held off the Germans until the weather cleared and the air force [it was part of the Army back then] attacked German lines and their panzers and resupplied the Allied troops, who were down to their last bit of ammunition and mortar.

Solid info from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Bulge

Here’s the site dedicated to the Wereth 11: http://www.wereth.org/en/home.  There’s a memorial in Wereth, Belgium that honors the 11 GI’s. The memorial was erected by a man who as a young boy watched his father tried to save the 11 but the SS found them. The boy, Hermann Langer, never forgot the men or his father’s brave attempt to feed and hide the men, and years later ensured the world wouldn’t forget either. The frozen bodies of the 11 were uncovered in the woods after the war ended.

The Henry Fonda movie of Battle of the Bulge is an excellent introduction.

Here’s a PBS documentary on the Battle of the Bulge:


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73 years ago, the US Navy Pacific Fleet was attacked at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, throwing what had previously been a European war into global war, WWII. As bad as the attack was, it would have been more devastating if our carriers usually housed there had not been assigned training elsewhere.

Some observations:

1. Half the deaths at Pearl Harbor were on the USS Arizona, which still lies – with many of the bodies intact – underwater and has never been raised. It wasn’t decommissioned and still flies the US flag at the memorial above it.

2. Although the mix-ups and foul-ups of both our army and navy were numerous before the attack – there were several alarms which never received attention by the people in charge – once the attack began, our military on the boats, the land, and the air, and civilian employees as well, showed remarked courage and sacrifice.

3. For those lefties who like to credit Russia with the defeat of Nazism and winning WWII, I’d remind you that Russia did not fight a WWII battle against Russia until she had been defeated by the US and surrendered. Russia then fought Japan in Asia for a full week. Why? To strengthen it’s hand at the post-war negotiating table of the Allies.

4. Hindsight is 20/20 but it’s also sometimes a lie. Current critics of our eventual use of the nuclear bomb blithely assume the bombings were our revenge for the December 7, 1941 attack but they’re wrong. Multiple declassified documents show the US intended to invade Japan in order to end the war. It was the savage, all-out, no-surrender Japanese defense of Okinawa and the evidence of the post-Okinawa Japanese government conducting training in all segments of their nation, including the elderly, children and the elderly, to fight the expected American invaders to the death that convinced the military and President Truman that an invasion would be devastating to American and Japanese lives.

The left is never happy unless they’re denigrating America and American culture. A big part of that is denigrating our military..http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/12/on-pearl-harbor-day-boston-globe-says-us-should-hero-worship-community-organizers-not-gis/

Below, Pearl Harbor survivors at a ceremony today at the USS Arizona memorial.


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I remember Chuck Hagel as a senator from Nebraska and he was pretty dopey even then. Seemed like nice guy but never seemed really sharp and always talking about reducing the military and reducing the footprint of our military in the world. See why Obama wanted him as Secretary of Defense? Repubs in the Senate grilled him at his confirmation hearing and the Obama admin/MSM nailed the GOP for FTBB – Failure To Be Bipartisan, even though Hagel had a horrible hearing, exceeding even his own standards of dopey.

Alas for Chuck Hagel, who began to discover the dangers of a pacifist president in an evil world and a president-on-steroids when it came to reducing the military. Remember when Obama called ISIS “JV” and Hagel called ISIS “imminent threat?” You knew Hagel wouldn’t be aboard the Obama bus for long. Under, yes; aboard, no. Obama is famous for his micro-managing, even boasting of it on occasion, but he was not about to take the blame for devastating mid-term election losses. The MSM largely blamed the loss on a frightened nation, shaken up by ISIS beheadings, the Big Bear once again prowling and pissing on new territory, the disastrous Bergdahl – Gitmo Taliban swap, and growing concern over Iran and the bomb. Thus, Hagel was expendable. No surprise. President ‘Hey it’s not my fault’ Hans Solo Obama was not accepting any blame.


Well, at least we still have Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Samantha Powers, plus John Kerry and the pstupid Jan Psaki to mock. Of course, mocking them isn’t much of a challenge.

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