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So she smiles and says she’s going to make coal companies go out of business and put coal miners out of work, eh? What  do you think your boss Obama, your Democratic buddies, your eco-fascist supporters and crony capitalist donors have been doing for 7 years, honey? There’s not many scraps left, even for hyenas.

Yes, I heard how you’re going to throw some job training $$ our way but we’ve been down that road of federal money numerous times and all it does is reward some loyal Dems to distribute and administer the $$, pay the way for a few attendees and it’ll all come to naught. Except for your loyal Dems, they’ll have pocketed some tax $$ but there won’t be any jobs here.

Gonna give us jobs to build and install windmills and solar panels, right? How stupid do you think we are? We know that most alternative energy components are made in China since they do it so much people – not paying that union wages you push for – and in any case, any jobs with windmills, etc would be temporary and involve only a few employees. In case you’re too dumb to know industry, coal and other fossil fuels employ numerous people in ancillary positions.

We don’t want your damn federal handouts, we want to be able to work in our energy jobs w/o our own gov’t slapping our hands every which way. Why don’t we just decrease the gov’t to about half its current size – or less – and use the saved tax money to invest in capital and R&D?

The greenies and their politicians have been lying to us for a long time and too many believed the lies. I have old KFTC [Kentuckians For the Commonweath] papers and that of other green groups asserting ‘oh, we don’t want to end coal, we just want it safer or certain types that would be easier on the environment’ and ‘oh, we’re not trying to end fossil fuels cause gas is so much cleaner’, and so much more crap. Now they celebrate the death of the coal industry period and gleefully proclaim they want to end all fossil fuels. Liars and selfish self-righteous jerks.

Aubrey McClendon of Chesapeake Energy was an idiot to believe the Sierra Club would only go after coal and leave gas alone. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/600940/how-chesapeake-ceo-aubrey-mcclendon-helped-push-coal-to-the-brink/#/set/id/600935/

Follow the money. The Global Warming scare is about money and power. About redistributing wealth. http://legalinsurrection.com/2016/03/obama-administration-deposits-500-million-in-uns-green-climate-fund/#more

Whaddya know? Obama doesn’t like gas or oil any more than he likes coal. The only unanswered question is whether Obama is stupid enough to fall for the AGW gibberish or whether he supports it as a way to radically transform the US and the world into a socialist one-world gov’t with the UN acting as manager. I vote for the latter. http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2016/03/obama-to-energy-producers-drop-dead.php

$50 Million Renewable Energy Scam

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I saw people, people, people. You’d have thought they were giving away season passes to the UK men’s  basketball team. I was there nearly 2 hours. It was crowded and confused. Very difficult to move or know what was going on.

I didn’t see any presidential reps, although the Daily Insult had said there would be some. A diverse group, as far as Eastern Kentucky goes. A few black women, old people, lots of young people, many with children and grandparents. Quite a few people in wheelchairs or using canes or walkers.

Some griping but it was all polite and restrained, no angry words or cursing. This is Eastern Kentucky and I always think EK, KY, the South and Appalachia have the overall nicest people on earth.

Sissy was in northern KY today and said the line of autos in Boone County snaked up to the interstate with police directing traffic and signs reading “Polls” to direct drivers into lanes. The daughter had a little wait in Lexington but it was all pretty smooth.

I didn’t get any pics since I took my disabled sister with me and it was very difficult to protect her and guide her, no way I could free my hands for a pic. Instead I’ll show this clip [h/t Instapundit]. One thing the MSM miss is that we are indeed angry at the GOP establishment and politicians we worked hard to elect but more than anything, we’re angry at the MSM for allowing – no, encouraging – Obama and the Dems to “radically transform” this nation. Obama and the Dems can’t do it without the acquiescence of their lapdog media. This is why I became a Republican; I don’t want the MSM choosing our  elected officials and controlling our government by sins of omission as well as commission.

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There’s a saying in Kentucky: Everything we grow or make is either illegal, immoral or some way bad for you.

Moonshine, banned by the federal government, was a fierce battle carried into Appalachia by the Revenooers aka agents of the Treasury Dept/IRS. It was basically fought, not because of health issues as proclaimed by the federal gov’t, but because home brewers of the stuff didn’t want to pay the taxes on it. Today moonshine is sold in grocery stores and a trendy item in trendy restaurants in trendy parts of the country, iow blue areas.

Pot grows like a weed in Appalachia and we’ve spent a fortune trying to eradicate it and hunt down the people who grow it, primarily through federal mandates and the money the DEA hands out to state/local gov’t here. Hemp also grows like a weed here but it is related to marijuana so we also ban hemp. Other states – aren’t they all blue areas – are legalizing pot but we can’t legalize it here because we have a huge drug problem. Seriously, just ask a small restaurant owner about hiring short order cooks and servers. So we can’t capitalize on pot or hemp popularity.

My husband and I both grew up on raw dairy products, home-grown vegetables and home-processed meats, either our homes or family/neighbors. The gov’t outlawed all raw dairy, even though it’s an infinitely better product than pasteurized and we think it’s healthier. In fact, my preemie husband was a desperately ill baby raised by parents ordered by the doctor to give him only raw milk and then recommended the best seller of it. The French, who are drowning in socialist regulation, won’t give up their raw cheeses, cream and butter. Idiot socialist-light Prince Charles, who never met an EU or lefty regulation he didn’t love – long live the Queen, please dear God – is suddenly traumatized that the EU wants to outlaw importation of those lovely artisanal French raw cheeses into Britain and dismayed he has so little power as an individual to stop the ban. Hey go to The Federation, er the UN, to complain, Charles.

The key to raw dairy and home-processed foods such as sorghum or sausages or eggs Black Walnut Cake was to purchase from people you knew or thought you could trust. We bought certain things from certain neighbors or church people or relatives or farm stands. Sometimes you took a chance on a cake from a stranger but you checked it out to make sure it looked clean and it would be close to your home, the next holler over or on US 23, which had fierce competition in stands. We bought Mountainberry drink mix from the Raleigh rep or liniment from Watkins, we had some doughnuts or special breads delivered by the Omar bread-man to our homes, and we bought cute  wooden ducks for the front yard by a rep.

Once during an extended strike at my FIL’s workplace, my MIL went door-to-door selling orders for her fabulous Jam Cake and Cream Candy to help pay the mortgage. I suspect that’s illegal today.

Just a few years ago, women celebrities joined men in smoking imported cigars. Now we can’t grow tobacco period. Is pot safer than tobacco. People say you only smoke one joint a day or okay maybe a few but people smoke dozens of cigarettes. That’s not always true. I know – knew – smokers who only smoked after a meal and I know pot-heads who have a joint every time I see them. Then they said it’s the pesticides that make cigarettes so dangerous. Excuse me but it you don’t think you need pesticides to successfully grow pot, then you don’t know pot.

We used to have small farms in Kentucky. Families didn’t make a lot of money but their kid helped on the farms and the kids went to a nearby small school and the family went to a nearby church. The gov’t keeps trying to farm work for kids. The gov’t consolidated the schools so many communities lost their town center in the school and many rural families lost their ties to a local school. The gov’t says it makes for a better education but I went to a one-room school, my parents and in-laws went to one-room schools, as did most of my relatives, and my husband attended small-town independent schools. I’ll match our educations with those of typical kids today at any time. The gov’t says it saves energy but seeing the heating/cooling/utility demands of monster schools just leads to vulnerability. It’s hard to believe the numerous buses save energy and it’s hard to believe the long rides are good for rural students. The infantilization of our young people is clearly seen in the lack of skills, other than using a cell phone. Kids used to know how to do things, accomplish work and possess grown-up skills.

Why the vague post headline about immigrants? It’s no secret drug cartels are using illegals to carry heroin and other drugs into the US. The heroin epidemic that’s ravaging not just Kentucky and Appalachia but numerous other states such as New Hampshire and Vermont, as well as urban areas. You can thank the open border policy of Obama and the Democratic Party for sudden onslaught. Without mentioning Obama, the DEA admits that not only are being paid by Mexican/Central American drug cartels to carry drugs here but the honchos of the drug cartels are comfortable waltzing in here anytime because in virtually all sections of the border, ICE and local authorities have been ordered to leave the borders alone. The only ones permitted there are social workers handing out US-taxpayer-paid freebies of ObamaCare, food stamps, ID cards, green cards, worker visas and cash. I’m betting there’s voter registration cards are included, too.

The terrorists waltzing in through the borders. That’s just extra, no cost to you, taxpayer.

It’s ‘in’ to smoke pot, it’s Neanderthal to smoke tobacco. http://www.weeklystandard.com/the-new-prohibitionists/article/2001395

Let’s keep shutting down coal; the hypocrisy is what burns. http://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/02/23/study-urban-backyards-contribute-almost-as-much-co2-as-much-as-cars-and-buildings/

And all that greasy fried foods and meat used in the South and Appalachia, oh my. http://www.popsci.com/fry-away-vegetables-cooked-in-extra-virgin-olive-oil-better-than-boiling

Organic is consistently shown to be more likely to result in a safety recall than regular food. http://www.smalldeadanimals.com/2015/12/or.html

 Bruce M. Chassy, food science professor emeritus at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana scoured U.S. Food and Drug Administration data to conclude that organic food is four to eight times more likely to be recalled over safety concerns than conventionally grown products.

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This is a fascinating article. I can recall some of these traditions from my childhood and more traditions from listening to my parents and other relatives reminisce. When they start with the reminiscing, they always say, ‘Well, back then…’   I remember letting off fireworks, guns or big flares [Fuzees] at our country home or my grandpa’s. And this quote about meat is right on, I never had steak until I was an adult, either.

Here’s a sample from the blog. There’s lots more but fair use prevents me from quoting more, especially since the author is a professional writer. Check out the website and see what you think. After Christmas, I plan to research the blog and the people there.

     Christmas dinner was different, too.  Few kept geese, and most were not that crazy about turkey, so Christmas dinner was always chicken or ham.  Everybody had chicken and pigs.  In fact, in Appalachia, pork was the staple meat.  People might have a milk cow, but very few raised cattle for meat.  Steak to Appalachians was cubed steak, floured and fried like chicken.  I was an adult before I ate what most people think of as steak.

http://www.cornettmedia.com/ninas-blog/old-christmas-as-observed-in-Kentucky. In this post, the author is quoting from a letter submitted to her.

The blog author, Nina Cornett, also has a nice history of Old Christmas.

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I came upon an old Sunday, July 23, 1995 issue of the Independent local newspaper. On the front page, lots of coverage devoted to a new earth-moving site in the county that intended to use coal ash in an industrial site while some locals fight it as a landfill. Today, of course, the newspaper devotes entire front pages to the Big Run Landfill, already built with its own rail spur, and the fight of locals against it.

Another front page story was the hope of a reprieve in new Clinton EPA regulations on the oil refineries, including the all-important local Ashland Oil, Inc. The EPA claimed some “statistics” that they claim tie refinery emissions to cancer. Heck, even today medical researchers strain to explain what causes cancer, and the EPA – witness Erin Brockovich – tried a cause and effect association to close companies, all of which later proved spurious. Still waiting on the Brockovich apology and maybe some $$ to the families who lost their jobs and had to move because of the phony science. Julia Roberts won the pop science debate and she got richer and more famous while the company and families got poorer and lost to history.

On an inside page [?] is an article on Saddam Hussein releasing thousands of inmates in an attempt to ease the sanctions imposed by the George H W Bush admin with a world coalition after Iraq invaded Kuwait. Catch this part of the AP post:

This month, Iraq turned over details of its secret biological weapons program after denying for four years that it could make such weapons. On Thursday, Iraq began destroying machines that UN experts said could be used to make components for ballistic missiles, banned under the terms of the 1991 Gulf War Cease Fire.

A political cartoon on the editorial page depicted the Congressional GOP as milking the Whitewater scandal of Hillary Clinton.

A short opinion piece noted the return of the Muppets to prime-time television after a 14-year absence, remarking that the innocent fun of the puppets was good news indeed. Not so innocent or fun on the 2015 return, I’m afraid.

Some sad changes. The paper was full of ads from “One of Kentucky’s Great Stores” Parsons , Stars, Bank of Ashland, Bazaar Home Fashions, Circuit City, and the schedule for the upcoming July 4th Huntington share of the Tri-State Regatta, all gone. All those stores gone, Ashland Oil was bought by Marathon Petroleum and moved the HQ to Ohio and sold off other subsidiaries, leaving only the refinery and marine divisions here. The Ironton and Huntington part of the Tri-State Regatta pretty much went belly up, with only the Ashland part remaining strong. It may be coincidental, but the Ashland part was the most family-oriented, the only part that banned alcohol.


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Here’s the one-and-only, very talented singer from Sandy Hook, Kentucky, the late Keith Whitley. This is when he was part of Ralph Stanley’s band; Keith looks so young and innocent here. Two things about being in Stanley’s band: He only chose people with tremendous talent and you couldn’t look scruffy his stage.  He wouldn’t truck drunkenness, either.


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Was watching these guys sing on Cumberland Highlanders at the 2012 Jerusalem Ridge Festival, which highlights the birthplace of Bill Monroe, and realized at least one was born up the road in Eastern KY. The audio is a little scrappy but here’s Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone, a tune I don’t get to hear very often, by Sammy Adkins and the Sandy Hook Mountain Boys.

Here’s info on this year’s festival: http://JerusalemRidgeFestival.org

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