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Bill Whittle at Firewall. You can Join the Resistance against lying politicians and media here. It’s nonpartisan, most of the criticism right now is directed against Democrats/liberals but that’s because they own the Presidency, the MSM, much of the Internet, all the social media companies, the universities, the unions, pretty much all entertainment and infotainment…….

You can also make a donation. Hey, it’s not as if the Big Gov’t supports any conservative/common sense initiatives. https://www.billwhittle.com/.

If white women/men  can’t “appropriate” dreadlocks, why do so many black women, including celebs like Beyoncé, “appropriate” white woman blonde or straight hair?

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Attention, Topeka residents: John Kerry, who owns a $7 million yacht, a $7 million Beacon Hill townhome, a $9 million ocean-front Nantucket home, a $5 million Idaho ski retreat, a $4 million estate in Pennsylvania, and a $5 million home in Georgetown, wants you to undergo mandatory lifestyle cutbacks to prevent CO2-induced bad weather

h/t http://tomnelson.blogspot.com/2013/07/attention-topeka-residents-john-kerry.html

Kerry isn’t alone. From Tom Friedman to Bill Gates to Barack Obama to Barbra Streisand and countless others, the byword is ‘ Sacrifice is for You Peasants but not me because my life is way too important to cut back’

You greenies want to invoke a smaller lifestyle? You go first.



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The left is in love with Che because a] he wore a chic beret b] he was supposedly some sort of revolutionary, and that word excites them  c] he’s foreign and anything not-American/Western excites them d] they’re ignorant of who he really was and what he did e] all the other lefties worship him so they follow the crowd of sheep or f] all the above

Margaret Thatcher? A strong, independent, tough-as-nails woman who had the audacity to be a conservative, thus incurring the wrath of ideological feminists and the left forever. You gotta love her.


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Celebrity Sheep, falling each other over the political mountain. Taking our nation with it’s failed presidency over the mountain. If they’re so smart, why haven’t they noticed the failed president? Presumably because his policies don’t affect them but make them feel good about themselves. Help the poor by taxing the rich? Sounds good, doesn’t hurt them with their layers of tax lawyers/accountants and money in tax-sheltered foundations. Kill fossil fuel to save the planet and heavily subsidize alternative energy? Sounds good, they fly by private jets, own multiple homes over the world,  and can afford any kind of energy cost increases. ObamaCare so everyone has insurance? Sounds good, they will all have top-notch private insurance with top-notch care and don’t care if “everyone has insurance” usually equates to more tax-payer funded Medicaid, even for illegal immigrants.

But Gwyneth Paltrow goes over the top here, sounding like a complete doofus. http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tim-graham/2014/10/10/gwyneth-paltrow-coos-her-backyard-fundraiser-tells-obama-“I-can’t-speak-properly-because-youre-so-handsome.”  She also told Obama she was “one of his biggest fan, if not the biggest.” She But here’s the sound-bite. “It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass,” she fervently opined.  Well, like she said she can’t talk right.

Fortunately a California-based artist named Sabo has developed a dislike to the Obama presidency – he says he wanted to like him but can’t – and is posting street art.


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Good grief, people, you cannot trust the MSM on anything, not even the supposedly neutral New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Times Square. The left is vulgar, mean, and uncivil. Which they were last night. I learned my lesson from last year, what with Kathy Griffin [or is it Griffith? I refuse to give her the respect of a check to make sure] and her disgusting display with Anderson Cooper, “kissing his sardine” as she so delicately put it. If that’s what CNN and the rest want, they can do it without me.

About a decade ago, actress Patricia Heaton [Everybody Loves Raymond] walked out on a live video award show because it was too vulgar. We all need to do a Patricia Heaton when it comes to New Year’s on the MSM. Ratings matter, at least in the long run.

Between the drunken guests, the homosexuality acts agenda, the dirty jokes, the choice of raunchy celebrities,  and the insults at our WWII Pearl Harbor Veterans, it was a disgusting debacle of low class culture on national television. IOW, national holidays have now become the tackiest form of celebrity video awards shows.






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It’s a bit of a problem for America that some liberals use race as a political weapon to shut up the opposition and corral their voting base in order to win elections. It’s a much bigger problem for American that so many black believe their racial hatred and divide our nation; trapping young blacks into a life of resentment and victimization.


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Were celebrities always this stupid? Certainly Twitter hasn’t been a friend to some celebrities.

It’s almost as if liberals and black leaders want to start a race war. Oprah not only looks stupid and racist here, she stirs up racial hate and prevents blacks from accepting reality. Isn’t it funny how often she says this kind of anti-American crap abroad but acts so much nice on her American show? http://therightscoop.com/video-oprah-winfrey-tells-bbc-many-americans-hate-obama-because-hes-black/

As numerous bloggers have commented numerous times ‘We don’t like the white Obama any better than the black Obama.’ Incompetence and corruption has nothing to do with skin color.

Alec Baldwin has yet another hateful tirade and his month-long show will be suspended for 2 weeks. So after more homophobia hate, Ultra liberal Baldwin keeps his lucrative Capital One endorsement and his MSNBC show and everything else in spite of ongoing hate rants he refuses to apologize for while Southern Paula Deen loses her entire career over a racist comment she made more than 30 years ago after profuse and humiliating public apologies. http://legalinsurrection.com/2013/11/msnbc-suspends-alec-baldwins-talk-show-after-latest-tirade/

If it weren’t for hypocrisy, liberal celebrities wouldn’t have any principles at all. http://twitchy.com/2013/11/15/public-school-advocate-matt-damon-explains-why-he-sends-his-children-to-private-school/

I’ve posted before about uber lefty, supporter of Communist writer and educator Howard Zinn, and outspoken advocate of public schools with their unions, Matt Damon, doesn’t send his kids to public schools. Remember the video I posted of Damon and his college education professor mother ranting about the piteous salaries of public school teacher while mocking a Daily Caller reporter? When Jeb Bush criticized Damon for his opposition to public school choice but choosing private school for his kids, Damon made some kind of lame defense. http://twitchy.com/2013/11/15/public-school-advocate-matt-damon-explains-why-he-sends-his-children-to-private-school/  He also made a nasty remark about the Bush family.

Charlie Spiering          @charliespiering

  Matt Damon lashes out at Jeb: “I’d eat my shoe if he could name a Bush that ever even walked into a public school”     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2ujGTTkipw …

Alas, Damon is not only nasty but wrong.

Byron York          @ByronYork    Follow

     @charliespiering Both Jeb and George went to public elementary schools, right? Think Jeb also graduated from University of Texas.


omid moghadam          @omidmoghadam    Follow

@charliespiering Laura Bush was a public school librarian. W twins went to public high school in Texas. Damon should eat more than one shoe

And since he’s got Kentucky roots, I’ll toss in George Clooney for free. George seems to have suddenly gotten an advanced science with lots of research experience. Here’s what George the Scientist said about AGW skepticism:

Well it’s just a stupid argument. If you have 99 percent of doctors who tell you ‘you are sick’ and 1 percent that says ‘you’re fine,’ you probably want to hang out with, check it up with the 99. You know what I mean? The idea that we ignore that we are in some way involved in climate change is ridiculous. What’s the worst thing that happens? We clean up the earth a little bit?”

Forbes thinks shutting down 85-95% of fossil fuel energy production might do a bit more “worst” than clean up the earth a bit.




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