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It is indeed fair to blame Obama and his administration in conjunction with the Democratic Party for some, most or all of the ISIS mess in Iraq. Whether you agreed with the Iraq invasion under Bush, we did indeed have peace won at a great cost of lives and money. Obama and the Dems swept into office in 2008 by declaring Iraq an unnecessary war because the “real war” the one we should have fought was in Afghanistan. Oh yeah, that’s where we needed to be. Notice they didn’t deny that against all odds, against their sudden denials of support for the Iraq invasion – they invented that catchy chant of “Bush Lied, People Died” – against the world turning its back on us, the US got rid of a dictator who was a mass murderer, prevented that dictator from launching another war against its neighbors or a world war, and gave Iraq a chance at its own semblance of democracy.

Here, Bill Whittle says the US military keeps winning the war but the Democratic Party left forces us to keep losing the peace.  If Obama and his people and the MSM weren’t so sure that Obama knows everything, he might actually learn something in his presidency. Hey, he’s just so smart, he’s bored with the presidency. That’s what Valerie Jarrett says.


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Well whaddya know? ISIS has found an old facility in Iraq that produced chemical weapons of mass destruction, and there’s even some usable weapons still there. Best of all, ISIS has raided the facility and captured some of the WMD. You know, the WMD that didn’t exist and that President George W Bush lied about to get us into war. Just for the record, although I was a Democrat back then I never believed Bush lied and I was pretty darn sure there were WMD being moved around to avoid gullible inspectors

Here’s my question? Where are the apologies from the Democrats, the MSM and lefty groups to President Bush?

In fact the MSM in the form of the Associated Press is still helping Obama and the Dems, editing a story after speaking to the WH so that the timeframe is fuzzy and the damage is minimized a tad. http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2014/07/09/ap-stealth-edits-iraq-wmd-story/

http://ace.mu.nu/archives/350336.php   Great: Iraq Informs UN That “Terrorists” Have Seized a Major Iraqi Chemical/Nerve Agent Weapons Storage Facility

I don’t think this proves “Iraq had WMDs” because we already knew they had WMDs; the question was whether they had undisclosed WMDs, in addition to those stocks the UN had already identified and placed under lock and key (and by lock and key, I mean, and I think I’m serious about this, they would just put a “UN Controlled Weapons” sticker over the door jamb to let Saddam know he wasn’t allowed to touch those weapons, unless he had a box-cutter or just a sharp stick).

          I’m not sure if these captured bunkers constitute some new reserve of WMDs; I assume they don’t, but then again, I don’t think the media would exactly blare it from the rooftops if it turned out Hussein had undisclosed WMDs all along.

That whole Bush Lied, People Died was a silly campaign slogan that too many Americans accepted as fact, partly because it was reinforced by the MSM. Let’s face it: if you want empty quotas, catchy slogans, meaningless chants and facepalm–worthy sound bites only the young and gullible could love, you’re probably a Democrat. Hey, break out of that rut and become an independent-thinker; it only feels strange at first and then you’re free to look at events and news from your own viewpoint, not the MSM or the Dem way or the way all your friends do. At some point you just think – it comes upon you unexpectedly –


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Guess reliable leftie Brian Williams on reliable Obama network NBC couldn’t think of anything else. http://newsbusters.org/blogs/kyle-drennen/2014/01/07/nbc-bush-blame-security-vacuum-iraq-created-obamas-troop-withdrawal

At a heavy cost, both in lives and taxpayer money, the US military fought to a semblance of peace in Iraq, including former al Qaeda strongholds Fallujah and Ramadi. Iraqi’s voted and went about an everyday order in their lives. This came after the successful surge, obtained by George W Bush sacrificing his political career. Barack Obama is an ignorant ass when it comes to our military and he never had any interest in Iraq or any respect for our fight there. Iraq was a political campaign issue for him, no more.

Bush negotiated our reduction and graded withdrawal from Iraq, all Obama had to do was follow the plan. He couldn’t even do that. Too impatient and too ignorant to obtain a Status of Forces Agreement from a noncompliant Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, Obama rushed out, abandoning our new embassy, our equipment, and any chance to serve as advisers to the Iraqi police and military, all so he could stand at the teleprompter and bask in praise from his fellow ignorant lefties.

Now comes the price. The world really isn’t a leftie global peace college classroom after all. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/01/obama-success-story-flag-of-al-qaeda-flies-over-fallujah/

Now al Qaeda is flying the flag over Ramadi as well: http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2014/01/terrorists-take-fallujah-obama-doesnt-care.php

As John Hinderaker points out, 2007 Candidate Barack Obama promised he has a “plan” to deal with a withdrawal from Iraq that would preclude an al Qaeda takeover. Of course, Obama and his fellow lefties denied al Qaeda was in Iraq in the first place.  Where the heck is that plan, then? Don’t hide it, President Obama, this is the time to haul it out. Past time.  http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2014/01/as-iraq-slides-downhill-what-happened-to-obamas-plan.php



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