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The poster that got Seals banned on Facebook

Facebook told the SOS-PAC [Special Operation Speaks ] composed of former special ops officers from all four military branches to take this poster down. http://specialops2012.com When SOS re-posted it, Facebook banned them for 24 hours. Nice going there, FB. I know I need a FB page for pullmychain but everytime I start to get one, they tick me off with crap like this and I back off.   from http://www.bluegrasspundit.com


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This may be too close to the truth to be funny.  Did Obama fail his 3 am or Hillary or Panetta or all of the above?   from http://www.nationalreview.com

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An audit by an Inspector General at the Department of Labor delivers the black news for green jobs:

Only 16% of the promised jobs lasted beyond 6 months. At least as bad, more than half of the people who received taxpayer-paid training already had jobs. They either were part time workers looking for full time jobs or workers looking for more money, advancement or a change of jobs.

Many of us knew this was crony payback all along, just like virtually everything else in this administration. Where is all the unsubstantiated Dick Cheney-Halliburton outrage from the media?

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Worried, ABC? As if the Obama talking point caption isn’t blatant enough for you low-information voters, the screen also hard-core ramps up the Romney/Ryan talk of cutting the federal FEMA budget, and the latest polling that shows a tightening of the race.

Since the bulk of rescue work is done by state and local entities, it’s fine with me if Romneywants to transfer inefficient and prone-to-waste FEMA money back to the states and cities. As for the polls, I don’t see how we can tell anything until we see more of a normal state of affairs after Hurricane Sandy. I’m not paying any attention to any until end of the week or the weekend.

Thanks to http://smalldeadanimals.com for the screen save.

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Here’s a pic a friend took of Cave-In-Rock on the Ohio River a couple months ago.

There’s a ferry from Marion, KY across the river to Hardin County, IL, which is home to Cave-in-Rock and the Cave-in-Rock State Park. http://www.marionkentucky.org/ contains tourist infomation about Marion, including an Amish community.

For information about about the cave itself and the park, see here.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cave-in-Rock_State_Park .  The park contains lots of historical information about the unique site. Here’s the pic from their website.Cave-in-rock IL.jpg

My connection to the place is from the Disney movie Davy Crockett, which prominently features pirates masquerading as Indians and living in Cave-In Rock. Davy defeats the pirates, with the help of Captain Big Mike Fink, king of the Ohio River and King of the Keeboats. Here’s a link to the real-life history of Mike Fink, whom most people associate with the Cincy restaurant. There’s as much fiction as fact about both Fink and Crockett. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Fink

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We have a chainsaw but I have no idea what brand it is. I consider it hubby domain, and he loves being in charge of it. I saw the Echo ads on RFD-TV, where they have a lot of farm and outdoor ads.

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