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Whose military? Bush vs Obama 3

There is an excellent narrative at this You Tube video that compares a military visit by Bush with one by Obama. Contributor RD Walker honestly notes the different settings and circumstances that contribute to a more tepid response to Obama but notes that the love and respect for Bush is real and was consistently displayed during his presidency. I was surprised to discover that Bush didn’t ever have Hail to the Chief played when he visited the troops. Obama used it here to give himself more gravitas and he has the troops remain at attention.


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Whose military? Bush vs Obama 2


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Whose military? Bush vs Obama


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Why did Obama say, “MY Military?”

Do you find this offensive? For some reason this just irritated the snot out of me. I’ve never heard any president or any military officer or any politician refer to the Armed Forces of the United States as “My Military.”

Perhaps it’s because the Obama’s seem so cavalier about the military what with Michelle using the Marines in dress uniform as a backdrop for her silly little Oscar handout or Obama having the Marines hold an Obama over him while he speaks. Perhaps it’s because he skipped the military ball as one of his inauguration celebrations in January 2009 or because he made remarks as an antiwar politician that seemed disrespectful to the military.

Perhaps it’s because he’s had so many incidents showing him to be an arrogant punk:



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I remember


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Obviously the fast food strike yesterday didn’t affect Eastern Kentucky. We went to McDonalds for lunch and laughed with one of the workers about how stupid it was but  elsewhere some people took it seriously. In Detroit, a McDonalds was forced to close when the employees walked out, demanding $15/hour. Boy, that will really teach that McDonalds! Maybe they’ll have to permanently close; won’t that help those workers, because $0.00/hour beats $7.50/hour, huh?

Drudge hyped the story all day, http://www.thedrudgereport.com .  It’s fitting that the closed McDonalds was in Detroit since the purpose of the strike was to drum up support for yet another minimum wage hike and for unionizing the fast food industry. You see how well unions playing hardball has worked for Detroit in the long haul. How many studies do we need to prove that every minimum wage hike results in fewer workers and higher unemployment that disproportionately hurts the poor?

They want $15 per hour part time entry level pay for a high school grad with low skills and no experience for a job that needs only low skills? Here’s how that works. The restaurant then has to pay anyone who’s been there 6 months more money, say $16/hour. Someone who’s been there a year gets maybe $17 since you have to reward workers for seniority. Assistant managers get a raise, as do shift managers and store managers, so raising the minimum wage ends up costing quite a bit more. That doesn’t even include workers in other fields. As GatewayPundit points out, $15/hour is more than what EMT workers, substitute teachers and correctional officers in St Louis make.

Did you see the union activist with the woman who works at a Manhattan McDonalds on Neil Cavuto last week? She had clearly rehearsed her pitiful story that she couldn’t afford good rent, food, and insurance for herself, her 2 kids and her husband. Really? McDonalds owes her enough money so  she and 3 other people can live well in one of the most expensive places in the world? I say, move to a cheaper place. There’s are reasons I don’t live in Hawaii and one reason is the high cost of living there.  Lady, what about your husband, isn’t he working? Did it occur to you to think about supporting the 2 kids before you had them? If you need to make a better living to support yourself and your family, go back to school on one of the numerous government programs so you can get a full time job in a field that requires higher skills and pays better. This woman has a pattern of poor choices but expects someone else to pay for those choices.

Every job isn’t suited for every person, isn’t that obvious? Fast food is excellent if you want to work part time in a low paying job in a safe environment with a flexible schedule that fits your needs. Other than the obvious teen or young adult wanting a temporary job, fast food works well for young mothers wanting to make a little money while still giving priority to their families, for people between jobs, for seniors wanting to supplement retirement money or for people wanting to go into full time food management. My cousin makes a good living as a restaurant manager because he went from part time fast food worker to full time fast food worker to fast food manager to restaurant manager. He had a plan, worked hard, and stuck with it, which is a common sense  approach to any kind of work.

The strikers are ticked that the CEO’s of big companies make so much money. I’m not trying to drum up sympathy for those CEO’s but the people who can do these jobs are rare indeed, with very specific resumes. I’ve been a small time middle manager and found that quite demanding, dealing with reports and budgets and the few people I supervised. Can you imagine the skills required to oversee a billion dollar global company with a few hundred thousand employees while trying to keep shareholders and a board of directors happy, making a profit while activists criticize everything, coming up with a vision for the future company, complying with massive federal and local government regulations all over the world, approving new products, dealing with 24/7 public relations, constantly traveling and attending meetings, and deciding where to open new stores in countries with sketchy national security issues?

McDonalds and other fast food restaurants clearly represent American free market capitalism and that’s the true target of the activists. Don’t forget that. Here’s just one of the numerous similar tweets at a pro-strike website:


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