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It seems that all/most Centers for Islamic Studies in the US have outside funding and are virulently anti-Israel. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/383827/dukes-new-director-islamic-studies-compares-israeli-crimes-holocaust-spencer-case

When I think of the “radical transformation” of America under Obama, the acceptance of the terror group Hamas is one of the most amazing changes. How can we be allies with Hamas? How can we desert Israel in favor of Hamas? http://www.timesofisrael.com/from-tunnels-to-r-160s-a-primer-on-hamas-and-its-deadly-capabilities/

Israel - Arab Citizens


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And it’s a Monday, too

Barely. I’ve been caught up with multiple –  deaths – of friends all at once. It’s so hard on the families.


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Western Europe and the US, especially the MSM and academics, blather on about First World microaggressions unaware that much of the world simply tries to live through another day of safety, food, water and shelter and risking the very national security that enables them to be so unaware. Our freedoms, security and high standard of living didn’t come free or easily, although it was easily handed over to the liberals who take it for granted.  It won’t go on forever when so many others want to take all that from us.

Why does the Left embrace the Islamist? The Islamist is a perennial victim and the Left cannot exist w/o victims. The Left is also at its core virulently anti-American and anti-Judaeo-Christian Western civilization. Never forget, Critical Theory is the only thing taught at progressive colleges and schools today.

Progressives have destroyed Europe to the point that it is likely past saving. Muslims are “reoccupying” Eastern Europe and “conquering” Western Europe through mass immigration. There will be no assimilation. http://pjmedia.com/blog/europes-migrant-crisis-is-simply-muslim-history-vs-western-fantasy/

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Once again, a mass shooting took place in a Gun-Free Zone. The college president proudly declared there would be no change in that policy.

Do you want that 1 unarmed guard protecting you from the nuts, the evil  out there? I grew up in the country and everyone, but everyone, had guns. Many hunted for game but even the non-hunters had guns for protection from who-knows-what.


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Polls of Obama typically reflect that Americans don’t think he’s doing a good job but he’s likeable enough. I reject that view. He’s the worst president ever and I think he’s an asshole. Famously thin-skinned, he’s also nasty, arrogant, petty, unable to learn and a first-class liar.

He lied about gay marriage until he wouldn’t face reelection, he lied about his extreme views on abortion, he lied about being a Christian – recall those pious brochures flooding KY during the primary – and he lied about gun control.

His Oregon speech was another hurried, self-righteous speech made before we know the facts. He’s supposedly a lawyer but he’s simply the lefty Archie Bunker.  His main purpose was to distract all the talk from how Putin yet again ate his lunch. Not only was it intended to distract from the abysmal failure that is his ‘foreign policy doctrine’ but an attempt to portray him as a strong leader, not the puny idiot Putin has proved him to be.

Obama naïve foreign policy doctrine is a childish sociology-student conglomeration of ‘hey, dude, the US has no business being the world’s policeman, what right have we to interfere, our strong military  does more harm than good, take military money to help the poor, why should we be stronger than other nations, the US is guilty of mass imperialism, and if we just lay down our arms and quit fighting, the world will learn to like us and be a more peaceful place.’

It is a policy of nothingness, of retreat. Obama is a shallow thinker of mangled Critical Theory, all against Western civilization and especially, the United States. IOW, it is the philosophy of your teenager who knows only how to criticize and angrily tear down what you’ve built.

Here’s what else Obama’s speech distracted you from: The shooter was half-black so I guess he’d look like Obama and he was anti-Christian. More:

There’s no epidemic of mass shootings, despite what hysterical Obama claimed. http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2015/10/02/umpqua-community-college-shooting-oregon-mass-shooting-fbi-statistics-column/73199052/


Putin’s always had Obama’s number. http://www.weeklystandard.com/articles/extraordinary-show-weakness_1039612.html?nopager=1




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Just like England, where the Liberals finally admitted they notched up immigration to overdrive to sign up new voters grateful to them. It’s turned into a nightmare, with a glut of welfare-dependent foreigners who have no respect for the British culture and history, and no interest in assimilating. It’s clear Obama despises the Western civilization so why does he keep repeating the problems of welfare, green energy corruption, creeping sharia, national debt, sluggish economy, cultural suicide, military decimation, and massive immigration that the Socialist Europeans have done? It’s too late to save Europe, is it too late for us?



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I know movies and advertisers are moving from live actors to animations because they’re popular, fun, and cheaper than real people but I’m struck by the depictions of characters with personalities in medical commercials. Does anyone else find this odd? Here’s a partial list off the top of my head:

Jublia – the spunky pink toe guy who fights fungus. He has a hat and facial characteristics.

Biotene – the blue rolling ball guy has huge teeth to highlight his work against dry mouth.

Mucinex – He’s fat and a slimy ugly green with a crude voice and demeanor.

Spiriva – The elephant on the chest of real people with COPD is quite vivid.

Belsomra – The hapless woman learns to control her sleep and it becomes an obedient pet.

Myrbetriq – I could watch this ad all day. I’ve seen it a hundred times and find it fascinating. What is that little bladder, ET? It has big eyes that mournfully stare at the woman as she drags her bladder all over the place. Why does the bladder emote so? Is it the association of bladder-water-tears or what? The woman actually looks at the attentive bladder while the doctor discusses the prognosis.

The other weird part of the Myrbetriq ad? The husband looks apologetically at the bowling alley clerk as his wife trots off yet again to the bathroom. I get that he’s tired his wife is always peeing but why is he ashamed of his wife to the clerk? There’s no line waiting; that is one sensitive hubby.

I DVR pretty much everything I watch and used to skip most ads, esp medical ones but I’m beginning to look forward to the new little folks. There might be something wrong with me looking forward to medical ads but I’m  betting there’s a drug with a cute animated character for that.

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