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Once again, a mass shooting took place in a Gun-Free Zone. The college president proudly declared there would be no change in that policy.

Do you want that 1 unarmed guard protecting you from the nuts, the evil  out there? I grew up in the country and everyone, but everyone, had guns. Many hunted for game but even the non-hunters had guns for protection from who-knows-what.


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Polls of Obama typically reflect that Americans don’t think he’s doing a good job but he’s likeable enough. I reject that view. He’s the worst president ever and I think he’s an asshole. Famously thin-skinned, he’s also nasty, arrogant, petty, unable to learn and a first-class liar.

He lied about gay marriage until he wouldn’t face reelection, he lied about his extreme views on abortion, he lied about being a Christian – recall those pious brochures flooding KY during the primary – and he lied about gun control.

His Oregon speech was another hurried, self-righteous speech made before we know the facts. He’s supposedly a lawyer but he’s simply the lefty Archie Bunker.  His main purpose was to distract all the talk from how Putin yet again ate his lunch. Not only was it intended to distract from the abysmal failure that is his ‘foreign policy doctrine’ but an attempt to portray him as a strong leader, not the puny idiot Putin has proved him to be.

Obama naïve foreign policy doctrine is a childish sociology-student conglomeration of ‘hey, dude, the US has no business being the world’s policeman, what right have we to interfere, our strong military  does more harm than good, take military money to help the poor, why should we be stronger than other nations, the US is guilty of mass imperialism, and if we just lay down our arms and quit fighting, the world will learn to like us and be a more peaceful place.’

It is a policy of nothingness, of retreat. Obama is a shallow thinker of mangled Critical Theory, all against Western civilization and especially, the United States. IOW, it is the philosophy of your teenager who knows only how to criticize and angrily tear down what you’ve built.

Here’s what else Obama’s speech distracted you from: The shooter was half-black so I guess he’d look like Obama and he was anti-Christian. More:

There’s no epidemic of mass shootings, despite what hysterical Obama claimed. http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2015/10/02/umpqua-community-college-shooting-oregon-mass-shooting-fbi-statistics-column/73199052/


Putin’s always had Obama’s number. http://www.weeklystandard.com/articles/extraordinary-show-weakness_1039612.html?nopager=1




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The real question is: Why do we need a Surgeon General anyway. When China demands we pay up our debt to them, and we can’t even make interest payments, that position will be one of first in DC to get chopped.


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Speaking of guns, here’s the trending Musical Targets

I saw this on Varney & Company, their website is http://www.MusicalTargets.com. If you shoot just right, the target plays The Star Spangled Banner. Prices range from $229-$599, which is the larger 2-octave set.


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Nah. It suits many Democrats this year, the year they’re playing the “I am not President Obama” card to the hilt. Here’s my question to those running a Dem campaign along that line: I knew a long time ago Barack Obama was unqualified, inexperienced, unvetted, juvenile, thin-skinned, divisive, vindictive, a radical Socialist/Democrat obsessed with ideology, low-achieving, intellectually dishonest, a liar, intellectually lazy, narcissistic, hostile to American tradition, anti-business, economically ignorant, untested, privileged, and a product of the Chicago Way.

What took you so long? When did you discover just one of those traits? Did you speak out against his ideas or actions before now? Did you call out Obama, the Democratic Party or the MSM  when they dismissed any opposition as racist or when they called voters who lived in states that voted against him “dumb” or “racist” or “hick” or “hillbilly” or “old white people?” Did you, Alison Grimes? Because I didn’t vote for Obama either time for president and I didn’t appreciate any of those smears. It was the first time in my life I recall when a campaign, a political party and a compliant MSM blamed voters for rejecting a candidate. This is especially irritating now that the Dems and their MSM chortle the GOP needs to rebrand itself to attract Hispanic and black votes. It burns like fire since so many of those Hispanic voters aren’t native to this country and most blacks voted Obama due to his race. But I’m the racist?

So a group of George Washington University [that’s in Washington DC] liberal students rode into Kentucky for some boots on the ground action to help Alison Lundergan Grimes, eh? It’s supposed to be a good school but how smart are these kids if they had to be told by the Grimes campaign to cover up their Obama t-shirts and even their Democratic logos? Actually, it’s possible that being a liberal student from GWU in the DC beltway might offend us more than an Obama shirt. They didn’t come up here to my neck of the woods in Eastern Kentucky but I guess they’ve given up on us, except for the labor unions here. http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/389950/grimes-campaign-volunteers-cover-obama-t-shirts-andrew-Johnson

Q: Alison Grimes, did you vote for President Obama either time? A: Squirrel !!!!! http://twitchy.com/2014/10/09/painful-to-watch-alison-grimes-comes-down-with-bad-case-of-demnesia-video/

Ok here’s the cartoon. Pretty funny considering the Grimes ad where she pulls up the gun to shoot…. skeet, while criticizing long-time gun rights advocate Mitch McConnell for holding a gun over his head. Meanwhile watch out for those skeet, Alison, I think it’s rutting season for them.

Cartoon courtesy Andrew Branco at http://www.legalinsurrection.com , a daily visit for me.


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Yeh, how’d that work out for ya?


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