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At Powerline, they think it’s a joke on Minnesota, which has such a rivalry with next door Wisconsin. As a UK fan, I know it’s an inside joke on Kentucky. We know everyone hates our basketball program but we don’t much care since it goes with the territory of a legendary basketball history and a phenomenal fan base. I sometimes think there’s an issue of cultural elitist snobbery – witness the success of that stupid book about racism which the author later was forced to admit he never heard from coach Adolph Rupp or any players but hey it makes such a nice story -but Kentucky fans have a history of ignoring the haters. Plus we know there’s plenty of dirt at other college programs, people love to stick it to Kentucky, Why shouldn’t we love our basketball? If there’s real dirt, we’ll  get rid of the dirty folks and pay the price but we’ll still come back to support our program.

http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2015/04/not-politics-basketball-worse-an-inside-joke.php and http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2015/03/goose-sky-and-monster-mash-all-time-kentucky-basketball-greats.php


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KY Wildcat fans today

do you need coffee batman_thumb[4]

Thursday was a long night for Big Blue Nation. Hit that coffee urn as much as you need to, don’t be shy.

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It’s been a stressful season for Kentucky Wildcat fans and the NCAA isn’t any less tense. More fun, though. Only 48 hours till Monday night. Yeh we know the world is full of problems. We know One and Done runs contrary to athletes as student scholars, we share those concerns. We know college basketball is fraught with corruption and hypocrisies. We just wanna have a little fun, and BBN is fun.


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Everybody here in Kentucky is wearing blue and being nervous. To cut the tension, let’s go to a nice article on some individuals in the long legacy of University of Kentucky basketball. I’ve been reading about them, listening to the radio or watching on the television since the late 1950’s so these names bring back a lot of memories to me. Even the ones I’m too young to remember are part of our basketball.

It’s funny but some of my memories aren’t on the all-time list. Ron Mercer is there but not Derek Anderson, who stayed for his senior year but was redshirted with a horrific injury. He healed and later played in the NBA but his loss cost us the championship final. Remember the two of them? What was we called them, Thunder and Lightning? And so many Kentucky natives like Richie Farmer.

Whatever happens tonight, it’s been a wild year and making it to the Final Four is a big success. Okay, that’s enough sportsmanship.  I admit it, a UK fan demands a national title. Every year. Just 2 more games, Wildcats.

If you’re from Wisconsin and reading this, it’s okay. Nobody understands fan loyalty like Kentuckians. Believe me.

And for the last time, we aren’t upset at Duke and Christian Laetner because we lost a game. We didn’t expect to stay on the floor with the #1 team in the nation after our suspension. We’ve had plenty of heartbreak, worse than the Duke loss. We’re still upset because Laetner in cold blood stepped on the gut of a Kentucky player on the floor and he deliberately did this to a freshman, knowing he could never get away with it on any of our other players. We think he should have been thrown out of the game, we think it should have tainted his reputation. Rick Pitino had his head turned and didn’t see the blatant action;  he says he would have gone to the refs and demanded more. Why was this different from slugging another player? You get thrown out for that.  Laetner became a star on this Kentucky win but he was highly overrated. So there.


No matter what happens, lot of people in Kentucky will be at this point tonight [h/t http://ace.mu.nu ]:


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As a long-time UK basketball fan, I sometimes feel a slight loosening of the loyalty bond. A number of vague reasons, getting stronger with time.

One is the Calipari method of recruiting ‘One and Gone’ which prevents getting to know the players in the same way we used to. Second, contrary to the old days, few of the players today are from Kentucky. Third, Lexington has become a liberal hotbed, with a number of students and newer professors hostile to our natural resources extraction and snooty about the rest of the state. Fourth, Calipari is a definite liberal. He’s good friends with Ashley Judd and once planned a joint fundraiser with her to benefit Jack Conway, the Democratic general election opponent of Rand Paul. He quickly backed off, apologizing that UK had let him  know he represents the entire state and a public political role isn’t fitting. That was a big misstep, but quickly dealt with.

Now,  new freshman recruit James Young recently wore a T-shirt with the image of Trayvon Martin in a hoodie before switching into the required UK uniform for an interview. Frankly, Young sounds like a Young LIV but the liberal Lexington Herald was there to expand his mutterings into a treatise.

When asked if he saw the T-shirt as a means of making a statement of support for Martin, Young said, “Definitely. That was crazy what happened. I pay my respects and dues and just wear (the T-shirt).”

           The T-shirt suggested a statement of solidarity.

            “Yeah, yeah, basically,” Young said.

           After the Zimmerman verdict, President Barack Obama said that the jury’s decision should be respected. But he also noted that 35 years ago he could have been Martin, the victim of a chain of events sparked by questionable suspicions and capped by a tragic and unnecessary shooting.

Young identified with Obama’s reading of the incident. “That could have been me,” he said. “Any time.”

           Yet, Young said he would wear a hoodie if so inclined.

          “But what happened that day was crazy,” he said, “and I don’t think it should have happened that way. So I just pay my respect.”

Um yeah, Mr. Young, that could be you. If you were a thug with a history of stealing and drugs, using street violence with a recognized specialty of ‘ground and pound’ to a bloodied and terrified Zimmerman, who panicked and shot you in self-defense, in an ordinary case made extraordinary by a race-baiting politician running for re-election and trying to shore up his base. Looks like it worked with you.

Of course, Trayvon Martin isn’t you. You have a great talent and are taking advantage of that opportunity by coming to Kentucky in a bid to turn talent into a profession. Trust me, losing 10% of state-wide support for UK basketball will cause a dent in those opportunities for future players, many of whom will look like you.


This is how the left rewrites history, repeating a story over and over, aided and abetted by self-serving politicians and obliging liberal media. This is how America lost her colleges to the radical lefties. Soon wearing Trayvon Martin t-shirts will be required college apparel, right up there with Che. And just as stupid.

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The state of Kentucky today

Actually the state of Kentucky yesterday but I never got around to posting because I got tied up on Valentine’s Day, a fruitful phrase that sounds more exciting that it really was.

http://www.ukathletics.com/sports/m-baskbl/spec-rel/021313aae.html Nerlens Noel is out for the season,  torn ACL surgery expected in about 2 weeks with  6-8 months recovery. I’m sorry for us but I’m sorrier for this young man who’s added so much to our basketball season and whose own career is now compromised. Obviously he won’t be entering the draft this year.

http://legalinsurrection.com/2013/02/rand-paul-targets-brennans-cia-nomination-over-drones/  Rand Paul has got him some guts. I like how the MSM, who never say a harsh word of the Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee or DWS or Harry Reid, never fail to label Rand the “extreme” Tea Partier. Yea for us who elected him.

http://www.rollcall.com/news/kentucky_democrats_fear_judd_may_drag_down_ticket-222436-1.html?pos=htmbtxt  Oh, come on Kentucky Democrats, think how much fun it would be to have uber liberal mouthy Ashley Judd run for Senate against the moderate, well-financed incumbent Mitch McConnell. Well maybe not so much for you Democrats……

http://www.runswitchpr.com/newsite/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/KY-Statewide-Toplines-Senate-Federal.pdf  Not only does this poll show Mitch 9 points ahead of Ashley but it shows 40% of respondents would be less likely to vote for her if she were shown to be a radical supporter of Obama. Oh my but there’s so much good Ashley stuff out there. I say we start with that Tweet of Ashley calling Sandra Fluke her citizen-hero of the year, and that pic of chesty Ashley with her hero. [h/t Chicks On the Right http://www.chicksontheright.com/]

2013-01-24%2007%2030%2048 ashley juddHey that’s just a start.

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I spent most of the night making chili for the church Ash Wednesday dinner tomorrow and I’m glad I was preoccupied. Frankly I expected UK to lose to #7 Florida, but I hated to see Nerlens Noel go down with a knee injury. Taken to the hospital and it doesn’t sound good for the nation’s leading shot-blocker.  http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2013/02/12/kentucky-noel-injured-in-loss-at-florida/

The latest news says they haven’t found Dorner’s body in the cabin, but he killed another deputy and critically injured another. Astonishingly, some lefties are rooting for Dorner, as some kind of anti-hero. He’s sounds like a crazy sadistic whiner to me. http://twitchy.com/2013/02/12/sick-teamdorner-cretins-root-for-dorner-to-kill-more-police-officers-during-gunfight/  Surely this isn’t too surprising when you look at the victimization and violence in so much black culture.

As for the SOTUS, it was as bad and more than I expected. He’s a divisive big-government progressive socialist who isn’t flexible enough to pivot from the European failures he’s emulating. Predictable and boring, isn’t he? Best part of the evening? Stephen Green drunk-blogging SOTUS at PJ Media. http://pjmedia.com/blog/drunkblogging-sotu/  “This is the ugliest/stupidest thing I’ve seen in 11 years of blogging, and I spent most of those covering George W. Freaking Bush.  I know from stupid.”

seatingdiagram_jpg_large @notoserfdom aceofspades

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