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If you look through my blog posts of the past year or more, you’ll see repeated links to harassment, persecution and violence against Jews or elements of the Jewish community, including synagogues, throughout Europe, especially in France, and in Scandinavia, especially in Sweden.

How much of a role does anti-Semitism play in the past tolerance of Europe toward Muslims? How much of a role does the Palestinian-Israeli conflict play in the global war on terrorism? How much of a role does the BDS movement – and other militant antiIsrael groups play in the attacks in France?

For the past couple of years, European and Scandinavian Jews have been fleeing their homes there for other nations, mostly Israel. It’s been most pronounced in France and Malmo, Sweden. It’s been ignored by those nations, even though the Jews have blamed the rising aggression of the ever-increasing Muslim population.

If Europe/Scandinavia isn’t safe for Jews, then it isn’t safe. Why can’t we learn this lesson?

How safe are Jews here? Are the BDS movement and the increasing shout-downs and intimidation on campus from the likes of Students for Justice in Palestine the shadow of worse to come? Why isn’t this a matter for national concern?

The Bataclan has been Jewish-owned for years; the US band playing there Friday night just returned from playing in Israel, despite calls to not play there. Coincidence? http://legalinsurrection.com/2015/11/paris-bataclan-theater-was-bds-and-terrorist-target-for-years/




Let’s look at it logically. I go back a long way with both Kerry and a coal bucket. As a typical cotton-filled brain of a college student, I shallowly opposed the Vietnam War and I recall when Kerry became a liberal hero.

I accepted that until I saw him debate John O’Neill on the Dick Cavett show and I was stunned that O’Neill was at least as sharp as Kerry and sounded much more edgy while Kerry was kinda blah, repeating the same blah. One thing I recall is that O’Neill took great exception to Kerry’s statements that we were bombing Cambodia, which would have then been illegal. O’Neill challenged him that if he knew fliers engaged in that, he should turn them in but if it was mere gossip then he should shut up. Kerry did not put up or shut up, he blathered but didn’t repeat it as often until much later.

Kerry called the Vietnam military “baby killers.” The jerk. I’ve got a bunch of family and friends who served there and that was a disgraceful remark.

Kerry famously threw his war medals into the fountain in DC but when running for president as a patriot in 2004 declared he didn’t throw his but others away. Yeh, that’s excellent. The guy who introduced him at the 2004 DNC convention in Boston? That’s his good friend who put him up for the Purple Heart. That guy has had his own medal revoked by the US Navy and he’s is some sort of corruption scandal.

Remember a few years back when he insulted the military by saying if young people don’t go to college and study, they’ll end up in the military?

Now he understands why terrorists slaughtered Charlie Hebdo cartoonists. Yeh he’s a real idiot. Don’t you just hate the way he, like so many Democrats, are patriots and troop supporters when it’s politically advantageous to be and critics when it’s advantageous to not be seen as ‘bellicose’?

As for the coal bucket, I have fond memories of that, having lived with coal/wood stoves through much of my childhood. It’s true they don’t speak or move much, but they faithfully do what they’re supposed to do, haul and pour coal. I’m pretty sure Kerry can’t function without all the people – paid by the taxpayers or Teresa – keeping him alive.

Verdict: Kerry is dumber.

coal bucket


I know this will shock you. Turns out the co-organizer of the MillionStudentMarch lied about her family wealth and is a Marxist. Yea, what a gal. http://www.trevorloudon.com/2015/11/millionstudentmarch-marxist-1er-keely-mullen-lied-to-neil-cavuto/

Did you see the Neil Cavuto video of her stumbling and looking like a dazed deer when he asked her real questions about her goofy march goals?Did you just assume she was stupid? Maybe so but trying to appear like a normal struggling college student while lying your butt off and hiding your Marxist identity probably didn’t help.

Three things that stood out at me. One, she doesn’t blanch at the idea of taking 100% of the assets of the wealthy 1%. Plus, she doesn’t understand that if you seize 100% of the wealth of the 1% to simply pay student loan debt, we lose the tax monies they already spend to support our government. Lastly, the idea that those 1% would move to another country is incomprehensible to her.

If you missed it, here’s the original video:

Oops, not sure I can say “By George” anymore since that’s probably a reference to our Founding Father and that’s verboten by the PC fascists. Dumbasses.

So they handed out special awards in Hollywood this weekend and the organizers bowed down to the appeasement gods by promising more diversity, etc. I thought the purpose of entertainment was to make money. Why didn’t Motown need diversity and government intervention? They just created great music that people loved and bought. Yes, I know the artists themselves didn’t profit the way they should but a] it was produced by blacks and b] singers of all races got pretty much screwed back then. Think Connie Francis is rich? In any case, it was a problem of equitable royalties and payments, the singers didn’t need anyone stepping in to let them sing cause they black.

Poor Hollywood, how  will appeasement by diversity make movie goers go out and spend $; we don’t care about that, we just want to see what we want to see.  BTW, I’m not much of a movie goer anymore but we went to see Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks and it was an excellent buy for our money.

Spike Lee ranted at the awards show that Hollywood just has to do something to get more blacks working in the industry, that they need diversity since they are way behind sports. You know, he’s right. We do need more diversity. In sports. Blacks participate to an inordinate degree in the biggie sports of football, basketball, baseball, even boxing. They own an inordinate amount of sports scholarship to colleges at every tier, including pricey Ivy League schools. They make an inordinate amount of money at the professional levels and command astonishing media attention.

I remember when the University of Kentucky’s fabulous basketball teams were composed almost entirely of home-grown boys from Kentucky or nearby states. When we listened or watched the games, we knew their high schools and communities. Think it was Pitino who started recruiting so heavily out of states. If we’re doing affirmative action, shouldn’t colleges across the country be recruiting according to the racial demographics? Shouldn’t the NBA and NFL hire according to demographics and spread the wealth around to some white boys?

Do I care about the racial demographics of my beloved Kentucky Wildcats? Nah. But fair is fair, eh, Spike?

And if the UK basketball or football players get to the point where they can successfully demand resignations of university officials. they can just go ahead and shut down that sports team. The university is worthless if it comes to that.

Lee’s words are documented at Variety if you’re interested. Yeh, how about that? He gets rewarded with a special award and turns the event into a whine and political rant. He says Hollywood better “get smart” because whites will be a minority by 2023. Well! I guess whites can look forward to all kinds of benefits, quotas and preferences then. We better hope the nonwhites will be as successful as the whites have been, eh? Takes a lot of $ to shell out for entitlements.

And it’s a Monday, too



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