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Better than Cliff Notes


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Yes, we’re gonna get what we deserve. We let the lying, biased MSM bully and distort us into voting -assuming there wasn’t voter fraud with illegal immigrants voting – for someone we didn’t even know but whose far-left ideology most closely matches the far-left ideology of journalists.

The most amazing part of this election year is that the Democrats and the MSM really don’t get it. As arrogant, as ignorant, as thin-skinned, as destructive, as mouthy as Trump is: that’s how many Americans, including myself, have seen Barack Obama for 8 years. Only I think Obama is much worse. He is more mean-spirited and he believes that the biggest obstacle to world peace and equality is America. Obama is a pacifist who wants  America to come down a few notches.Obama is also an accomplished liar. For all his verbal clumsiness, I don’t think Trump is much of a liar.For 7 1/2 years, Obama’s lied to us about the economy, ObamaCare, BLM and Voter ID, the IRS, immigration, the VA and the military, AGW, Benghazi, Iraq, Iran, ISIS, et al. You have to wonder how much is lies, how much is incompetence.

Worst of all is the demonizing toward any and all opposition. I’ve heard nothing but hate speech from him toward me and mine for nearly 8 years.  I’ve never heard a president go overseas and denounce America. I’ve never heard a president go overseas and repeatedly denounce a political opponent. I’ve never heard a president call an opponent “unfit”; believe me President Obama, that’s how I’ve viewed you for 8 years. You’re a disgrace to the office.


As usual, the MSM rush in to help the Democrat and hurt the GOP before we fully know the facts.  BTW, the only mention of a “religion test” in the Constitution concerns those running for office. We can make our immigration laws to keep out groups from areas that threaten the security of our nation.[ FDR most certainly turned away a ship of Jews trying to escape pre-war Germany. He did so out of fear admitting them would antagonize the isolationist, anti-Semitic America First group. BTW, the book and movie Ship of the Damned chronicles the horrible endings virtually all of those Jews met.]  Go wave that little book at someone else, Mr Khan. https://pjmedia.com/blog/khan-flict-freedom-fighter-son-sharia-supremacist-father/h

This is Obama at his worst: Mean, condescending, dishonest, and distinctly unpresidential

Obama jumps on the pig pile

Slap your forehead, America. You coulda had a Mitt Romney.


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i might just go ahead and post them, dribbling them out over a period of time. What the heck, they’re funny whether he’s running or not since most of them deal with his socialist politics, rather than his personality. Let’s face it, the Democratic Party is now just the party of tax-and-spend liberals, he simply notched it up a bit and more honestly.


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Who is Amy Matthews, anyway?

Evidently she’s a host/consultant on some remodeling show that I don’t watch. I’e never looked up a bio of her because I think she’s interesting to watch and ponder in that I-don’t-really-care-but-it’s-kinda-fun-to-people-watch. When I first saw her on the Home Adviser ad, she was long & lean redhead sashaying toward the camera with a tool belt on a hip and you just knew she could use those tools. Sassy.

Next, she did another ad that said about the same stuff but she was nearly unrecognizable. Sedately dressed in a top-realtor at a conference suit, her hair was blondish and neatly pinned up. If the ad hadn’t read: Amy Matthews, TV consultant/licensed contractor [or something like that], I wouldn’t have know who she was. No tool belt, she’s up close and nicer, friendlier.

Now she’s morphed into a light blonde -she seems shorter, too – with a hugging sweater and tight jeans and she seems sexier. The tool belt is back but it’s not sashaying, it’s positioned to look hot. It looks like a prop, like a concha belt for a flowing skirt designed to look a certain way.

I don’t know this woman or have any emotion toward her, she appears competent in her job, but she seems like a chameleon. A bit like the blonde with her family in the early PCMatic ads. Always changing her, thus changing the story of the ad. Now the blonde and any vestige of her tv family are gone, replaced with the serious threat-dealers. More professional, I guess. Not as much fun.

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