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Caesar’s still dead and the world is turned upside down but we have music.

h/t to http://www.smalldeadanimals.com for the reminder of this fun old song.

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I heard this on the Cumberland Highlanders Show on RFD-TV last year. I didn’t recognize it but my husband said it’s a common old British saw. I don’t remember the group who sang it in the Bluegrass version but the Wikipedia link says the song is quite common in Bluegrass music. Here it is, h/t to Maggie’s Farm, which showcased it today and jogged my memory. http://www.maggiesfarm.anotherdotcom.com


Music and lyrics by Henry Work, arrangement and performance by Tom Roush, who has this work, a lesser-known sequel and other works available on a CD, http://tomroush.us

I find it very charming.

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The Day of Leaping Lords

Today is the first Sunday of the New year. Today is the 2nd Sunday after Christmas. Today is Epiphany. Today is the 10th day of the Twelve Days of Christmas, the day of 10 lords a’leaping.

Yes, I still have my Christmas decorations up. This year I went primitive, mittens pinned to a rope and hung on the firescreen. Lots of fresh holly – supposedly the wood used in the crucifix – and fresh greenery. Lots of wood, some from trees we cut down last summer. Bird houses and carved birds, some of the bird houses made by my husband and all the birds bought, some at the Morehead Appalachian Arts and Crafts Festival over many years. Burlap on my front porch pew and wicker sofa, covered with tobacco sticks garnished with bows and bells. Clear lights, some inside grapevine balls. Gingerbread tablecloth with matching dinnerware, cookie jar, platter, and serving plates on our dining room table. I bought the gingerbread items on the last shopping trip with my Mom before she died and I can still see her smiling at the cute gingerbread collection. Nice memories.

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The song is so beautiful I’ve never heard a bad version. Here is a haunting instrumental by the very popular The Piano Guys. Full credits and lyrics at the site.

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Blues goes around the world and back

This is pretty neat. I really don’t know squat about the performer or instrument but there’s a link here. http://davidthompson.typepad.com/davidthompson/2015/12/we-must-chase-her-from-the-village.html


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Never underestimate the power of fun

Live performance at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC in 2010. No I wasn’t there but they sound good for some old geezers.


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Here’s the one-and-only, very talented singer from Sandy Hook, Kentucky, the late Keith Whitley. This is when he was part of Ralph Stanley’s band; Keith looks so young and innocent here. Two things about being in Stanley’s band: He only chose people with tremendous talent and you couldn’t look scruffy his stage.  He wouldn’t truck drunkenness, either.


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