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This is Showy Goldenrod [Solidago Speciosa], a Ky native species.   Yep, it’s pretty much a weed.  But I like it, and the bees are crazy about this plant.  Can you can see those black specks all over the plant?  I couldn’t get a closer pic because there were at least 50 bees buzzing all around this baby.  They were honeybees, too.  

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Oh, Dear

The EPA’s own Inspector General issues a report concluding that the agency failed to follow required regulatory procedures in their “science” that allowed them to regulate CO2 as an evil greenhouse gas destroying the earth.  That’s odd, since they’re so, well, diligent on regulatory requirements for little things like the nation’s energy resources. 

Quite a few people beginning to cover this. I used WUWT because it’s an excellent clearinghouse.



Anthony Watts tries to conduct a little science experiment and smells a stinky Al Gore bomb.  It’s not a good week to be an AGW believer. 


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Viewing the Middle 40

Croquembouche?  Or….











         An alien city of sand?

This is what comes from rainy cool days in autumn.  I can’t recall seeing this many mushrooms in my side yard.  They don’t bother me, but I’m being invaded in my basement by those jumping spiders that my hubby calls crickets or cave crickets.  Bah! They look like spiders to me, they jump all over the place making clicking noises and will bite.  They give me the creeps, and I hate them with a passion.  I hired a professional exterminator several years ago, which helped, but I think once a bug species finds your home and makes it THEIR home then you never completely get rid of them.   I don’t care to look at pics of spiders, but here’s a guide to identifying them.  http://audubonguides.com/field-guides/insects-spiders-nature-app.html?gclid=CJ7q_M3KwasCFZBb7AodWUgtwQ

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Viewing the Lower 40

Summer is over.  See that hoe?  You know what to do.

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The ininimitable James Delingpole of the UK Telegraph gives his stamp on an ugly story that’s been  around the web for several days.  An 8 year-old child burned alive to facilitate clearing land for a company’s carbon credits is an image that keeps me up at night.  I’m extremely uncomfortable with the eco-fascism aspects of AGW, as is Delingpole.  He’s been a daily read for a couple of years.  In this article he links to the Board of Directors for the New Forests Company.  I always check out the boards for foundations and companies that interest me, and find this is a great advantage over the pre-online days when you needed to track down the print versions. 


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Monster Cookies, made for our after-church fellowship.  Thanks for the decorating help, my young friends and offspring of my ass’t pastor.



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And a dreary rainy day it is, too.  An excellent day for cinnamon toast and hot chocolate.  I love hot chocolate, and this is one of my favorite ways to make it. 

Hot Chocolate

In heat-resistant dish, e.g., Pyrex, put 8 oz chopped semi-sweet chocolate.  Today I used 8 squares of Baker’s Semi Sweet Baking Chocolate.  Heat to barely simmering 1/2 cup heavy cream, then pour over the chocolate. Stir well.  This is your basic mix, and it will keep in the fridge for well, I don’t know how long, because we always use it up within a few days.

When ready to use, heat to scalding your desired amount of milk [I use a couple of tablespoons heavy cream and about 8 oz Rice Dream]. When nearly done, add couple tablespoons of the chocolate mix [it will be a chunky mass but easy to spoon out] to the milk and heat until melted through.  Add the requisite marshmallow/marshmallow creme/whipped cream as desired.

The china is Johann Haviland Blue Garland made in Germany, but there is a reproduction made in Thailand.  I like this pattern because it’s not really old [maybe 20 or 25 years, I think] or  valuable [you can find service for 12 for about $250-$300, depending on china condition or where you live, I inherited some and bought extra pieces], but it is pretty enough to use everyday.

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