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The courts rejected Obama’s claim of executive privilege over these documents, which are still an incomplete cache of relevant Fast’n’Furious documents. Is this the reason for the sudden resignation of AG Eric Holder, an ideologue in Obama’s league and someone who hadn’t shown any proclivity to resign. Until the watchdog group Judicial Watch prevailed in federal courts to force this release. Imagine what’s in the other documents still hidden from public view. Hey, Holder, those documents belong to the American public. We paid your salary, we paid for the equipment and transmission of these documents. We even paid – sadly – for  your ill-planned Fast’n’Furious gun-running project which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans by drug cartels, an American border agent shot in the back near our border, and another American border agent of Hispanic descent shot in Mexico while on duty for our nation.  There was no attempt to track the guns or prevent them from leaving the US.

More than 64,000 pages -some highly redacted – were released by the DOJ Monday evening.

Funny how liberals and the liberal media constantly berated the Bush administration for ‘transparency’ and demanding access to everything but are conspicuously silent on so many scandals under Obama and provide cover for his blatant lack of transparency. Hypocrites.


     DOJ handed over the documents pursuant to a court order. “When Eric Holder wants to know why he was the first Attorney General held in criminal contempt of Congress, he can read the judge’s order that compelled the production of 64,280 pages that he and President Obama illegitimately and illegally withheld from Congress,” Issa said.  “Since these pages still do not represent the entire universe of the documents the House of Representatives is seeking related to the Justice Department’s cover-up of the botched gun-walking scandal that contributed to the death of a Border Patrol agent, our court case will continue.”

More here: http://sharylattkisson.com/election-eve-fast-furious-document-dump-by-justice-dept and here: http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2014/11/matt-bracken-opens-up-can-on-washington.html

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“It starts when you’re always afraid………”

People don’t want to talk to the targeted reporters for fear their lines will be tapped or worse.

Associated Press:


Fox News has long been a target of the ‘control the media narrative’ Obama administration:


CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson has proved herself a top-notch and courageous reporter, so naturally she’s a target from the Fast’n’Furious days.


Obama is so much more dangerous than Richard Nixon ever was because the entire government seems to be under the control of Obama minions who have no qualms about ‘the ends justify the means.’ Plus the MSM is asleep at the wheel, or worse, in his clutches as much as Sibelius’ HHS, Holder’s DOJ, Napolitano at DHS, the EPA, the IRS, Duncan at Educ, all of academia, …….  It’s pretty creepy out here.






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Oh c’mon. We know this adminstration is ‘responsible’ for Fast’n’ Furious but the MSM aren’t holding Holder et al responsible for the killings any more than they’re holding Hillary and the Obama policies responsibile for the Benghazi massacre.


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Then Eric Holder’s Chief of Staff Gary Grindler is a witch because he’s resigning. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/12/03/Holder-s-chief-of-staff-to-resign-after-direct-involvement-in-Fast-and-Furious

The DOJ’s internal Inspector General also ripped Grindler for his part in Fast and Furious.

“We determined that Grindler learned on December 17, 2010, of the link between weapons found at the Terry murder scene and Operation Fast and Furious but did not inform the Attorney General about this information,” the Inspector General wrote. He chided Grindler for relying on the FBI, which was incapable of investigating crucial facets of the case:

I’d say Grindler is more of a sword-faller but he’s low fruit for such a terrible scandal. The Chicago Way gang gets away with another one, this one in DC, and one that killed hundreds of people. If we had an ounce of real  media and journalists, this would have brought down the Obama administration.


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The MSM refuses to let American discuss or investigate Fast n Furious.

from http://www.theospark.net

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Think any of this news could be related? The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes this Billy Gillespie administration yet again.


Foreign Aid FY 2008: $11.427 Billion, FY 2011: 20.599 Billion

Border Security FY 2008: $9.984 Billion, FY 2011 $11.698 Billion



We don’t know much about the shootings yet but we know it was near the newly-named Brian Terry Border Station.



It’s funny but having the Department of Justice investigate the Department of Justice’s Fast n Furious Program and then clear the Department of Justice bosses hadn’t made the issue go away.

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