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What is the movement’s real purpose and why is it supported by virtually all Dem politicians and MSM?  We need to remember that Van Jones and SEIU’s Steve Lerner predicted and anticipated this event.

http://legalinsurrection.com/2011/10/obamas-reelection-strategy-ows-true-purpose-unleash-and-harness-the-toxic-social-forces-of-the-interwar-period/  also contains a link to a relevant Financial Times article.

Are we seeing the 2012 campaign narrative that will either re-elect or defeat President Obama?  From the vantage point of Obama supporters, it’s better for America to hate the rich than to focus on the Obama economy and record. Personally, I think Obama is the most cynical and divisive politician in my lifetime.


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From Small Dead Animals:  http://smalldeadanimals.com/


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Annie Goes All Oakley

Goin on a bear  elk hunt?  Oh Annie, go get some some boots and hunting clothes on.  There’s no elk on Winchester Ave; you’ll need to go to the hills and woods to find elk.

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If I remember correctly, the Antiphons had their birth in a vesper service which was held during the season of Lent in 1919.
Dupre was one of the great improvisers of his time.  In the service, the choir was to sing one verse of the chant melody, and the organist would improvise a composition on the second verse, the choir on the third, the organ on the fourth, etc.  This was a very ancient tradition, going back several hundred years.  This was done with three separate chants in this service.  An English gentleman, who was CEO of Rolls Royce (I think), attended the service, and was enraptured with the music. He asked Dupre where he could buy a copy, whereupon, he learned that they were improvised, and he issued a commission for the composer to try to write down what he had played.  Dupre did so, and they were published the following year.  These pieces remain some of Dupre’s most played music almost a century later.

Regarding Dupre’s improvising skills, an audience member during his concerts would name an original theme and he would improvise an entire symphony on the spot.  His organ skills were so great that it was said only he could play some of his very difficult compositions.

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Here’s some photos I took at the park while going to the banquet Saturday.  It’s past peak autumn leaf viewing, but this park – like all the other Kentucky state parks – is lovely anytime. They have a marina and boat ramps for Dewey Lake, a campground, 9-hole golf course, cottages,  convention center, and a lodge with wi-fi and a restaurant, as well as the elk tours. http://parks.ky.gov/parks/resortparks/jenny-wiley/default.aspx

Don’t forget you can click on all the photos to enlarge.

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Much, Much Bigger.  In fact they’re huge, a bull can be 700, even 900 pounds.  To ponder shooting one with a gun is intimidating, to ponder shooting one with a bow and arrow in the old Indian style is mind-numbing. And yes, some modern hunters use bows or muzzle loaders for elk.

Saturday I attended a Big Game Banquet event of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.  Most folks in Kentucky didn’t have much interest in Western elk until Kentucky become home to 10,000 elk, a great success story of RMEF, and without using taxpayer dollars.  The stated mission of the RMEF is to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife and their habitat. In support of this mission the Elk Foundation is committed to:

  • Conserving, restoring and enhancing natural habitats;
  • Promoting the sound management of wild, free-ranging elk, which may be
    hunted or otherwise enjoyed;
  • Fostering cooperation among federal, state, tribal and private organizations
    and individuals in wildlife management and habitat conservation; and
  • Educating members and the public about habitat conservation, the value of
    hunting, hunting ethics and wildlife management


In the process, the non-profit organization preserved reclaimed coal-mined land in a land use-friendly manner, re-introduced a species long absent from the state, and aided the economies of the elk habitat areas.  Although I grew up among hunters,  I’m not a hunter, but it is impossible to live a life that doesn’t destroy animals. If you’re vegan-eating, you’re most likely using meat products somewhere else in your life.  In any case animals are killed in the production of your vegetable food source [insects & worms],  for the public safety of your geographic area [rats & mosquitos], they’re accidentally killed [cars or tractors tilling garden space], or killed by animals you own [well-fed cats kill songbirds & rabbits for sport].  If you’re skeptical, you need to spend more time outdoors.

If you eat meat, killing your own meat in the wild is almost certainly cleaner and healthier.  I’ve watched people eating roast chicken shudder at the thought of killing a deer to eat venison.  Amazing.  Just because you pick up a plastic-enclosed package of steak at the supermarket, don’t be deceived into thinking that’s a more ‘civilized’ way of eating meat.

I also find it strange when people object to repopulating the state with elk or another animal because ‘the hunters just put them there to kill them.’  Uh, we wouldn’t have a single elk without the hunters’ groups, the hunts are essential to a healthy herd since the elk lack natural predators here, the hunts are carefully controlled, and the overwhelming majority of elk die of old age. Where’s the problem? Would it be better if the elk had never been born?

Here’s some pics from the banquet at Jenny Wiley State Park May Lodge, Prestonsburg Kentucky.  Jenny Wiley also offers off-site elk tours.  No, they don’t keep a elk herd at the park; that could get really ugly when a bull moose and his harem tromp down into the campground or destroy a few cars in the marina parking lot.  Here’s a link to the tour date schedule:  http://parks.ky.gov/calendar/details/elk-viewing-tours/12603/ and you can find links to other elk tours in the state.  A great all-around site about elk in Kentucky is the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources website, which also links YouTube videos Kentucky Afield‘s Tim Farmer. http://fw.ky.gov/navigation.aspx?cid=159

The elk head below is in the lobby of May Lodge at Jenny Wiley.

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Today In My Church

October 30, 2011

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Prelude:      O World, I Must Leave You      [Johannes Brahms]

Opening Hymn:      For All the Saints      [Sine Nomine]

Anthem:      Jesus Loves Me, This I Know      [Arr Michael Hassell]

Jeff Carter, Saxophone

First Reading:      Psalm 46

Special Anthem:      You Are Mine      [You Are Mine]

Second Reading:      Matthew 22: 23-25

Sermon Hymn:      I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry      [Waterlife]

Offertory:      Fairest Lord Jesus       [Barry Ferguson]

Closing Hymn:      Lead On, O King Eternal      [Lancashire]

Closing Voluntary:      A Mighty Fortress is Our God      [Helmet Walcha]

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