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Yes, we’re gonna get what we deserve. We let the lying, biased MSM bully and distort us into voting -assuming there wasn’t voter fraud with illegal immigrants voting – for someone we didn’t even know but whose far-left ideology most closely matches the far-left ideology of journalists.

The most amazing part of this election year is that the Democrats and the MSM really don’t get it. As arrogant, as ignorant, as thin-skinned, as destructive, as mouthy as Trump is: that’s how many Americans, including myself, have seen Barack Obama for 8 years. Only I think Obama is much worse. He is more mean-spirited and he believes that the biggest obstacle to world peace and equality is America. Obama is a pacifist who wants  America to come down a few notches.Obama is also an accomplished liar. For all his verbal clumsiness, I don’t think Trump is much of a liar.For 7 1/2 years, Obama’s lied to us about the economy, ObamaCare, BLM and Voter ID, the IRS, immigration, the VA and the military, AGW, Benghazi, Iraq, Iran, ISIS, et al. You have to wonder how much is lies, how much is incompetence.

Worst of all is the demonizing toward any and all opposition. I’ve heard nothing but hate speech from him toward me and mine for nearly 8 years.  I’ve never heard a president go overseas and denounce America. I’ve never heard a president go overseas and repeatedly denounce a political opponent. I’ve never heard a president call an opponent “unfit”; believe me President Obama, that’s how I’ve viewed you for 8 years. You’re a disgrace to the office.


As usual, the MSM rush in to help the Democrat and hurt the GOP before we fully know the facts.  BTW, the only mention of a “religion test” in the Constitution concerns those running for office. We can make our immigration laws to keep out groups from areas that threaten the security of our nation.[ FDR most certainly turned away a ship of Jews trying to escape pre-war Germany. He did so out of fear admitting them would antagonize the isolationist, anti-Semitic America First group. BTW, the book and movie Ship of the Damned chronicles the horrible endings virtually all of those Jews met.]  Go wave that little book at someone else, Mr Khan. https://pjmedia.com/blog/khan-flict-freedom-fighter-son-sharia-supremacist-father/h

This is Obama at his worst: Mean, condescending, dishonest, and distinctly unpresidential

Obama jumps on the pig pile

Slap your forehead, America. You coulda had a Mitt Romney.


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I don’t want the MSM and their Democratic cronies to even bother with the pretend shocked faces and fake cries for “civility.” We remember the calls that a Photoshopped map in common use by Sarah Palin caused a lunatic with liberal politics who’d never likelt seen the map to shoot innocents in Arizona. We remember the calls that The Tea Party – the most docile group of everyday Americans ever assembled – was a racist domestic terrorist group. We remember a lot and we don’t trust either of you one bit.

Worse than ISIS, he says http://nation.foxnews.com/2014/09/02/democrat-compares-gop-isis

If you don’t believe in AGW, you’re like a Holocaust-denier. Sure, except the Holocaust actually happened and lots of our GI’s saw that. The GW catastrophe is always sometime in the future, always changing the time it occurs, always changing the cause, always changing how it will affect us. https://pjmedia.com/zombie/2014/09/23/climate-movement-drops-mask-admits-communist-agenda/?singlepage=true

Naomi Wolf thinks you’re a gullible neocon if you think ISIS is dangerous, you warmonger, you. http://hotair.com/archives/2014/10/06/well-respected-feminist-author-suggests-isis-beheadings-were-faked-other-interesting-theories/

The far left, through lefty professors and passive administrators who coddle the $$ er students, has pretty much ruined our excellent higher education system in the US. The students are emulating European socialist students and activists who aren’t students. http://legalinsurrection.com/2014/10/bds-hate-on-campus-is-real/#more

From 2 years ago, an egregious example of the Israel-hate that is rampant among the left. http://www.jewishjournal.com/opinion/article/to_be_read_at_the_nyc_rally_protesting_the_death_of_Klinghoffer

Some lives don’t matter… when they don’t fit the left’s narrative: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/12/family-member-of-bosnian-zemir-begic-says-his-brutal-murder-was-hate-crime-video/

Everywhere there’s organized chaos in our nation, there’s George Soros http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/14/george-soros-funds-ferguson-protests-hopes-to-spur/

You must be in lockstep with ALL lefty thought. http://legalinsurrection.com/2015/01/ca-supreme-court-bans-judges-membership-in-boy-scouts/#more  AND http://www.weeklystandard.com/article/closing-campus-mind/899943?page=1

Before the man shot the oil worker, he told him we have to stop fossil fuels. http://www.wvgazettemail.com/article/20150414/GZ01/150419682

Harry Reid has called Republicans everything but human and Hillary flat-our called them her “enemies.”

And here’s surely the most thin-skinned, nasty president we’ve ever had:

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I saw people, people, people. You’d have thought they were giving away season passes to the UK men’s  basketball team. I was there nearly 2 hours. It was crowded and confused. Very difficult to move or know what was going on.

I didn’t see any presidential reps, although the Daily Insult had said there would be some. A diverse group, as far as Eastern Kentucky goes. A few black women, old people, lots of young people, many with children and grandparents. Quite a few people in wheelchairs or using canes or walkers.

Some griping but it was all polite and restrained, no angry words or cursing. This is Eastern Kentucky and I always think EK, KY, the South and Appalachia have the overall nicest people on earth.

Sissy was in northern KY today and said the line of autos in Boone County snaked up to the interstate with police directing traffic and signs reading “Polls” to direct drivers into lanes. The daughter had a little wait in Lexington but it was all pretty smooth.

I didn’t get any pics since I took my disabled sister with me and it was very difficult to protect her and guide her, no way I could free my hands for a pic. Instead I’ll show this clip [h/t Instapundit]. One thing the MSM miss is that we are indeed angry at the GOP establishment and politicians we worked hard to elect but more than anything, we’re angry at the MSM for allowing – no, encouraging – Obama and the Dems to “radically transform” this nation. Obama and the Dems can’t do it without the acquiescence of their lapdog media. This is why I became a Republican; I don’t want the MSM choosing our  elected officials and controlling our government by sins of omission as well as commission.

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This is where I’m at. I left the Dem Party because of all the lies and BS. They’re still lying, aided and abetted by the corrupt media. In fact, I don’t know how electing a GOP prez and retaining power in their hands will necessarily save us because the media will smear them. And of course, I’m not suggesting that the GOP is an honest party or that their politicians  are automatically more honest. But the media love the liberals, the liberal Democratic Party. That’s what I want to do, destroy the ability of the media to elect our presidents, our Congress, and dictate public opinion to sway leftward. Why do the media and the liberals want to become Western Europe and Scandinavia?

We knew what Cruz meant, he was dissing the liberal values and smugness of NYC elites. It had nothing to do with 911 when everyone – except extreme lefties – pulled together in support of NYC. Funny that no one got angry when Obama, other Dems and the media delivered contempt on the South, Appalachia or anyone who opposed them. Who apologized for ‘dumb hick racists’ and ‘bitter clingers’? No one, so kiss my grits. http://townhall.com/tipsheet/cortneyobrien/2016/01/15/ny-gov-who-told-conservatives-they-werent-welcome-says-cruz-should-apologize-for-values-comments-n2105186?utm_source=thdailypm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl_pm&newsletterad=

Everything’s fine and if you don’t believe that, you’re one of those ‘dumb hick racist bitter clingers’ who isn’t living in NYC. http://www.donsurber.blogspot.com/2016/01/world-trade-stopped.html#more

It’s amazing to hear liberals attack Trump/Cruz or anyone not-liberal for speaking harshly or in a divisive manner. Where have you been for the last 8 years? The liberal hate, divisiveness, cruelty, socialism, demonization, and elitism have virtually ruined this nation. Trump is tame compared to Obama, Reid, Pelosi, DWS, the NYT or virtually anyone or media identifying as liberal. http://www.wsj.com/articles/obamas-legacy-trump-and-bernie-1452729424

“Hip chic” dictates the hatred of Israel, the acceptance of any Islam behavior, and fervent support of anything pro-Palestinian. Israeli supporters have long complained of the Facebook double standard that allows anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli hatred while shutting down any anti-Palestinian or anti-Islam postings. Facebook denied it so a group tested them by posting identical news in new accounts entitled ‘Stop Israel’ and ‘Stop Palestinians.’ Facebook was forced to admit that, yes, they did react differently. You can imagine how. http://www.algemeiner.com/2016/01/08/facebook-finally-caves-on-anti-israel-hate-pages/#


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What’s the worst you can say about Trump? Arrogant, narcissistic, thin-skinned, inexperienced, unvetted, rigid, unable to accept criticism, hyperpartisan, intolerant, shall I go on?

That almost perfectly describes Obama. We tried to tell Democrats but they didn’t care. We mocked his Greek temples and Office-elect logo, worried about him since the 2008 primaries but we got insulted for the warnings. Am I supposed to think Obama’s law degree qualifies him as president? Get serious. Am I supposed to think his blackness – actually he’s biracial but he denies his mother’s race – qualifies him as president? That’s racist.

I haven’t reached a decision on 2016 but I’ll take Trump over Obama any day since 1] he loves America and 2] as a very successful businessman, he knows more about the economy than Obama and 3] He seems very comfortable reaching out to experts unlike Obama who always bragged he could do better job than any of his staff or advisors and 4] he didn’t use affirmative action to be successful and 5] he respects the military unlike the pacifist Obama and 6] the MSM hate him so that’s a big plus

Just listen to the smugness, the absolute elitist ignorance of the CNN guy. We journalists are better educated than Trump supporters. That’s the same line they used in 2008. They can’t be too smart, they haven’t figured out how many of us truly despise the MSM. Bankrupt them.


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IMHO: Thoughts on Kim Davis

I had my usual fall bronchitis during the Kim Davis/gay marriage debacle and didn’t much care whether any of the people lived or died or whether I would either, for that matter. FWIW, here’s what I thought about it.

  1. I pretty much think elected officials should uphold the laws, not just the ones they believe. It’s not your job to make the law. If you can’t uphold it, resign. Take you cause outside.

2. Inconsistencies come to mind: Sanctuary city elected officials, Obama ignoring/tromping/changing our immigration laws, pretending a treaty isn’t a treaty in order to bypass Congress, refusing Congressional demands of corruption investigations within his admin and FOIA requests,etc. Somebody should’ve taken action, legal action, against those people but somebody didn’t because the liberal MSM don’t mind those law breakers.

3. Davis isn’t the only clerk to disobey this law, even in KY. If you’re curious why the MSM went after her – and only her – read the FB comments of your liberal friends or news editorials or listen to tv pundits. They’re talking about her fundamentalist religion and she’s not particularly educated and her plain looks and her checkered past and oh, she’s from the hills of KY. IOW, she fulfilled all their ugly stereotypes. Feminists lecture us that looks aren’t  important, but they mocked her looks as much as anyone because we’ve learned feminists only care about lefty values. Lefties only care about freedom of religion if it involves Islam.

3. I live close to Rowan/Carter counties. A few years ago people here were surprised to learn our very liberal and well-respected Democratic county prosecutor could not in good conscience try a case involving the death penalty. He refused to resign, saying it wasn’t a problem since a] someone else in his office could try such a case or b] we could send the case to another county and c] we don’t have very many in our county, but he absolutely refused to agree to prosecute any case himself. My husband and I were casual friends of his and see him at community religious services, but I don’t recall him saying religion was the basis for his decision. He was defeated in the regularly-scheduled reelection soon after. Although supporters decried the loss and praised him as a man of character, I felt this was the best way to resolve the issue.

4. Lefties never give up, law or no law, court case or no court case. After blatantly lying about gay marriage  to get elected, Obama declared voters in states should decide the issue. Shocked that the most liberal state in the nation rejected gay marriage, California gays reacted with violence, intolerance and ugliness that gave rise to the term “Gay Mafia.” They boycotted businesses with owners/managers who had donated money to ban the resolution permitting gay marriage, even closing down or hurting restaurants. There was an ugly incident of a gay man grabbing an anti-gay marriage sign from an elderly woman and knocking her down. They had ugly protests outside Mormon churches, ignoring that the most organized drive against gay marriage was the Teflon black churches. So don’t lecture me about tolerance or settled law.

5. Why Morehead? A lot of people would be surprised to learn MSU has long been a haven for gays. In the 80’s an acquaintance of mine was photog for the college yearbook,which planned a focus on the gay influence but that was rejected by school officials. The photog, a very liberal guy who later went pro, was disgusted with that decision. I remember he shared popular gay mags that pointedly steered undergrads, grad students and faculty toward the little college in the foothills and the quiet atmosphere there. To be honest, I suspect native residents have caught on by now, esp with the inevitable lawsuits and complaints from gay faculty.

6. Some folks on FB and social media mocked Davis supporters with the supposition they wouldn’t support a Muslim clerk, gleefully assuming they wouldn’t. Hypothetical guilt based upon predetermined outcomes from stereotypes isn’t helpful. My supposition is a little different: Will the Davis naysayers support licenses issued to a man marrying 3 wives, the incest marriage of a brother/sister or the lowering of marriage age requirements to allow legal pedophilia? Think it won’t happen? You need to pay closer attention to papers/journal articles at the APA with changes to the DSM, to popular culture,  to lower court cases, and to activists for all these causes.

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Too far even for the Obama-sucking MSM. Last night Megyn Kelly hinted that the panel of Bergdahl’s platoon members on her show earlier this year had helped pressure the Army to do the right thing and investigate. Fellow Fox staffer Howard Kurtz agreed but equally credited the MSM with its crew of Pentagon/military correspondents who couldn’t swallow the tidy little photo op of Obama with the [weird] Bergdahl parents in that infamous Rose Garden. It all spelled too much of BS spread on the roses. Too bad Obama didn’t have any interest in this photo making the Twitter rounds yesterday

This is a US Army soldier wounded by the Taliban during a search operation to find and ‘rescue’ Bowe Bergdahl. The NYT is worried Bowe won’t be able to find a job if he gets a dishonorable discharge during his military trial. Message to the NYT, if he’s found guilty, we don’t give a crap and this pic is one reason why, you liberal, military-hating jerks.:


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