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http://They want hate. They want destruction, but mostly they want to destroy the capitalist economy of the United States and replace it with socialism/communism. They want the destruction of a democratic Israel. Their protests have little or nothing to do with the Brown shooting, except as a venue for destroying capitalism, much as they use environmentalism as a venue for destroying capitalism. These people want a one-world government, using the United Nations as a base to alter “colonialist” boundaries, impose punitive taxes, redistribute wealth, enact draconian environmental laws, nationalize corporations, impose an international court to try anyone they consider a criminal, manage land reforms by the typical communist method of seizing land from successful owners and giving it to the government or an aggrieved group, and other forced socialism that have failed in numerous other countries over many years. The far left of the current day always assume they can do it better, even though they never do.The far left groups such as Anonymous, Code Pink, 972 Magazine, BDS Movement, Occupy Ferguson, Free Palestine and others are open about that, but the MSM refuse to broadcast it. They’re too busy warning us about the dangerous Tea Party or some GOP candidate.

Lots of pics and info at this link. Here’s a sample: http://legalinsurrection.com/2014/10/intifada-missouri-anti-israel-activists-may-push-ferguson-over-the-edge//#more

Omar Barghouti is the co-founder of the BDS Movement [Boycott, Divest, Sanction Israel]


and Bassem Masri, with a post and an interview in which he flat-out threatens CNN in the first video and police in the second


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Until I finally realized how totally corrupt the MSM and the Democratic Party were, separately and together, I was a liberal Democrat for 40 years. During that time, Reagan was the only Republican president I voted for. Yes [hang head in shame] I voted for Jimmy Carter over Gerald Ford, a most honorable man ridiculed as a buffoon by the MSM. At least I recognized something special, something different in Ronald Reagan, even though I was surrounded by confirmed liberals and MSM ridiculing him as a dangerous buffoon by the MSM. See how that works? Americans chose Reagan twice, refusing to allow the MSM to elect our president; the MSM choice was Anybody But Reagan.

If you’ve never heard this speech or if you’re too young to remember Reagan, don’t let others influence you. Lefties hated him  alive and hate his memory even more. Don’t think he’s relevant today? He’s never been more relevant. Please listen to this video. Today.




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And it’s a Monday, too

Old-Cat-Photos-23 aceofspadesh/t http://ace.mu.nu Ace Of Spades

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Speaking of guns, here’s the trending Musical Targets

I saw this on Varney & Company, their website is http://www.MusicalTargets.com. If you shoot just right, the target plays The Star Spangled Banner. Prices range from $229-$599, which is the larger 2-octave set.


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I think I posted this before but I’m too lazy on this Friday afternoon to check, so here goes. Won’t hurt to repost anyway. It looks more and more that our government is incompetent, that the world is increasingly a threat, and that we need to be more self-sufficientATT00013

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Friday non-gov’t news dump

We knew this before a “study” confirmed it. http://legalinsurrection.com/2014/08/cash-for-clunkers-has-failed-the-car-is-lost/#more-95231

More gloom and doom. http://davidstockmanscontracorner.com/washingtons-perfect-storm-of-policy-failure-on-the-folly-of-massive-money-printing-and-americas-collapsing-imperium/

This keeps happening. It’s obvious that Obama was prepared to be more flexible to Russia after the election and Putin correctly assessed Obama as a very weak Commander-in-Chief. How much more aggressive will  Putin get in 2 years? http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/08/07/norad-confirms-spike-in-activity-regarding-russian-bombers-and-u-s-air-defense-zones-guess-how-close-theyre-coming/


So in the Tom Clancy real-life Hunt for Red October, the Russian spy mini-sub got away, Be sure to notice this part, typical of the declining military strength of European and Scandinavian countries. They’re spending their money on quality of life goodies, so beloved by the liberals here. This attitude works if there’s no evil in the world, unfortunately that’s never been the case. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/10/24/sweden-calls-off-search-for-submarine/

       Sweden built up an anti-submarine force after a Soviet sub with nuclear weapons ran aground off its southern shores in 1981 but started dismantling the force as part of deep cuts in defense spending after the Cold War ended. Anti-submarine helicopters were phased out in 2008 and replacements are not expected until 2018.

          Apart from cutting defense spending, Sweden has shifted its focus from territorial defense to international peacekeeping operations and abolished conscription. In 2012 Sweden had 20,000 troops on active duty and 200,000 reserves, down from 50,000 active-duty personnel and almost 600,000 reserves in 1999, according to statistics from the Britain-based International Institute for Strategic Studies

Golden Weasel of the Week? I’d say John Kerry could win this many weeks, but blaming Israel for the recruitment success  of ISIS because it won’t sign away land to the Palestinians in a “peace” deal is incredibly weasel-y. http://nicedeb.wordpress.com/2014/10/23/weasel-of-the-week-2/

A good analysis of the nation’s malaise from the Wall Street Journal’s Dan Henninger. I’ve heard parts of this in his frequent visits to Varney & Company on Fox Business. http://online.wsj.com/articles/dan-henninger-a-year-of-living-on-the-brink-1413414887?tesla=y&mg=reno64-wsj

George Soros-funded ultra left MoveOn sends out videos, emails warning that if the GOP takes over the Senate, they might practice that nasty trick of “reconciliation.” What’s nasty is the burning hypocrisy, since that’s how the Dems passed ObamaCare. Actually if the GOP takes over the Senate, Mitch McConnell would likely be the Majority Leader and I think he has too much respect for the Senate to do that. http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2014/10/dems-blast-the-tricky-little-known-maneuver-that-passed-obamacare.php

Let’s end on a lighter note: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/active/mens-health/11172519/Vegetarians-have-much-lower-sperm-counts.html

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The good news: PM Stephen Harper is a conservative with backbone. The bad news: There are a wagon load of multiculturalists, grievance mongers and appeasers, plus an ultra liberal public tv in Canada as well as here. Here’s some Canadian sources:


CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, has ongoing news. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/ottawa-shooting-a-day-of-chaos-leaves-soldier-gunman-dead-1.2808710

This Canadian blog has been labeled ‘racist’ etc because of its long-standing reporting of sharia accommodation by liberals there, and the lack of assimilation from much of the Muslim community into Canadian society. The warnings have proven spot on. http://www.blazingcatfur.ca/

Of course, I have a link to the invaluable and clever Small Dead Animals on my blog roll. http://smalldeadanimals.com

St Louis, MO blogger Jim Hoft, who has kept a roundup of Ferguson protests and knock-out game events in his area, also does an excellent job with the Canadian shootings. Don’t remember the terrorist, remember the soldier killed by the terrorist while standing guard at the Canadian War Memorial. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/10/ottawa-shooting-victim-reservist-with-argyll-and-sutherland-highlanders/

Here’s a Twitter comment of a tourist with a pic of Capt Nathan Cirillo taken Sunday, a few days before his murder today by some disgruntled a**hole.

    Megan Underwood @megunder

   On Sunday, we asked a very handsome guard for a picture with my friend visiting from Cali – RIP Nathan Cirillo

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