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Did the Brits interrogate Obama’s paternal grandfather as rumored?   I don’t know; what in the heck do we actually know about Obama, other than what Plouffe and Axelrod want us to believe?

Obama doesn’t seem to respect the British, does he?  As he said early on in his presidency when asked about our special relationship with the Brits, ‘Well, we have special relationships with a number of countries.’  Returned the Churchill bust. Sent lousy gifts to the Prime Minister, the PM’s family and the Royal Family. Michelle treated the Queen as if she were a prop at a senior citizen center, touching her in all manner of inappropriate ways. Interrupted the ‘God Save the Queen’ anthem with a toast. We pay for a ton of protocol officials at the State Department but the Obama’s can’t be bothered learning how to act.

Good grief, what a gaffe. ‘The English Embassy?’  Surely Obama’s at least heard  the term ‘British Embassy?’  Does he know the difference between England, Britian, and the British Isles? Does he care? They keep saying he’s so smart… ‘They’ are the Obama-fawning MSM and Dem pundits, of course.

Yes, I know he corrected his gaffe, but if TOTUS knew the proper term, why didn’t Obama?  The most telling thing to me is that the MSM completely ignored the gaffe. Contrast that treatment with any conservative or Repub in a similar situation.

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Speaking of Snow, Here’s Al

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What’s the difference between that California preacher who predicted the end of the world on a certain day and end of the world predictions by AGW’ers? Just one example: Paul Ehrlich, who wrote The Population Bomb, predicted the British Isles would cease to exist by 2000, drowned by the rising seas. Ehrlich later wrote a book with his wife Anne and John Holdren in which they propose a Malthusian new world order with global redistribution of wealth, forced abortions in America, sterilants in the water supply, and a world army to enforce the laws against having babies. Holdren is now the science czar of President Obama.

In the link above, the Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens says we’re seeing the last gasps of the dying global warming religion.  Let’s hope so. Will AGW go down in history as the biggest scam of all time? Imagine a ‘science’ which ‘lost’ the original raw data on which its main theory is based.

Nasty bunch of people, too. Wrap your head around this: Anthony Watts notes an upcoming lecture on ethics by a Penn State [!] professor, in which the professor discusses charging crimes against humanity by people who publicly doubt AGW.  That would include me. They can’t handle anyone who doesn’t agree with their views.  http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/11/29/penn-state-to-lecture-on-climate-ethics/

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Please, Please Baby

He wants to be re-elected.

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Ya sure, it tis the global warming

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Too bad it’s not the jail house door hitting him. Chris Dodd, too.

http://nicedeb.wordpress.com/2008/09/21/the-white-house-warned-congress-about-fannie-mae-freddie-mac-17-times-in-2008-alone/  People forget Democrats took over both houses of Congress in the 2006 midterm elections while Bush was president.  Dems resisted all attempts to reform the Macs, which led to the housing bubble collapse and the 2008 fiscal crisis.  In fact, Dems  called the Repubs and Bush ‘Racist’ for attempting to reform Freddie/Fannie.

Taxpayers have already given $400,000,000,000 in Bailout Money alone to the Macs, plus subsidy and operational money. Their officers make millions in salaries, plus millions more in bonuses. Now they want more bailout money.  Macs give mortgages to people who can’t afford them, then we bailout the bad mortgages, then pay the salaries of these people to sign up more minorities/poor who can’t or won’t pay their mortgages.

Where was the investigation into the roles of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd in the collapse of the Macs? They headed the House and Senate Financial Services Committees. They were supposed to provide oversight, they were supposed to look out for the taxpayer $$$. Where was the investigation into the corruption – the big donor bucks from the housing industry to these Chairs,  the VIP deal Dodd got to buy his Irish vacation home, and the cushy housing job for Frank’s boyfriend? Why do they keep saying this was all ‘before Obama’s time, he inherited the mess’ when he was a US Senator during these last 2 Bush years, and got lots of housing money?  Couldn’t Obama see the numbers didn’t add up?

Beat your head news: Maxine Waters will take Frank’s spot as the ranking Dem on that committee. She’s up to her eyeballs in corruption, especially with her husband’s shady bank deals at OneUnited.  Everytime someone tries to investigate, she cries ‘Racism’ all over the media and scares them off.  She’s also got dirty hands on Freddie/Fannie.

Not only did she resist any and all efforts to reform the Macs but she pushed for banks to increase lending to minorities who couldn’t get mortgages otherwise. She was sure it was racism; it didn’t matter to her that the minorities were too poor to get mortgages because they didn’t have jobs, had bad credit or no credit, had no money saved for down payments, had only minor commitments to home ownership, and  couldn’t afford the upkeep, the taxes, or even the lowered mortgage payments.

My husband and I paid 20% down to buy our house; that was bank policy.  Buying a home is a huge committment of  money and time, and it’s not a foolproof investment.  There’s nothing wrong with renting. It’s cruel to insist people take on mortgage responsibility when they haven’t shown an inclination to do so by sacrificing for a down payment or haven’t done homework by talking to various banks.

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