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Here, a senior English professor at a public Colorado university wants to bring professional Obama campaign workers to come to his, and other, classrooms to talk to the students, register them to vote and ask them to help re-elect Obama by joining his campaign.

Here, a Chronicle on Higher Education article on the incident from the man who broke the story and conducts an on-going fight against political bias in the classroom by any party.


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Half of the class “Introduction to Congress” at Harvard is likely cheating. Well!

Ted Kennedy was expelled for cheating at Harvard – twice. As far as I know his cheating wasn’t during this particular class but hey, precocious kids these days have to prepare harder  for life-long jobs in DC.

For Ted Kennedy, Harvard was just a warmup for a lifetime of cheating.


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Obama as a TV show?

If this seems silly, keep in mind that it resembles the softball questions punted to President Obama during interviews by MSM ‘ journalists.’ Remember the silly ‘What superpower would you most like to have?’ and Obama said something about flying. So let’s pretend we’re ‘real journalists’ here and have some fun.
Feel free to add any of your own (and please try to keep them PG-13).

  1. “Whose Sixteen Trillion Dollar Deficit Is It Anyway?”
  2. “Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers”
  3. “Extreme Makeover: Constitution Edition”
  4. “Who Wants To Hate A Millionaire?”
  5. “Czar 54, Where are You?”
  6. “The Unemployment Office”
  7. “Foreclosed House on the Prairie”
  8. “My Favorite Marxist”
  9. “I Love Me”
  10. “American Idle”
Honorable Mention:

– “America’s Got Trouble” – “Everybody Loves Ramadan”

List courtesy of The Political Commentator below:
The Political Commentator (http://s.tt/1m5If)

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Mr Scam Man

It’s a parody recorded by a man named Dan Roberts, to the tune of Mr Sandman. Bet you can guess who Mr Scam Man is. Pretty funny.


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Greenies in charge: Dying to save gas


The new unsupportable – that makes me feel so Jane Austen –  CAFE standards means your new car in a few years will be smaller and lighter. Some manufacturers have suggested not providing spare tires or jacks so they can lighten the car. They’re using lighter and cheaper metals for the frame and engine.

What does this mean? More highway deaths. This should make greenies happy since they want a lower population. Guess the administration thinks some of the deaths will be old people, which will save some Social Security and Medicare money. Hey, everybody’s happy, right?

The real question: what will this accomplish? We have oil here to drill; we don’t need to do this to avoid big imports. Most of us have caught on to the AGW/ Carbon Dioxide scam so those don’t move us. Goodness, greenies have been fighting for this through the 1973 OPEC oil crisis, acid rain, smog, ozone and who knows what else I don’t recall at the moment. It’s always something with them, isn’t it? And that something is worth more than human lives.

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Rand Paul cuts his hair

For some reason, his haircut struck me as significant. The haircut looks more mainstream, more ordinary. He’s going to go public more, I think. This convention represents the end of his father’s eminence and the rise of Rand as the family political namesake.  I think it’s the reason Ron Paul played pretty nice with the RNC.

I couldn’t hear his speech last night but people said that Rand Paul warmed up the audience for the night’s agenda.  Listening to the tape today, I agree it’s a good speech and think he’s becoming a more accomplished speaker. Along with the expected libertarian slam on big government spending, Rand brought up optimistic stories of legal immigrants, Ronald Reagan, and his dad. Well worth 17 minutes of your time:



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Fournier looks at Romney and sees racist dog-whistles. No kidding.

One of John McCain’s biggest mistakes in 2008 was that he assumed the liberal media would reward him for years of friendly access to them and political bipartisanship by being fair to him.

I didn’t expect any less from the liberal Ron Fournier, who performed ‘analysis’ at his former job at the Associated Press. He was called in during the 2008 election whenever a hit job on Hillary, Sarah or McCain was needed, but it would be disguised as news analysis. Of course, here’s what you need to remember in regard to the Associated Press and Obama:

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