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Oh yes, ObamaCare is a great success in Kentucky. If you don’t believe it, just ask all the Democrats and our Democratic MSM, which includes the [Ashland] Daily Independent, a CNHI paper.  Big front page article by local newspaper with pic of Marcus Woodward, with sub-headlines touting him as “Woodward rare expert on new health care laws.” Ashland resident Woodward was named by Gov Steve Beshear to the Kynect board. They do point out that Woodward is in the insurance business, which evidently makes him an “expert” and is the only board member in the insurance business, which evidently makes him “rare.” Here’s some other points:

The article by James Juett is a particularly nasty little partisan bit of hack, noting O’Care  is the biggest change to our healthcare since Medicare/Medicaid in 1965, and snarls that they too were called Communism/Socialism back then by conservatives. Could someone point out to Juett that these programs actually are a form of socialism? Could someone also point out to him that these programs are essentially bankrupt, that in 1965 Americans were assured by the Democratic pushers [LBJ, Humphrey] that the cost for them would someday max out at $11 Million to taxpayers? Hah, I bet they cost more than that every single day.

Could someone tell Juett that Medicaid fails all tests of quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness, even in blue states such as Oregon? This is not a secret or conspiracy theory, but a commonly accepted part of the coverage for the poor equation. Does he consider Medicare – with its massive fraud, skyrocketing drug costs, and low compensation for doctors – a success? Has Juett used either program or tried to find a doctor with either?

Juett also smugly claims SCOTUS approved O’Care for Medicaid expansion in 2012, thus permitting the acceptance of ACA. But Juett ignores that SCOTUS only approved the question of the legality of ACA/Medicaid as a tax, without directly ruling on ACA as an act, and he ignores that Obama and his administration were simultaneously lying to Americans by angrily denying the program was a tax, requiring a tax increase. Indeed, Obama and his crew repeatedly claimed ACA would put money into the pockets of Americans. Certainly not taxpaying Americans, that’s for sure. Juett never addresses the negative roles of O’Care, such as the dubious requirement of electronic medical records – notably their susceptibility to security invasions and privacy risks – and never mentions the hit to medical innovations through a new tax on medical equipment, always one of the strong points of American healthcare. No mention that the healthcare panels will require an acceptable amount of diversity expansion, with the federal government dictating what is acceptable and punishing institutions  such as medical schools, nursing programs or ancillary services by withholding tax $$ to institutions deemed unacceptable .

Juett also tried to portray ACA as bipartisan and all but using the word “hypocrite” by pointing out GOP officials who furthered government healthcare, such as Reagan requiring hospitals to serve indigent holders of Medicaid and Romney initiating a form of single payer healthcare in Massachusetts but these fall short. Reagan certainly didn’t support Medicaid but saw he couldn’t eliminate it so he required the humane application of it to prevent discrimination against the indigent. Reagan was never a hypocrite but was ever the realist. The GOP never forgave Romney for  RomneyCare and he admitted that it had only limited application in a state like MA and couldn’t apply to the nation, Officials there are admitting that it isn’t working, just as Vermont has at last admitted the single payer system – the government of either the state or the federal level is the single payer – isn’t working, prompting the logical question ” if single payer healthcare doesn’t work in those liberal big government states, how can it work nation-wide?”

The ugliest part of the article is he blatantly partisan attack on Sarah Palin ad her “death panel” accusation, which he claims has been universally proven false. Excuse me, Mr Juett, but the health rationing committees show Palin was correct and even Obama-loving sources such as WaPo admit that unfortunate choices will be made likely at the expense o seniors, without apologizing to Palin, of course. Perhaps you missed the subtlety. There will be rationing and some people will die because of it. Authors of O’Care admit the cornerstone of the program is the British National Health Service. If you don’t know the failures of NHS, including death panels and bonuses to doctors who persuade larger numbers of seniors to die rather than choose surgery or treatment, then you’re not paying attention.

Personally I support seniors who are willing to undergo great risks, partly because I think a civilized society supports life even with limitations and partly because we learn so much from people who suffer through likely hopeless clinical trials or risky surgery or painful rehab. If we encourage abortion without limits, consider disable children with Downs a marginalized group who shouldn’t be alive [ a la Palin’s youngest, as so many liberals said in 2008] and don’t think old people have the right to expect treatment, who is our society for? The young and beautiful of a certain age and capabilities? This sounds like the now-ex Abercrombie & Fitch CEO?

Juett fails to explore my 2 main objections to O’Care: 1] It is shoved down our throats via fines if we don’t want insurance, which some young healthy people don’t. You’re 22, fresh out of college, healthy and wanted to spend that $300/month on a car for work not insurance with a huge deductible. That includes  a subsidy, too, but you would opt out if you could avoid the fines.

2] if the overwhelming number of new participants are Medicaid or near-Medicaid highly-subsidized – by taxpayers -into private plans, why did we need to overhaul our entire massive healthcare system? Why didn’t the states simply push to add new Medicaid participants via a massive PR program or health departments, schools, etc?

Juett’s article presupposes to be comprehensive but is highly partisan and omits anything which would weaken the pro-ObamaCare argument. This should have been marketed as an opinion piece, either on the opinion/editorial page or in a column clearly designated opinion. The failure to do so shows bias on the part of the newspaper and detracts from serious consideration as a news piece.

Finally, shouldn’t Juett mention Marcus Woodward is best known as the longtime head of the Boyd Co Democratic Party, working hard to elect Gov Beshear and Obama? http://www.dailyindependent.com/news/woodward-rare-expert-on-new-health-care-laws/article_f8ead176-8fd6-11e4-8f28-3b6b3c1b5fcf.html

Think I’m biased? http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/395512/kentuckys-obamacare-success-rich-lowry and http://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/30/us/kentucky-health-plan-is-flooded-with-the-poorest-and-sickest.html?_r=1

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http://I got this from http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2014/11/hitler-finds-out-field-marshall-gruber-spilled-the-beans.php, who evidently got it from http://pitchforkpatriots.wordpress.com/2014/11/18/hitler-finds-out-field-marshal-gruber-spilled-the-beans/

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Or nearly anyone else in the MSM. The few that do mention it, such as Chuck Todd, dismiss it as old or meaningless. It’s sure as heck not meaningless to me. If fact, it’s nearly Biblical in its implications. Nearly. Not quite.

They all friggin lied to us about this whole entire bill, lied about everything so they could cram it down our throats and change the American economy and culture. Not to mention raise taxes from some of us, after saying it wouldn’t. Liberals: there’s never enough tax money for their nanny-state, big government spending. More, more more. A lying administration. A corrupt government. A fiscally irresponsible government. A compliant media that ignores all questions or wrongdoing from Obama and the Dems.

Always trying to turn us into socialist Europe, when it’s painfully clear that’s failing over there. Why follow the sheep over the hill?


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My local newspaper The Daily Insult, actually the Daily Independent, is your typical modern chain-owned liberal newspaper. It’s owned by a Canadian corporation and they’re especially insulting because they pretend they’re not liberal. Today they had two especially annoying articles that they plastered on the front page. You can always tell if an article helps Democrats or not: Is it prominently displayed? Is it downplayed or totally ignored? If displayed prominently, it helps Dems.

The first article is a front page article that also garnered multiple across-the-paper back page prominence and concerned yet another lawsuit by Appalachian Voices and presumably KFTC [Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, an uber liberal organization formed by a University of Chicago social worker who’s moved on to community organizing in Va] against a coal company. The voters of KY reelected coal-supporting Mitch McConnell but as Obama used to say, hey, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Of course, Obama  also told the GOP that if you don’t like his policies then go win an election but he was obviously lying about that. Greenie organizations receive national and international money and training from lefty/green groups and foundations then join up with the EPA, often using taxpayer money, to sue fossil fuel companies or manufacturers and kill development and jobs, especially in Eastern Kentucky. They’re self-righteous about it all; personally I believe there’s an unspoken goal to turn most of Eastern  KY into a big national park/forest and stop all mining, logging, development, etc and force us into cities, a la Agenda 21. I’m betting that after a while the US government will allow limited development and mining to the likes of George Soros, who would have snapped up bankrupt companies here for a song.

Hey, it’s not paranoia or conspiracy theory when you keep being right.

The paper also had front page articles about how helpful ObamaCare has been to Eastern Kentucky, singing up people left and right, and saving the newly insured so much money while creating some jobs. We can thank Dem Gov Steve Beshear, who I predict will enjoy a future in some Dem consulting/lobby firm. Too bad the newly registered are mostly Medicaid and the subsidies are paid by we taxpayers without any option on our part. No mention on how KY, like other states, will be forced to pay for all these new Medicaid enrollees in 2017. No word on the fact that Beshear will no longer be governor as of January, 2017 or that the state has experienced budget shortfalls since the 2008 recession or that we’re facing a disaster of baby boomer state employees retiring in a grossly-underfunded pension system. No explanation on why our health care system had to be destroyed or 15-20% of our national economy turned upside down just to enroll new people in a Medicaid program we already had or why the Dems lied about those of us already with insurance saving money and tax? what tax? you stupid voters.

Yeh, no word at all this week on the lies of the Obama administration on the ObamaCare bill or GruberGate. Sometimes what a newspaper doesn’t say is as important as what is does. Sins of omission. http://www.dailyindependent.com

Of course, it’s not just a local problem. There’s nothing unusual about fluctuating animal populations, including humans, but greenies used a temporary polar bear population drop to raise money and spread global warming panic. It’s not about the climate, it’s about money $$ and political power. http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/11/19/newspapers-mislead-public-about-polar-bear-numbers/

Putting a phony green agenda before jobs and the economy is giving us a slow economy, fewer jobs, fewer full-time jobs, fewer well-paid jobs, a nation that can no longer get anything made or done, and a dwindling middle class. Welcome to Eastern Kentucky, Colorado, Utah and New England coastal towns! http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2014/11/13/gop-listing-of-grouse-as-threatened-endangers-private-property-rights-jobs/ and http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/11/12/noaa-puts-ban-on-cod-fishing-hurts-family-businesses-and-coastal-communities/?intcmp=trending


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This is an excellent roundup of what Gruber said, his role in ObamaCare and the Dems -including Obama – failed attempts to distance themselves from who? Gruber? Meanwhile, Rand Paul is one of several wondering if the American federal and state taxpayers can’t get some of their Gruber money – it’s up to $6 Million and counting – for fees that were clearly fraudulent. Video is only 6 minutes of facts well worth your time. http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2014/11/grubergate-for-dummies.php

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Come to think of it, that includes me. I didn’t figure it out on my own, though. Thank goodness wonks like Betsy McCaughey, biz folks like Melissa Francis, and bright ordinary citizens like the Tea Party managed to look over the Obama shills of the MSM and question the math and logic. [Bluegrass Pundit has the story, which I missed, of Francis, who now works for Gox Biz, being told to shut up by the management at CNBC, when she said on the air that the numbers didn’t add up and the ObamaCare bill couldn’t work. http://www.bluegrasspundit.com/2014/11/video-melissa-francis-says-she-was.html%5D  Guess what? Much of the MSM is still imposing a blackout on the Gruber videos in an attempt to shelter President Obama, the Dems and their liberal signature bill. Is it any wonder more and more people consider the Fox News Network – which includes Fox Business – their main source of news they can trust?

Just a few years back, I spouted the standard liberal lines of hate against Fox and anchors like O’Reilly. Of course, I had never actually watched them, I had merely seen 20-second blips at Crooks and Liars or other liberal haunts. I watched Fox a few times because I was a Hillary supporter in the 2008 primary – told you I used to be a liberal – and a few shows on Fox – I remember Neil Cavuto was one – ran pieces fair to Hillary or at least gave equal time to her operatives. I was quite amazed and kept staying to watch longer and longer.

In this latest video, Gruber and a table of Vermont Democratic legislators of the Vermont House Health Care Committee ridicule a question from a Vermont citizen. Much laughter from the legislators after Gruber mocks the citizen, who turns out not to be a silly adolescent after all but a former WH senior policy advisor to President Ronald Reagan. If they had known that, would it have mattered?

Vermont…. A not-Sissy sibling of mine lived there for a while. It’s pretty but it’s a smug little state.

BTW, it turns out Dr Gruber made a heck of a lot more taxpayer $$ than the $400K from the federal government for writing the Gruber Microsimulation to fool the CBO. Turns out he visited quite a few states as an O’Care consultant and racked up fees of $300-400K for each visit.


Update: More videos, including #6, in which Gruber discusses the deliberate and necessary “mislabeling” of the Cadillac tax as one on the insurance company rather than the individual, owing full well it was a tax on the individual. Bonus videos of WH personnel spreading the lies, including a press conference. M incriminating videos are said to be on the way. Nice Deb does a tremendous favor to us all by compiling the videos I one post. http://nicedeb.wordpress.com/2014/11/14/the-gruber-tapes-1-6/

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Traveling with Obama in Asia, Josh Earnest blathered some stupid BS somehow blaming the GOP for multiple lies to cheat the American public into the passage of ObamaCare and its acceptance by Americans. Of course, ObamaCare has never garnered a majority acceptance by the public; it’s never gotten 50% or above. Stupid response.

I saw Dem pundit Brad Whitman on the Megyn Kelly Show last night and he sounded like a dumba**. Really, I try not to be crude but he made no sense whatsoever and Kelly gave him what-for, throwing the mumbling back in his face.

I saw a post on Gateway Pundit that Obama was in the room when Gruber discussed the deceit and insults of the Cadillac Tax, which was designed to blame insurance companies for raising premiums on high-quality medical benefits some workers had, and mostly still have, before ObamaCare hits them. I haven’t seen that verified but that’s something to check out. Jim Hoft at GP notes that WH logs verify Gruber was present during that time.

Nancy Pelosi, who was Speaker of the House when ObamaCare was passed and made the infamous “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” remark, suddenly develops amnesia concerning Jonathan Gruber. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. We’re not so stupid that we can’t look up you and Gruber on YouTube and Google. Turns out you know Gruber quite well, Nancy. There’s a CSpan video of you crediting Gruber as a hot-shot MIT professor who sanctions O’Care, not to mention information she put on her website touting Gruber. http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2014/11/gruber-gruber-whos-gruber.php

As for the CSpan video, Charles Krauthammer suggests that if you’re going to lie, make sure there’s no video showing the world your lie.


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