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I don’t watch crime shows, real or fiction, and I missed this on her weekend show. Saw it Monday, and it seems in the process of becoming viral. I think she sounds calm and coherent, a reasonable composite of so many angry Americans. You’ll be shocked to learn liberals are slamming her as racist and…. oh you know the drill.

Aren’t we a sovereign nation that has the right to secure borders, decide who we what to come and live among us, and base our decisions partly on skills, productivity, and country of origin? Why the hell are we allowing illegal immigrants to decide the population and cultural makeup of our nation?

Are you as tired as I am of hearing about “immigrant rights” but America doesn’t have rights as a sovereign nation? As far as I’m concerned, nobody has the “right” to enter our country. We give them that privilege based on our wants.. If you come here illegally, about the only right you have is to get arrested.

BTW, Pirro is also ticked about the welfare benefits of these terrorists and their family. Why should we bring people into our country so the taxpayers have to support them, since they’re not here as political prisoners? If those coming here seeking asylum should be expected to be self-supporting within a short time. This probably will set with you about as well as it did me: http://dailycaller.com/2013/04/19/city-of-boston-gave-subsidy-to-bombing-suspects-radical-mosque/

Suspected Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev attended a Massachusetts  mosque that made a controversial deal with a Boston city agency that allowed it  to buy land at a lower-than-market price in exchange for various token services  to the Boston community, despite the mosque’s links to some radical  anti-American figures

          The 19-year-old Tsarnaev attended mosque at  the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

           The Daily Caller reported  Friday that the ISB hosted at its satellite cultural center a book signing  April 6 featuring British journalist Victoria Brittain, who has criticized the  United States and United Kingdom for waging a “war against Islam” in its  anti-terrorism efforts.



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So the Boston Bombers and their parents are or were on welfare benefits here in the US. They had illegal guns, even though Massachusetts has some of the toughest gun control laws in the nations. Sort of a ‘we hate you, but we’ll stay here instead of leaving and we’ll take your money.’ . http://bostonherald.com/news_opinion/local_coverage/2013/04/tamerlan_tsarnaev_got_mass _welfare_benefits

The younger one in the hospital says he didn’t understand Americans and didn’t have any friends. Well, sometimes I feel friendless and a trip to Wal-Mart convinces me I don’t understand Americans either but it never occurred to me to kill them, you big jerk.

We let you into our great country that huge numbers of immigrants want to come to, we give you free money to live on, let you go to a great university for free, you have more freedom that you’ve ever had in your life and you blow up innocent people who you don’t even know, including kids, and you wanted to hurt more. You @#!*

David Burge          @iowahawkblog

Welcome someone into your country, give him a free education, college scholarships & welfare benefits. In TimeSpeak, this is “alienation.”


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Who could have guessed these members of the Weather Underground would go back into the system and propagandize our kids from within? Yes, these 4 are all now or were college professors and none have expressed remorse for their past terrorist activities.

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A very little faith


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