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Taxpayers gave $400 Million to the Abound Solar Company.  Not only did we lose that money when the company went bankrupt but the company left a toxic mess – can you say irony? – that will cost taxpayers another $4 Million to clean up.

This was part of the Stimulus; remember all those “shovel-ready jobs?” Oh, we know what they were shoveling and it sure wasn’t jobs.

The Abound Solar plant, which got $400 million in federal loan guarantees in 2010, when the Obama administration sought to use stimulus funds to promote green energy, filed for bankruptcy two years later. Now its Longmont, Colo., facility sits unoccupied, its 37,000 square feet littered with hazardous waste, broken glass and contaminated water. The Northern Colorado Business Report estimates it will cost up to $3.7 million to clean and repair the building so it can again be leased


The owner of the property tried to force a bankruptcy trustee to clean the facility, but the report said it would “place humans at imminent and significant health risk.” One of the hazards is the presence of cadmium, a cancer-causing agent that is used to produce the film on the solar panels, the report said.

“If a coal, oil or gas company pulled something like that the EPA would send out SWAT teams and the U.S. Marshals to track down the offenders, bankrupt or not,” the center said in a report of its own.


I didn’t bother checking but I’ll bet the owners of this bankrupt solar energy firm that lost all this taxpayer money was an Obama crony. It’s a fact that more than 80% of these green energy loans went to B-I-G Obama donors.

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Food myths that need to be laid to rest


I’m seeing a lot of this research out there, and I’ve covered some of them on posts here.

Here’s a sample:

10. Low-Carb Diets Are Ineffective and Downright Harmful

However, since the year 2002, over 20 randomized  controlled trials have examined the effects of low-carb diets on various  aspects of health.

           Almost every one of those studies agrees that:

  1. Low-carb diets lead to significant decreases in blood pressure (82, 83).
  2. Low-carb diets where people are allowed to eat as much as they want cause  more weight loss than low-fat diets that are calorie restricted (84, 85).
  3. Low-carb diets increase HDL (the good) cholesterol and decrease  triglycerides much more than low-fat diets (868788).
  4. Low-carb diets change the pattern of LDL (the “bad”) cholesterol from small,  dense LDL (very bad) to Large LDL – which is benign (89, 90).
  5. Low-carb diets have powerful positive effects on type II diabetes, significantly lowering blood sugar and reducing the need for medication (91, 92, 93).
  6. If anything, low-carb diets appear to be easier to stick to than low-fat  diets, probably because people don’t have to restrict calories and be hungry all  the time (94).

Read more:  http://authoritynutrition.com/top-13-nutrition-lies-that-made-the-world-sick-and-fat/#ixzz2jM3JErjn

Plus there’s the lie that hydrogenated foods such as margarine were better for you than butter. I remember so many people who hated that fake margarine stuff but were forbidden by doctors to eat butter.

Go read the other 12 myths. Things are changing very quickly in food research, been a long time coming.

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News Roundup

The MSM and Dem politicians keep saying the Tea Party is dead but somehow Americans keep identifying with it. As others have noted, imagine what the polls would show if the MSM didn’t have an all-out WarOnTeaParty vendetta. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/general_politics/october_2013/42_identify_with_obama_politically_42_with_the_tea_party

Every time someone visits the Bill Clinton Birthplace National Park, it costs taxpayers $33.10 . Why do we have so many national parks, if we can’t afford to maintain them? Because politicians love the idea of tourist sites creating jobs in their state, with federal taxpayers paying the bills. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/oct/29/taxpayers-pay-3310-each-visitor-clinton-birthplace/

This is not an administration that supports whistleblowers, in fact this is an administration that actively punishes whistleblowers. Let’s face it, that would go triple for the Benghazi Massacre. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/10/28/benghazi-attorneys-major-assertion-reason-to-believe-people-who-insisted-on-military-response-that-night-were-relieved-of-their-duty/

Wait a minute! I thought Europeans loved taxes and loved a Big Green agenda. Maybe the French are getting tired of both. http://www.france24.com/en/20131029-france-delays-ecotax-road-transport-after-protests

I thought liberals wanted us to get better gas mileage on our cars. I thought we would get our money back for buying  the more experience EV’s, hybrids and fuel-efficient cars by saving money on gas. Alas, big government – whether at the federal or state level – requires constant upgrades in tax revenues.

The devices, which track every mile a motorist drives and transmit that information to bureaucrats, are at the center of a controversial attempt in Washington and state planning offices to overhaul the outdated system for funding America’s major roads.  


The push comes as the country’s Highway Trust Fund, financed with taxes Americans pay at the gas pump, is broke. Americans don’t buy as much gas as they used to. Cars get many more miles to the gallon. The federal tax itself, 18.4 cents per gallon, hasn’t gone up in 20 years. Politicians are loath to raise the tax even one penny when gas prices are high

Turns out the little black boxes that keep track of where you go and how many miles you drive is a tax on another fossil fuel – refined oil.  Big Green never gives up, they just change the names of the game.


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from A. Branco at http://www.legalinsurrection.com


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So George Soros and a bunch of billionaires are determined to have amnesty. Is it simply business and cheap labor that motivates these men? I don’t think so. When you look at this list of rich men you see a lot of liberal ideologues, including avowed socialist George Soros. I also don’t see how a influx of cheap labor would benefit some of these people, such as Mark Zuckerberg or Michael Bloomberg.


Today the group spent the day lobbying House Republicans to pass the Gang of 8 Amnesty bill, which cleared the Senate earlier this year. I guess we could call it the Gang of 7 Amnesty bill, since Sen Marco Rubio no longer supports this bill that he fought so hard for. Frankly I think his change of heart is coming a little too late to save his once-promising career. Not only did he participate in some ugly photo ops with the likes of Chuck Schumer and not only did he attack his fellow Republicans who oppose the bill, but he helped push the bill through the Senate. Only the House stands in the way of its passage, which explains the lobbying effort today. We can only hope the House GOP members have some spine.

The Soros-funded National Immigration Forum (NIF) organized today’s “fly-in” of some 600 people to lobby House Republicans to pass the Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill (which Senator Rubio himself has now disavowed). It started with a two-hour teach-in at the U.S Chamber of Commerce, with the usual suspects saying the usual things. (Watch it here.)

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