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Happy New Year

I no longer drink alcohol but hubby, daughter and SIL are bourbon drinkers. As Maker’s Mark Ambassadors, the daughter and SIL get a cute gift each year from the company, which they always share with her dad. This year the Ambassador gift was a Christmas “nightcap” and it is a cute little bugger. Be careful out there tonight and I’ll see you tomorrow. The Maker’s Mark was a gift from a friend.

Makers Mark Christmas

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So radical lefty and serial race-hustler Melissa Harris-Perry sorta apologized in a Tweet for her stupid panel that ‘questioned’ and ‘discussed’ the adoption of a little black baby by the white Romney? Then she made the tweet about herself by using a personal hashtag for the apology.  Former Sen Scott Brown says she needs to apologize to the Romney family, not send out a 140-character tweet after her hateful and mocking segment on ….. MSNBC.  http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/12/31/msnbc-must-apologize-to-romney-family-for-mocking-black-grandchild-host-twitter/?intcmp=latestnews

Good thing the left keeps telling us how tolerant they are, not sure I would have noticed otherwise./sarc

Here’s how the liberal MSM treats black conservatives:



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Those kids? You can’t build them by yourself, you need the state for that. Here’s what she said earlier this year, along with the obligatory Hitler reference that is eerily similar.


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How’s your holiday so far? I tried a little vacay but a family member had a medical emergency and died, so I’m back for the funeral. Tough time of the year to lose a loved one.

I tried to ignore the news and just spend time with family and celebrate my religious faith but when you have idiots like the radicals at MSNBC, you can hardly close your eyes. Of course, there’s mostly a bunch of self-declared socialists and lefties over there so none of this can surprise NBC. Every replacement is as radical as one who just left so NBC is hearing what it wants said on the air.

But this. This is ugly, this is truly racist, this is cruel. This is a child with people who have welcomed him into their family with love and open arms. Because the family is the son and daughter-in-law of Mitt Romney and the adopted child is black, it’s open season for the nuts and hate-mongers at MSNBC. The really pathetic part is they don’t see anything wrong with their mocking and jokes.

When do we get to mock Madonna, Sandra Bullock,  Brangelina, and all the other white celebrities for their adopted little black babies? You go first, Melissa Harris-Perry.




Good thing liberals are the tolerant, compassionate political folks, eh? That’s what they’re always telling us.

lies, damned lies


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Christmas at the Hanoi Hilton, 1970


The following Sunday, Commander Shuman, who died on Dec. 3 at 82, stepped forward to lead a prayer session and was quickly hustled away by guards. The next four ranking officers did the same, and they, too, were taken away to be beaten. Meanwhile, as Mr. Thorsness told it, “the guards were now hitting P.O.W.s with gun butts and the cell was in chaos.”

          And then, he remembered, the sixth-ranking senior officer began, “Gentlemen, the Lord’s Prayer.”

          “And this time,” he added, “we finished it.”

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Merry Christmas

PDJ 10a (6)

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This is pretty cute. He’s taking Allison Lundergan Grimes seriously. Good for him. The Clintons will be all over Kentucky next year, and the Democrats nationally and state-wide consider Mitch McConnell their #1 target in 2014. People like to think Kentucky is a red state but it’s not. There are more registered Democrats than Republicans, there’s a strong  liberal contingent in the college towns of Lexington and Louisville and Berea, Bill Clinton is still popular here, enviro group KFTC despises pro-coal Mitch and they’ve grown in power, Mitch has 0 charisma, all the big-town MSM hate Mitch, there’s still a sizable union voting population, and the state politics are Blue, Blue, Blue, and Grimes is Kentucky Democratic royalty. Progressive politics have made inroads all over the country and that includes Kentucky.

Grimes toured Eastern Kentucky last week and touted how pro-fossil fuel she is, saying Kentucky needs a pro-coal senator. As many pointed out, Kentucky already has that in Mitch McConnell but I guess she just wanted to widen the distance between her and Obama. Yeh, Allison, I’m not expecting you to bring Barack to campaign for you next year. Not sure how much Kentucky trusts the Clintons anymore. I sure don’t.

I’m very sympathetic to the Tea Party but Mitch McConnell as Minority Leader in 2010 kept the Republicans in line, and not a single Republican voted for ObamaCare. I dislike some things about Mitch and I hate his anti-Tea Party stance but no one could have done a better job against ObamaCare.



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