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The one, the only; WKRP’s turkey drop video

I saw this when it first aired on television. My husband and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. It’s still hilarious.


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Protesting the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? That’s what a group of Muslim Brotherhood supporters want to do, in order to show support to deposed Egyptian president Morsi. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/11/muslim-brotherhood-to-protest-nyc-macys-thanksgiving-day-parade/


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President Barack Obama, playing politics 24/7. Now OFA [Organizing for America, Obama’s political organ] and the Dems want you to talk ObamaCare politics across the Thanksgiving  table. Ugh. As if that’s not bad enough, the arrogance and disrespect shown to anyone who opposes ObamaCare, Obama or the Dems is just staggering.

Here’s an email sent by the DCCC. Isn’t it something how they say nasty things to any opponents/GOP/Tea Party and set Obama supporters up to attack any and all, by blaming the people they’re attacking? Obama demands perfect obedience, an idolatry.


Let’s face it: we all have a crazy Tea Party relative (or two) who just loves bashing President Obama — even on Thanksgiving.

      If you’re worried that your Thanksgiving table will start looking like the set of Fox & Friends, we’ve got just the thing for you: the DCCC’s 2013 Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet!

      Don’t worry about printing it out — we’ll text it directly to your phone so you’ll always have the facts and stats you need to go up against all the nastiest Republican sound bites:

At HuffPo, there’s advice about dealing with your Republican Uncle Jack. Oh, you poor little Obama-luver, you. Imagine having to deal with a relative who doesn’t agree with your political beliefs. Worse, someone older. Even worse, a Republican. Horrors.

Fortunately Ace of Spades has some of his own talking points you can fire back at your little family Obot. And it certainly has been a struggle putting up with the arrogant know-it-all nephew or whoever for the past 5 years, hasn’t it? http://ace.mu.nu/archives/345231.php Get a load of this letter sent by OFA. Notice the second sentence describes the Obot as someone the family looks to as a “voice of reason.” Eh, I don’t think so. They’re probably wondering how long it will take before the Obot finally wises up.


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2013 Ashland Christmas Parade

Oooh it was cold. It was windy. It was raining. It was icy, with hailstones. It was foggy and misty. We had a much smaller crowd this year but my husband and I stayed throughout, waving at Santa Claus in the final fire truck. Here’s a couple of pics, marred by freezing fingers in thick gloves and a rainy camera. The colorful train is one of the Shriners props.

A small aside: Matt Bevin, who is running against Mitch McConnell in the GOP primary next spring, had a nice multi-vehicle display in the parade but it was marred by the car in which he rode. His car died in front of the reviewing stand, and had to be pushed down Winchester Ave out of the way. His wife came over to us, [she seemed perfectly nice], gave us some info, and asked us to read the pamphlet and consider voting for her husband, whom she called “a very good man.” I’m afraid this wasn’t a very auspicious PR device for Bevin tonight.

2013 parade13         2013 parade7

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Meeting P-dub

If you watch the Pioneer Woman on the Food Network or read her very popular blog, you know her nickname is P-dub. My daughter and I went to see her at a book signing Monday at the Cincinnati Joseph Beth bookstore. We had a lot of fun, well worth the trouble to get there and meet Ree Drummond. Nice new A Year of Holidays cookbook, too. Here’s a closeup pic of Ree and a pic of the crowded bookstore, taken midway up the stairs when our group went up to meet her. When you bought the book – which we did long distance over the phone – you were assigned to an alphabetical group of about 25 people and went up the stairs to your signing with your group. We belong to the bookstore rewards group plus we called for the book as soon as we saw it on the PW blog, so we were the VIP first group. We’ll be cooking up some good food this holiday season.

Her 2 daughters, Alex and Paige also came for the book signing and were lovely and gracious. Here’s a couple of pics:

pw2 edited                         pw3

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This Sunday In My Church

November 24, 2013

Christ the King Sunday

Prelude: Now Thank We All Our God [Sigrid Karg-Elert]

Call to Worship

Opening Hymn: All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name! [Coronation]

Call to Confession

Prayer of Confession

Assurance of Pardon

Response of Thanksgiving: Gloria Patri

Sharing the Peace

Children’s Sermon

Anthem: Canticle of Thanksgiving [Mark Schweizer]

First Lesson: Jeremiah 23:1-6

Sung Psalm: The Song of Zechariah [Kingsfold]

Second Lesson: Luke 23:33-43

Sermon: King’s Cross

Sermon Hymn: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross [Hamburg]

Pastoral Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer

Affirmation of Faith: The Apostles’ Creed

Offering Invitation

Offertory: Be Still and Know [Colin Hand]

The Doxology

Prayer and Dedication

Closing Hymn: Now Thank We All Our God

                    [Nun Danket Alle Gott]

Charge and Benediction

Benedictory Response: Jesus, Remember Me

Closing Voluntary: Come Ye Thankful People, Come

                                           [Anthony Giamanco]

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In his opening remarks, Fox News Bill O’Reilly notes that no politician today is subject to more vicious attacks than Sarah Palin and “..it has nothing to do with race, somebody tell Oprah.” He and recent FNC hire Howard Kurtz discuss Martin Bashir, Sarah Palin, the hate speech at MSNBC – a part of NBC News – and the shameful hypocrisy between the price paid for attacks on the liberal base, e.g. that by Alec Baldwin and the no-cost attacks on conservatives/Republicans.


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