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There’s so many good anti-AGW cartoons out there that it’s hard to pick a ‘best of’ but this is very good.

from our friends at http://www.legalinsurrection.com [permanent link on my blogroll]:


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The best AGW witticism?

I heard Andrea Tantaros say this line on Varney & Co, Fox Business. Oh yes, President Obama, you deserve this mocking.


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Attention, Topeka residents: John Kerry, who owns a $7 million yacht, a $7 million Beacon Hill townhome, a $9 million ocean-front Nantucket home, a $5 million Idaho ski retreat, a $4 million estate in Pennsylvania, and a $5 million home in Georgetown, wants you to undergo mandatory lifestyle cutbacks to prevent CO2-induced bad weather

h/t http://tomnelson.blogspot.com/2013/07/attention-topeka-residents-john-kerry.html

Kerry isn’t alone. From Tom Friedman to Bill Gates to Barack Obama to Barbra Streisand and countless others, the byword is ‘ Sacrifice is for You Peasants but not me because my life is way too important to cut back’

You greenies want to invoke a smaller lifestyle? You go first.



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You know the saying, if it weren’t for hypocrisy, they’d have no standards at all. Here’s what happening on the AGW ranch today [been watching a lot of PW this weekend].


You may not recognize the name Maurice Strong but he’s had a big impact on you. The missing link in AGW is the United Nations. It’s no coincidence that socialists like Soros want to use the UN to further a one-world government that would take the place of US sovereignty and they plan to use AGW as the means. Strong was the father of the Kyoto Pact and had deep ties to the UN and corruption scandals. He recently died. http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB122368007369524679The U.N.’s Man of Mystery


Don’t think the rising seas [Ha!] will bother me here in Middle America. If coastal development is to blame, then tax them. They’re mostly blue so they’re used to high taxes. NC eastern coast is an exception but by all means, let tax NYC, Boston, Miami, etc. Or better yet, make them move out. It’s for the children, you know. http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2015/10/19/glenn-reynolds-tax-blue-zones-climate-change-coastal-flooding-column/74186596/

I bought some local honey around Lexington and in the bag I found multiple pages of green info about how pesticides are destroying bee populations and we need to ban them. Yeh that worked out well for DDT, didn’t it? Greenies are scare mongers and now it turns out bee populations aren’t decreasing and it wasn’t the pesticides anyway.

I hate this about the greenies. Their scare mongering destroys businesses, jobs, families, communities and when it turns out – usually years later – that the scares were wrong, it’s too late to help those affected. Of course, that is often a feature, not a bug, to greenies. Colony Collapse Disorder is a disease, made worse by beekeepers renting their bees out to pollinate other geographic areas. http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2015/11/bee-of-good-cheer.php



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And it’s a Monday, too


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This is the lovely Helmut Walcha piece performed by Zachary Zieschange. No other info posted at youtube but this is a clean, crisp version, written and performed without any added flowery tones, preparing us for the return of Jesus.



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This Sunday In My Church

November 29, 2015

1st Week of Advent

Prelude: Savior of the Nation, Come [J S Bach]

Call to Worship, Prayer of Invocation

Lighting the Advent Candles

Call to Confession, Prayer of Confession, Assurance of Pardon

Response of Thanksgiving:  Oh, Lord, How Shall I Meet You? [Valet Will Ich Dir Geben]

Sharing the Peace

Anthem: Comfort, Comfort Now My People [Arr. John Ferguson]

Hebrew Lesson: Jeremiah 33:14-16

Sung Psalm 25, 1-10: Spiritual Aspirations

Gospel Lesson: Luke 21:25-36


Affirmation of Faith: An Affirmation for Advent

Sermon Hymn: Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus

Pastoral Prayer, The Lord’s Prayer, Offering Invitation

Offertory: Savior of the Nations, Come [Helmut Walcha]

The Doxology: Puer Nobis Nascitur

Closing Hymn: Prepare the Way, O Zion [Bereden Vag For Herren]

Charge to the Congregation, Benediction

Benedictory Response: People, Look East, The Time Is Near [Wayne Wold]

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