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So she smiles and says she’s going to make coal companies go out of business and put coal miners out of work, eh? What  do you think your boss Obama, your Democratic buddies, your eco-fascist supporters and crony capitalist donors have been doing for 7 years, honey? There’s not many scraps left, even for hyenas.

Yes, I heard how you’re going to throw some job training $$ our way but we’ve been down that road of federal money numerous times and all it does is reward some loyal Dems to distribute and administer the $$, pay the way for a few attendees and it’ll all come to naught. Except for your loyal Dems, they’ll have pocketed some tax $$ but there won’t be any jobs here.

Gonna give us jobs to build and install windmills and solar panels, right? How stupid do you think we are? We know that most alternative energy components are made in China since they do it so much people – not paying that union wages you push for – and in any case, any jobs with windmills, etc would be temporary and involve only a few employees. In case you’re too dumb to know industry, coal and other fossil fuels employ numerous people in ancillary positions.

We don’t want your damn federal handouts, we want to be able to work in our energy jobs w/o our own gov’t slapping our hands every which way. Why don’t we just decrease the gov’t to about half its current size – or less – and use the saved tax money to invest in capital and R&D?

The greenies and their politicians have been lying to us for a long time and too many believed the lies. I have old KFTC [Kentuckians For the Commonweath] papers and that of other green groups asserting ‘oh, we don’t want to end coal, we just want it safer or certain types that would be easier on the environment’ and ‘oh, we’re not trying to end fossil fuels cause gas is so much cleaner’, and so much more crap. Now they celebrate the death of the coal industry period and gleefully proclaim they want to end all fossil fuels. Liars and selfish self-righteous jerks.

Aubrey McClendon of Chesapeake Energy was an idiot to believe the Sierra Club would only go after coal and leave gas alone. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/600940/how-chesapeake-ceo-aubrey-mcclendon-helped-push-coal-to-the-brink/#/set/id/600935/

Follow the money. The Global Warming scare is about money and power. About redistributing wealth. http://legalinsurrection.com/2016/03/obama-administration-deposits-500-million-in-uns-green-climate-fund/#more

Whaddya know? Obama doesn’t like gas or oil any more than he likes coal. The only unanswered question is whether Obama is stupid enough to fall for the AGW gibberish or whether he supports it as a way to radically transform the US and the world into a socialist one-world gov’t with the UN acting as manager. I vote for the latter. http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2016/03/obama-to-energy-producers-drop-dead.php

$50 Million Renewable Energy Scam

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Remember all the silliness from the [mostly] morning “news” shows calling the Chelsea pregnancy America’s Royal Baby and how we were all waiting with bated breath. Then Hillary started calling herself a grandma and signing off messages with the wisdom of a grandmother. I know some smart grandmas and I know some dumbass grandmas, Hillary, and I’ll put you in the latter category.

I’m not young and I no longer support any Clinton, one by one I’ve dropped support for Bill, Hillary and Chelsea. Greed compounded by a sense of entitlement and a slickness to lying and skirting the law.



Pic/cartoon below courtesy also of Legal Insurrection


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In August two women employees of the Kentucky LRC [Legislative Research Commission] went to the Legislative Ethics Commission and accused long-time state Rep John Arnold [D-Sturgis] of repeated sexual harassment. They also claimed  they had been told to cover it up rather than hurt the Kentucky Democratic Party.  Recognizing the potential of a full-blown political and legal scandal, some members of the party jumped in front of the media and expressed outrage, in addition to ignorance of any harassment. A third woman then came forward with similar claims and Arnold resigned September 13, still claiming his innocence but lamenting that his political career was ruined by the publicity.

The woman claimed they had tried to resolve the problem by going through the proper channels at LRC but their complaints were hushed-up by LRC head RobertBobby” Sherman.  An internal review reported the LRC supervisors acted properly, which provided political and possible legal cover but  didn’t do much to resolve the issue. A week ago on Friday, September 20th,  Sherman resigned. Now we find out that he went into the LRC building last Sunday, when no one was working, and shredded numerous documents. He and the KY Democratic Party are in active offense by claiming he only destroyed private papers and old, unimportant documents that had nothing to do with the scandal. The latest story is that he was accompanied by a couple of other administrative employees.

A number of obvious questions: After resigning, how did he get into the LRC? Did the other employees allow him to enter the building? [Man, if my boss quit, then called me to let him into his old office so he could shred documents on a Sunday, I would hang up on him]. If he no longer worked there, wasn’t that trespassing? He worked there a number of years and couldn’t destroy private and unimportant documents while he worked there but felt the urgency to to do that after he resigned? The biggest question, if he had a right to be there and he was innocently shredding private and outdated papers, why did he do so in a deserted building? Why didn’t he come in Monday morning and do that in full view of other employees on a work day?

A Republican lawmaker has asked the Kentucky State Police to launch an investigation into the shredding. Here’s the story from my local Ashland newspaper: http://dailyindependent.com/local/x703123010/Lawmaker-calls-for-KSP-probe-into-shredding  Too bad Sherman and his ex-underlings didn’t call the KSP to watch him shred the documents, eh?

How will this affect the women’s case? They’re not too happy.  The lawyer for the original two women rightly notes that the KSP has a close working relationship with the state legislature and they can’t reproduce the shredded documents. Personal junk mail? Secret memos of the women complaining of repeated abuse and the LRC response? Who knows? http://www.state-journal.com/latest%20headlines/2013/09/26/kentucky-state-police-open-investigation-into-records-shredding-by-former-legislative


According to the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, officials are allowed to destroy records so long as they meet retention requirements, such as the rule to maintain recordings of special committee meetings for eight years. State statute also says a person who intentionally destroys records without proper authority can be charged with a Class D felony.

          Deputy LRC Director Robert Jenkins said he was not sure if Sherman used a records destruction certificate — a filing process encouraged by Libraries and Archives to help track records.

          Barbara Teague, the state archivist, noted that the matter could be referred to the Kentucky attorney general if officials suspect wrongdoing, but said she didn’t want to make a “snap judgment” and that the department would need more information to determine if rules were broken


How will this affect the Kentucky Democratic Party and their decades-old stranglehold of Frankfort and state politics? How will this affect Clinton candidate Allison Lundergan Grimes #WarOnWomen against Mitch McConnell next year and its seed corn of Hillary’s presidential run using that same theme? The War looks different when it’s used against Democrats, doesn’t it?

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I told  you next year’s US Senate race in Kentucky will be an attempt to use last year’s #WarOnWomen against Mitch McConnell. He’s such an old white guy, after all, with no charisma or style. There’s never been a hint of any scandal involving Mitch and women in any way, and he seems happily married to the very successful Elaine Chao but facts won’t matter when the Clintons move in to push their candidate KY SOS Allison Lundergan Grimes against him.

The opening salvo was supposed to be Ashley Judd but she turned out to be too goofy even for liberals here, so the more sedate and politically-endowed Grimes, whose father formerly led the KY Democratic Party and Bill Clinton’s two successful presidential campaigns here, was unceremoniously pushed into the honor of taking on Mitch. General wisdom is it won’t hurt her young and promising political career even if she loses, and her name will be familiar to Kentucky voters in the future.

Here, dumba** Dem hack Senator Claire McCaskill attempts to renew the DNC’s McConnell #WarOnWomen. It’s contrived and sketchy but that won’t matter to the MSM or liberals. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2013/09/mccaskill-attacks-mcconnell-over-nrsc-organizers-remark/   What is McConnell’s crime against women that so infuriated McCaskill? A history of groping his interns? Paying his women workers less? Serial philanderer? Slapping a female aide? Hardly.

Brad Dayspring, communications director for the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, derisively called Lundergan Grimes “an empty dress.”

Here in Kentucky, we’ve got a real #WarOnWomen involving  State Rep. John A Arnold. Of course, he’s a well-known and long-term Democrat so the MSM hasn’t made this national news, but even the liberal newspapers in the state were forced to report it. When asked whether Arnold should resign, Grimes Monday said she’s not sure. Wouldn’t you expect that hypocrisy to be big news? If so, you’re not paying attention to the MSM. http://freebeacon.com/grimes-wont-call-for-democratic-state-rep-arnolds-resignation/

Arnold is currently facing formal complaints from three employees for sexual harassment. The allegations date back to 2009 and include Arnold grabbing the underwear of a staffer and touching the thigh of a female legislator

Just for the record, these are serious allegations made by highly-respected women working for the state Legislative Research Center [LRC].

Unable once again to call for Arnold’s resignation –  this was the second time she was  asked and refused to ask Arnold to step down – Grimes played the #WarOnWomen card anyway. She’s outraged, outraged I tell you, that McConnell isn’t denouncing Brad Dayspring.

Umm, calling President Obama an “empty suit” is quite common. Any reason why the female equivalent is sexist? Besides, she is an “empty dress” and Democrats know it. They just assume her father Jerry Lundergan and Bill Clinton can whip up the base and help sharpen her skills. IOW, she’s depending on her daddy and Big Dog Tomcat to save her; so much for the smart, independent woman meme. That’s not stopping her and the DNC from trying.

The Grimes campaign claimed the comment was offensive.

          “This degrading and offensive comment from McConnell’s campaign team is appalling, and he should condemn it immediately,” Grimes spokeswoman Charly Norton told the Huffington Post. “It shows his team’s true feelings towards women and continues his disgraceful pattern of not standing up for the women of Kentucky.”

Grimes best bet is to support Matt Bevins in the primary and hope Kentucky sees Rand Paul in him but with Bevin losing to her next fall, replicating similar Tea Party losses in Nevada, Delaware and Missouri. Unfortunately for her, McConnell knows that strategy, too.

Frankly, I don’t think Kentucky voters will be swayed by the likes of HuffPo and the DNC. More importantly, the DNC will continue to play up the #WarOnWomen attack against Mitch McConnell, but that approach, lame to begin with, has just been made impotent by State Rep John A Arnold, [D-KY].

[See my earlier post on Arnold here, on August 22, 2013. Since then, another woman has accused Arnold of similar harassment. https://pullmychain.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/has-the-dem-control-of-frankfort-resulted-in-cover-ups/ ]

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On Bill O’Reilly tonight, Laura Ingraham expounds on Hillary Clinton’s numerous failures as Secretary of State.http://video.foxnews.com/v/2594305139001/will-past-be-prologue-for-hillary-clinton/

ToWatch the latest video at video.foxnews.comTo be fair, Hillary Clinton did accomplish something that no other SOS has. and here it is:  [Yep, she danced with more women in more places all over the world than anyone has ever done. You’re welcome, Hillary, it was our pleasure to pay for a Million Miles of Dancing.]

Watch the latest video at video.foxnew

original hillary

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