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If you need it spelled out

from Doug Ross, who got it from a tweet that came from FB….

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Question:  Why Lowe’s can refuse to advertise where lefties want it to.

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Over the next few days I plan to choose some of my local newspaper’s best and worst political columns of 2011. http://dailyindependent.com

For the silliest, I offer you Tammie Hetzer-Womack on Dec 19 –  The War is Over.  Some observations:

1. Hetzer-Womack  often  announces her support of the troops before she unleashes a highly political liberal column. This is no exception. Can’t she once do a ‘support the troops’ column w/o the politics?

2. The War is Over?  During the Bush administration, liberals hooted that we can’t detain terrorists at Gitmo, practice harsh interrogation, wiretap foreign calls to the US, et al, since the Iraq invasion was a conflict and not a war. Now that Obama pulls out the troops, it’s suddenly a war.

3.  If you support the troops, why don’t you support the commanders of those troops?  It’s no secret a total pullout goes against the advice of military commanders on the ground and Obama’s military advisors, who to a man recommended leaving a small contingent not for fighting but for a strong presence and advisor to the Iraqi military and police.  Obama, who is only consistent in his inconsistency, declared during the 2008 election and numerous times since that the timetable for leaving Iraq and Afghanistan would be determined by his military commanders.  He lied.

4.  An ideologue cannot resist letting the politics leak out and Hetzer-Womack cannot resist the Bush whack.  Poor Obama, he “walked into a pre-created, hot mess he had to clean up.”  Actually, Tammy, Obama walked into a tidy package of victory thanks to Bush ignoring liberals like Obama, and sending more troops into a game-changing surge.  Obama did nothing but continue Bush’s Iraq policies.  Like you, he isn’t big enough to credit Bush for providing the country of Iraq with democracy and freedom from a despot who killed over 1 million of his own people.

5.  Don’t count your Libya and Egypt Arab Spring eggs before they hatch. If the media succeed in re-electing Obama, he may end up with bigger Arab problems than an easy political pullout in Iraq.

6.  The latter part of the column is a nice roundup of how we must help the troops when they come home. Fair enough, but ideology rears an ugly head once again. “No more political infighting.”  Oh we get it, girl.  You’ve made your feelings known before about the nasty Republicans refusing to ‘compromise’ and let Obama have his way. You’re not half as clever as you think.

7.  She says she wasn’t around during Vietnam.  I was.  You know the famous Walter Cronkite line that Vietnam was ‘unwinnable’ and Johnson remarked if he’s lost Cronkite, then he’s lost America?  Oddly enough, Cronkite was standing in front of a big battlefield that the Americans and South Vietnamese had…won.  Yes.  Perhaps not so odd when you know that Cronkite was very liberal and personally against the Vietnam conflict, er, war. Perhaps we shouldn’t have trusted him so much. Perhaps the liberal media hasn’t changed, either.

8.  No matter your feelings about the Iraq Conflict/War, politics should not be the deciding factor on military policies.  Clinton lacked the courage and military expertise to do anything about Hussein’s numerous threats and violations of the UN peace treaty.  Clinton’s ‘peace’ amounted to supplication that most adults feared would later haunt us. Bush made tough decisions for what he thought best in Iraq, regardless of political cost.  Worst of all is perennial panderer Obama, who flies in the wind for what is politically advantageous to him at the time.  He and most of the Dems have flip-flopped their positions on Iraq, Afghanistans, and the War on Terror so often that even Kerry is dizzy.

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Can someone explain this to me?


Why would we outsource military aircraft to Brazil when there is an American company that can manufacture it?  Why not keep those jobs here in the US? Why hand over our military technology to yet another country? Why doesn’t Obama care about his administration outsourcing these jobs, since he demonized American companies for outsourcing?

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More decorating pics

 I used the old-fashioned C-7 multicolor bulbs this year. There’s not many left in the current market since most are LED bulbs. Lowe’s had some C-7 and C-9 sets.

I put brown burlap as a mantel scarf and a dining room table runner over a white tablecloth. I love brown at Christmas.

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Sharing Christmas decorating

I mentioned that I did an Appalachian theme this year. Here’s a couple of pics.  What did you do? Something different or a family tradition?

I made this fabric garland 6 years ago. It’s easy. Using pinking shears, cut fabric into bow-shaped pieces and tie onto a rope. A little tedious, but not bad. I hung honeysuckle vines on the garland and didn’t use any lights this year.

 I made the wreath but not the angel, although it is handmade.


The enamel ware washbowl below belonged to my mother-in-law, as did the little white poinsettia bouquet.

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The Popeye Campaign: Salami, Salami….

http://www.thelookingspoon.com/index.php/3039-the-official-meat-of-the-obama-campaign  written by Jared H Andersen

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