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This Sunday In My Church

June 30, 2013

6th Sunday after Pentecost

Prelude: O God, Our Faithful God [Johannes Brahms]

Call to Worship

Opening Hymn: Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah [CWM Rhondda]

Call to Confession

Prayer of Confession

Assurance of Pardon

Response of Thanksgiving: Gloria Patri

Sharing the Peace

Children’s Sermon

Anthem: What Shall I Render to My God [Early American Hymn Tune]

                                 [Arr. Austin Lovelace]

First Reading: 2 Kings 2:1-2, 6-14

Sung Psalm 77:1-2, 11-20

Second Reading: Luke 9:51-62

Sermon: No Buts

Sermon Hymn: O Jesus, I Have Promised [Angel’s Story]

Pastoral Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer

Affirmation of Faith: The Apostles’ Creed

Offering Invitation

Offertory: O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee

The Doxology

Prayer of Dedication

Closing Hymn: O Beautiful for Spacious Skies [Materna]

Charges and Benediction

Benedictory Response: Go My Childeren

Closing Voluntary: Fuga Sonata No 6 [Felix Mendelssohn]


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You’ve heard of ‘You can’t make this stuff up?’ That was made for this situation. Powerline calls it: Greatest. Headline. Ever. http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2013/06/greatest-headline-ever.php

Here’s the headline:

“Rare bird last seen in Britain 22 years ago reappears – only to be killed by wind turbine in front of a horrified crowd of birdwatchers.”

Yes, a rare bird was spotted in the Scottish Hebrides so a group of birdwatchers from around the world went to see it. While they were watching, the bird was killed by a wind turbine. The bird had not been spotted by a human being anywhere in 22 years.

While not an endangered species, sightings of the White-throated Needletail are quite rare in the UK, since it’s primary breeding and migratory grounds are in the far east and India. So when one was spotted on the the Isles of Harris it caused quite an interest with birdwatchers who flocked to the island to see it.


http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/06/28/imagine-the-outrage-from-environmentalists-if-it-had-been-an-oil-derrick/  There’s video at WattsUpWithThat, not not of the killing itself but of the dead bird and the birdwatchers checking it.

England’s James Delingpole has long fought the wind farm glut in Great Britain and the threat to birds they pose. Critics have often dismissed his anger by pointing out that the birds are “ordinary” such as seagulls. Well, a bird is a bird and nobody asks if any birds hurt or killed by an oil spill are “ordinary.” Delingpole asks about the White-throated Needletail, http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100223770/this-bird-rare-enough-for-you-greenies/

Here’s an amateur birdwatcher video of the bird flying right before it was killed:


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World perspective

h/t http://www.smalldeadanimals.com


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pic taken in the parking lot of Buckhead Restaurant in Newport, Kentucky, right across the river from Cincinnati.

In fact, if you live in Northern Kentucky, the best way to get to this Ohio River waterfront restaurant is cross over to Cincy on one bridge and quickly take another bridge back to Kentucky. The old days of Northern Kentucky being the poor sin area for Cincy residents is way past. Instead of gambling, brothels, bars and organized crime corruption, Northern Kentucky is a bustling area fueled by corporate offices and upscale housing. I’m always shocked by the booming construction; not many small farms left.

Thanks to my nephew for the NoKY way to spell “OBAMA.”

IMG95201306289513284695575 bummpersticker buckhead2

Northern Kentucky is also the site of a strong Tea Party presence. They offer lots of education events, including showings of the movie FrackNation and advice on Concealed Carry licenses, and serve as a watchdog for big government. Right now, they’re trying to clear up a question of library tax increases, and members have ended up in court to get a legal opinion. The Tea Party folks have won the first round but the suits are headed to appeals courts.

They’re also fighting back against Common Core and Governor  Bashear’s ObamaCare health exchange formation. One local member to the state health exchange is an insurance salesman. He’s also chairman of the Boyd County Democratic Party, which I’m sure is a total coincidence.

Here’s a link to the Northern Kentucky Tea Party, plus county units and their activities.


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You’ll notice my James Taranto blogroll link to his daily Wall Street Journal column. Right now he’s involved in a word war with goofy Senator Claire McCaskill [D-MO] over a military case and her dismissal of a WaronMen. Here at PullMyChain, we sure think there’s a war on men in general and that goes double for white men. Men are collateral damage for government takeover of our nation and have to be neutered.  McCaskill is dumber than a bag of rocks but she’s a good little Dem hack so there’s always that to consider.

She got elected in 2006 because actor Michael J Fox didn’t take his Parkinson’s meds and taped a shaky ad for her and her support of the bill to legalize embryonic stem cell research. Yeh, I know Fox is likable and all that but he admitted the ploy after the election. Yeh I know virtually all stem cell research done today is adult stem cells or synthetic stem cells but hey, being a liberal means you never have to apologize because the MSM won’t ask inconvenient questions.

McCaskill got re-elected in 2012 because Todd Akin fell into the MSM trap of telling them his evangelistic fervor against abortion. Akin couldn’t have done one tiny whit to stop abortion if he got elected but the Dems and their MSM turned it into a – horrors! – WaronWomen, forgetting a little something called the Supreme Court, not to mention a Senate controlled by Dems and a pro-abort president. Thanks to his refusal to drop out of the race post-gaffe, McCaskill reversed a 16-point poll deficit to a victory and helped re-elect Obama win, too. So she’s a hero to the Dems.  http://online.wsj.com/article/best_of_the_web_today.html

Back to humor. The funny line for me in today’s Taranto column concerns his habit of noting quirks in  news stories and then making up funny headlines to go with those straight  stories/headlines. Here’s this; is it the best ever?

Obama Ate Them
“Where Are All the Watchdogs?”–headline, NationalJournal.com, June 26

Remember this from last summer? Good times…

ObamasChicenPoodleSoup patriotsheartnetwork

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I found it disgusting that Hillary Clinton kept referring to “our friend Chris” while discussing murdered US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens. The new released diary of Stevens – now that the election’s over, what a coincidence – proves that he was scared to death, had reason to be scared to death, and Hillary didn’t give a crap. Maybe if she had been doing her h job, instead of traveling all over the world to dance with girls at ‘Celebrate Girls’ events, the Benghazi Four might be alive today.

Oh, and thanks to Candy Crowley, too.

In a chilling note shortly before he was killed, U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens  complained about “never ending security threats” in Libya, according to excerpts  of what was purported to be Stevens’ diary. 

Read more:  http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/06/26/stevens-reportedly-warned-libya-security-threats-in-final-diary-entry/#ixzz2XWek3WgG

Now the main suspect being questioned in the murders is being released. Well, why not? It’s not as if Hillary, Barack and the Chicago Gang want any truth to come out about Benghazi. The last thing they want is to pursue the killers.


Libya’s government earlier this month released a key terror suspect who U.S. officials say was involved in planning the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on U.S. diplomatic and intelligence facilities in Benghazi.

Faraj al Chalabi, (also spelled Shibli) an al Qaeda terrorist also linked to the 1994 terrorist murder of two German tourists, was detained by the Tripoli government in March

You know the quote about a hero only dies once but a coward dies a thousand deaths?

The Obama DC cowards have to spend the rest of their lives covering up the truth and the world knows it. Listen to this terrorist monster mock the Obama gang for their lies about the stupid video they tried to fool the American voters with. Hey, they got re-elected so I guess the lies worked, huh? Thanks for your part in the coverup, Candy Crowley and MSM.

Regarding his questioning by U.S. officials on Stevens’ death, al Chalabi said: “They pretended to know everything, because they were rigid in their questioning, but the truth is that until now, the Americans do not know who carried out this attack which led to the death of their ambassador or who destroyed their consulate; they are confused. At times they say that it happened against the backdrop of a popular attack over the film that offends the prophet, peace be upon him, and at other times they say it was planned. If it was planned, they do not know who did it.”

The Obama Gang is skilled at taking out political foes but they were rank amateurs when it came to Libya. We had no business going in there, and failed to secure the weapons from the al Qaeda rebels.

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