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And it’s a Monday, too


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Oooh, those dogs


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One excuse: Hillary beat him in popular vote. That’s totally irrelevant according to our Constitution. Also, Hillary beat Obama in the popular vote during the 2008 primary plus he needed the DNC Rules and Bylaws Cmte, headed by James Roosevelt, to change rules to favor Obama. He also got his delegate vote through caucus primary states, which are notoriously unreliable.. Like a good girl, Hillary ignored that and sacrificed herself to help Obama win.

In other news: http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/265794/rape-and-slavery-no-campus-will-condemn-daniel-greenfield








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Fewer flowers, more design

For several months, I’ve been using flowers less and branches/dried pods/seeds more. Partly the seasons, of course, but I’ve gotten so I like a simple, natural display. Maybe I’m regressing. When I was first married, my house was clear contemporary style. My houseplants were bonsai and succulents.

Do most young people feel this way, wanting a home environment that’s likely very different from their parents and grandparents? I’m not sure when I changed styles but it’s partly because I like to shake things up quite often; I’m always changing hair color, clothing, etc. It’s party because people give you stuff or you inherit. When my mom died, I incorporated some of her possessions by giving them prime display honor.

Maybe it’s just because I’m getting old, some of my high school classmates and friends my age have already died, and I think you like life simpler at this stage, go for the essentials, go for God-given, natural graces. Oh well, it’s only flowers, right?

Redbud, dried leaves on Fiesta platter, lily stalks, Dogwood seeds right before the leaves darken and curl up to fall on the ground, Nandina, and various late summer foliage in old jars found under my house when we did work years ago. Previous owners just used it as a burial site for waste jars, my husband tossed many others and hauled them off before I rescued these. Mostly mustard, Listerine and mayo jars. The leaves on the platter are on an old Western-themed blanket that’s seen better days but I love it as a tablecloth.

img_0328 img_0144 img_0455img_0458 img_0456img_0459



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Oooh, Those Dogs

Don’t you feel exactly this way sometimes, whether it’s what you’re seeing online or just trying to get the stupid machine to work right?


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