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Until I finally realized how totally corrupt the MSM and the Democratic Party were, separately and together, I was a liberal Democrat for 40 years. During that time, Reagan was the only Republican president I voted for. Yes [hang head in shame] I voted for Jimmy Carter over Gerald Ford, a most honorable man ridiculed as a buffoon by the MSM. At least I recognized something special, something different in Ronald Reagan, even though I was surrounded by confirmed liberals and MSM ridiculing him as a dangerous buffoon by the MSM. See how that works? Americans chose Reagan twice, refusing to allow the MSM to elect our president; the MSM choice was Anybody But Reagan.

If you’ve never heard this speech or if you’re too young to remember Reagan, don’t let others influence you. Lefties hated himĀ  alive and hate his memory even more. Don’t think he’s relevant today? He’s never been more relevant. Please listen to this video. Today.




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