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The good news: PM Stephen Harper is a conservative with backbone. The bad news: There are a wagon load of multiculturalists, grievance mongers and appeasers, plus an ultra liberal public tv in Canada as well as here. Here’s some Canadian sources:


CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, has ongoing news. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/ottawa-shooting-a-day-of-chaos-leaves-soldier-gunman-dead-1.2808710

This Canadian blog has been labeled ‘racist’ etc because of its long-standing reporting of sharia accommodation by liberals there, and the lack of assimilation from much of the Muslim community into Canadian society. The warnings have proven spot on. http://www.blazingcatfur.ca/

Of course, I have a link to the invaluable and clever Small Dead Animals on my blog roll. http://smalldeadanimals.com

St Louis, MO blogger Jim Hoft, who has kept a roundup of Ferguson protests and knock-out game events in his area, also does an excellent job with the Canadian shootings. Don’t remember the terrorist, remember the soldier killed by the terrorist while standing guard at the Canadian War Memorial. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/10/ottawa-shooting-victim-reservist-with-argyll-and-sutherland-highlanders/

Here’s a Twitter comment of a tourist with a pic of Capt Nathan Cirillo taken Sunday, a few days before his murder today by some disgruntled a**hole.

    Megan Underwood @megunder

   On Sunday, we asked a very handsome guard for a picture with my friend visiting from Cali – RIP Nathan Cirillo

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