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This pic worth more than my 1000 words


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Funny. There were massive antiwar protests all over the world on the eve of the Iraqi and Afghanistan military actions in 2002 and all through George W Bush’s administration. Remember all that Chickenhawk ridicule against Bush/Cheney since they had never served during war, even though W was a pilot in the Air National Guard during Vietnam? Heck, Obama can’t even pronounce Corps, as in Navy Corps? We have no clear objective for bombing Syria except political payback for Obama and the fallout for Israel may be devastating but there’s no hotbed of protest activism from all those peace-loving Obama supporters.

It’s almost as if all that self-righteous indignation back then was simple rhetoric.

Here’s a couple of observations:

David Burge          @iowahawkblog        

         Global warming has apparently wiped out the Puff-Chested North American War Protester.


Melissa Clouthier          @MelissaTweets        

           Shhhhh RT @GPollowitz: Kerry is making a great argument for the Bush invasion of Iraq.

Here’s a much more serious view from Marc Thiessen, comparing Obama’s face-saving “limited and brief” pronouncement to Clinton weak response to the Clinton administration’s cruise missile strikes against Sudan and Afghanistan after the 1998 East Africa Embassy bombings.




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Sometimes the parents are just as bad


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Why are liberals and the civil rights industry so determined to destroy the legacy of MLK?

Everything you need to know in this one headline: http://redalertpolitics.com/2013/08/28/nations-only-black-senator-not-invited-to-speak-at-march-on-washington/  Well the nation’s only black senator is a Tea Party Republican so he is ignored or debased by those in charge of the day.

William Jacobson captures the state of today’s march, which had lower than expected attendance, in one pathetic t-shirt. A lowlife street punk beats the head of a small scale vigilante to mush on a sidewalk and the vigilante shoots him in self defense rather than take a chance on dying and that equals Martin Luther King? http://legalinsurrection.com/2013/08/trayvon-martin-luther-king-jr/:


Here’s this from an MSNBC contributor and let’s remember that this channel is part of NBC News:

    Timothy Noah          @TimothyNoah1        

          Moral: Yes, whites share water fountains, lunch counters, and toilets now with blacks. But they still kill them with impunity.

It’s almost as if liberal politicians, the civil rights industry and their MSM want a race war, doesn’t it?

You know Jamie Foxx might just be right when he said he, Kayne West, Jay Z and Will Smith will be the new civil rights leaders. Yep, liberal Hollywood celebrities  and their lapdog MSM seem to be the civil rights leaders of the future. http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/357000/jamie-foxx-will-smith-kanye-west-and-i-must-be-new-civil-rights-leaders-andrew-Johnson

When I watched Martin Luther King’s march and “I Have a Dream” speech back in 1963 and witnessed the passage of the Civil Rights Act the next year, I would never have dreamed that his legacy would be in tatters useful only for cheap short-term political gain in only 50 short years.

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Bug Out[side]

Late summer; all the creepy crawlies are about. I’m not a bug person so I don’t know squat except that some of these are nesting and some are trying to get into my house.  I took these pics in my front yard, what struck me was how big the bee and spider were, as were the other bugs I didn’t photograph. The spider had a big yellow middle, maybe that’s one of those banana spiders I’ve heard of.  Huge.

photo bee enlargedspider2 enlarged

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