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Obama gas

People are beginning to compare the media coverage and Dem outrage during 2008 high oil prices to their current stances. There’s a big difference in media coverage – lots of emotional ‘people are hurting’ in 2008 but unemotional ‘we don’t know who to blame’ stories today. Plus, the Dems sure knew who to blame back then. Booosh. Darth Vader. The ‘2 oil men in the White House’ and corrupt oil companies feeding them money.

This post from William Jacobsen is especially interesting since it includes a graph of oil price changes and a 4-minute video of various big-name Dems attacking Bush in 2008. Oddly enough, Obama-Hillary-Nancy-Debbie et al don’t see the same ‘oil men’ connection to themselves today. Here’s your talking points on hypocrisy, folks.


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I wrote a few weeks ago about liberals such as Bourdain trashing Paula Deen and her Southern food, which according to those critics is stinkin’ bad and stinkin’ bad for you. I don’t watch many food shows but I keep up with The Pioneer Woman and occasionally glance at one or another. Saturday, February the 25th I saw several shows and decided to post the showcased food.  Please note that all these shows are brand-new.

Rachel Ray: Sausage and Butternut Riggies. [Note: a rich casserole]

The Pioneer Woman: BBQ Meatballs, Green Bean Casserole variation, Red Velvet Cake.

Paula Deen: Unstuffed Cabbage Soup with Meatballs, Braised Beef Brisket with Sweet Onions, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Brioche Bread Pudding

Barefoot Contessa: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Canapes, Seafood Pot Pie, French Toast Bread Pudding

Giada at Home: Pork Chops with Apples & Pancetta, Three-Cheese Potato Gratin, Fried Banana Splits

Except for geography and accents, I don’t detect much difference. Sometimes Giada or Ina does a salad or fruit dish, but so does Paula or Rhee.

Scientists and the government have yanked us around for a few decades now. Bread is bad, bread is good, saccharin kills, saccharin is okay, potatoes are bad, potatoes are a good vegetable, lard is bad but margarine is good, margarine kills but lard is good for frying, butter good butter bad butter good butter bad, meat kills, meat is good for weight loss, meat for weight loss causes ketones, meat is the hero of a good diet but carbs kill, carbs are fine, complex carbs good but simple carbs bad, lowfat saves your life, lowfat kills so eat fat everyday, sugar is poison, sugar is fine in moderation, sugar kills, aspartame is the saviour of diabetics, aspartame is poison, alcohol adds empty calories, alcohol adds years to your life, raw milk is fine, raw milk kills, raw milk is the new health food, coconut oil is fine, coconut oil kills, coconut oil is perfect for frying……on and on and on.

No wonder families are confused. How can we develop any sort of cuisine this way? Down deep, we all know –  those of us old enough to remember when food was a normal part of life – the real secrets. Eat more or less what you want but eat it homemade, eat it at home nearly everyday with your family and friends in a pleasant environment, eat as much fresh food as possible, eat food as little processed as possible, have very few snacks, let your kids help shop or cook or set the table or clean up, eat normal portions in front of your kids, and turn meals into a family time again without lecturing or tense talk.

It’s amazing that all this commonsense stuff is so hard these days what with all the distractions but it never was as easy as it looked. It’s nothing to be smug about either, it’s about enjoying your food and family more.

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Some of us considered hopenchange a joke

before there was a cartoon website.  http://hopenchangecartoons.blogspot.com/  . They also had a very clever cartoon on Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras with the comment [I’m paraphrasing]: Enjoy Fat Tuesday this year because if Obama is re-elected, Michelle is changing next year’s into L0w-Fat Tuesday.

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Not what you think


Have you seen this yet? A video ‘apology’ to President Karzai from an American citizen and blogger with a viewpoint many of us share.

Meanwhile, Christians are massacred in Arab Spring Egypt and in Nigeria and Kenya with barely a peep from the MSM. American flag-burning and Bible-burning in the Mideast is passe.

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http://smalldeadanimals.com a most excellent Canadian blog


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Idiot Enviro QOD


Yeh, sometimes it’s hard to pin down to only one but this is rich. During a discussion of a proposed T Boone Pickens-backed windfarm that has killed federally-protected bald eagles and bats, the attorney for windfarm developer AWA Goodhue said this:

   Brusven disagreed, saying turbines might kill eagles, but would not do so on        purpose.

Can you believe it? Turbines don’t kill on purpose. Who knew? Evidently wind turbines aren’t evil like the coal mines and oil drills that kill poor obscure salamanders and itty-bitty leeches on purpose.

Let’s state the obvious: most of us consider bald eagles and bats a lot more important than a little fish that halts irrigation on Cali farmland.

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