It is indeed fair to blame Obama and his administration in conjunction with the Democratic Party for some, most or all of the ISIS mess in Iraq. Whether you agreed with the Iraq invasion under Bush, we did indeed have peace won at a great cost of lives and money. Obama and the Dems swept into office in 2008 by declaring Iraq an unnecessary war because the “real war” the one we should have fought was in Afghanistan. Oh yeah, that’s where we needed to be. Notice they didn’t deny that against all odds, against their sudden denials of support for the Iraq invasion – they invented that catchy chant of “Bush Lied, People Died” – against the world turning its back on us, the US got rid of a dictator who was a mass murderer, prevented that dictator from launching another war against its neighbors or a world war, and gave Iraq a chance at its own semblance of democracy.

Here, Bill Whittle says the US military keeps winning the war but the Democratic Party left forces us to keep losing the peace.  If Obama and his people and the MSM weren’t so sure that Obama knows everything, he might actually learn something in his presidency. Hey, he’s just so smart, he’s bored with the presidency. That’s what Valerie Jarrett says.



Okay with me



Trey Gowdy [R-SC]  is the real deal, no BS photo-op or sound bite for him. He knows what he’s doing – he was a former prosecutor before coming to the US House of Representatives – and doesn’t need to bloviate. Surgical-precision slicing of IRS Commissioner Koskinen here. Jim Jordan [R-TX] is also excellent; they make a formidable pair.

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Isn’t it time ‘tolerant’ nations  and lefty universities which prize ‘diversity’ admit they have enabled a generation of hate to thrive. If you know any WWII history, you recognize that not only are these protests deliberately following the Nazi pattern to taunt the Jews, they are using the same Nazi example of blaming the Jews. This is how Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Party persuaded the intelligent, Christian nation of Germany to ‘exterminate’ millions of Jews – by blaming the Jews. The Nazi party publicly lamented that the Jews forced them to discipline their greed and unpatriotic ways. Here the modern anti-Semitic laments that the Jews force them to discipline them for their Zionism. Ah, yes. Zionism, it’s the new anti-Semitism.

But this is the way all abuse and hatred works, isn’t it? In domestic abuse, it’s always the fault of the beaten spouse; if only they wouldn’t burn the potatoes to torment the abuser, things would be fine. The beaten spouse is forced  to discipline, to punish the wrong.


In Paris’ Little Jerusalem, they broke windows and burned businesses, attacking a synagogue. They’re not done, more protests are already scheduled.

“They were shouting: ‘Death to Jews,’ and ‘Slit Jews’ throats’,” said David, a Jewish sound engineer who has lived in the multicultural Parisian suburb of Sarcelles for 49 years. “It took us back to 1938.”

In Berlin, they chanted, “Jew, you cowardly pig, come out and fight.” Think Europe is bad? In Boston, pro-Palestinian marchers yelled, “Jews, back to Birkenau” and “Drop dead, you Zionazi whores.” Yes, a large portion of the Boston protesters were lefty students. Still proud of Tommy and Alice taking an interest in world affairs, Mom and Dad? Still proud of their lectures on social justice and acting on their consciences? They are idiot tools of Islam extremists; thanks for shelling out $$ for them to learn to be idiot tools.

Last night CodePink protested a meeting of CUFI [Christians United For Israel] Honor Israel Night in DC, attendees included Charles Krauthammer and Sen Lindsay Graham. How anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian is CodePink? Last year they went to Gaza and were warmly welcomed by Hamas, with the CodePink gals wearing Hamas – recognized as a terror group by the US – clothing.

Just a reminder: CodePink co-founder Medea Benjamin was a keynote speaker at the recent PC-USA General Assembly, which passed a resolution divesting, i.e., punishing American companies who did business with Israel building a defensive wall on the Gaza-Israel border. They also voted to invest in Gaza. Think there’s a connection between the Benjamin speech and the Presbyterian vote? http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/07/reports-hamas-gave-code-pink-red-carpet-treatment-during-gaza-visit-code-pink-wore-hamas-gear/

Israel - Arab Citizens


http://The rest of us consider it an egregious waste of taxpayer money and an insult to boot. Here’s why you can’t trust the left with your kids.

The prolife group Live Action has released a series of undercover videos taken during actual sex education at Planned Parenthood “clinics.” They all received some funding; Episode 2 from Colorado received funding through ObamaCare. Keep in mind PP believes this is a 15-year-old girl. This year the Obama administration will give $500 Million in taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood, a supposed ‘women’s health’ organization that doesn’t even do mammograms but makes its money from abortions. To be exact, PP makes $313 per aborted baby

Speaking of abortion, a top staffer for Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy ‘Abortion Barbie’ Davis a few years ago was convicted of fraud for illegally trying to obtain the credit report of  opponent Michael Steele, who lost the election but went on to head the RNC. That sure didn’t hurt her in liberal Democratic politics. http://washingtonexaminer.com/wendy-davis-staffer-previously-pleaded-guilty-to-illegally-obtaining-an-opponents-credit-report/article/2550992

Here’s Episode 3 and it’s ‘tied to a tree’ or ‘pretend you’re a baby during sex’ advice on sex education experimentation for a 15-year-old girl. It’s from a PP clinic in Portland, Oregon




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