Allergies and the drugs to treat them. I’m in a fog and the weather and the news reflect my feelings. We are at, or near, that indefinable moment when everyone except political hacks or die hard stalwarts realize that a presidency is falling apart and the nation is on a downward trend. It’s coming very fast now for Obama, to the shock of a compliant MSM who tried to prop him up since early 2008 and to the shock of his young and black base who voted for him because of identity politics and little else. I’ve watched the end of quite a few administrations and they end much like human death. Some quietly come to a natural halt, like Eisenhower’s, some occur after an exhausting chronic disease, like Nixon’s, some abruptly end in an unnatural tragedy like Kennedy’s, some end in a puzzle as if we’re not quite sure we did the right thing such as George H W Bush or Gerald Ford’s [no we didn't do the right thing in kicking out Ford for Carter], some end in a wild tumult of change, such as George W Bush’s or LBJ’s. The funny thing is, liberal agitation led to that national “feeling” that change was needed in both LBJ’s and W’s.

What’s different now is that the MSM tried to, and still are in most cases, trying to protect Obama from  a national “feeling” that change is needed. My biggest objection to Obama has always been that the MSM elected him, and did so by sheltering him in a uniquely un-American manner. The MSM certainly hated Nixon from the beginning and certainly sheltered Kennedy but that was primarily after his election, they sheltered President Kennedy but their role in electing him president wasn’t as pervasive as in electing Obama, who was totally unvetted and protected. The MSM wasn’t as overwhelmingly liberal and there weren’t as many conglomerates.  We knew squat about Obama in 2008 and don’t know a lot now but we’ve discovered some truths on our own, in spite of the MSM, not because of them. Today’s blogs of all sizes are the small independent newspapers/magazines/newsletters, diners, and  radio/tv stations of yesterday.

ISIS has vids of their  air force; they’re darn proud of their military, too bad Obama is ashamed of ours and is cutting it way back. Obama wants to use ours as a force for good, such as abruptly sending them into deadly West Africa without planning and without complete hazmat protection, which may or may not be needed. Guess none of his crony donors send their kids into the military so he’s not worried. http://hotair.com/archives/2014/10/17/good-news-isis-is-training-an-air-force/

Lefty hypocrisy. They’re not battling for $15 minimum wage, they’re out to punish big companies like McDonalds and Walmart by making them pay $15, thus weakening them even further in a global economy. Never forget, their real goal is the end of capitalism , so they can further socialism. http://thepunditpress.com/2014/10/16/seattle-socialist-group-pushing-20hr-min-wage-offers-13hr-for-web-developer/

You certainly won’t see this Pew study on the MSM: http://cfif.org/v/index.php/commentary/54-state-of-affairs/2339-republicans-more-informed-than-democrats-according-to-pew-research

Everything should be free! All you have to do is raise taxes. Again, see it for what it is, an attack on capitalism to push socialism. It’s working so well in France. http://www.nationalreview.com/phi-beta-cons/389833/having-students-pay-college-socially-unjust-george-leef

Yale University has a well-deserved reputation for anti-Semitism and pushing a pro-Islam, pro-Palestinian agenda. Lots of money fro Arabs plus a lefty agenda and lefty studies. http://collegeinsurrection.com/2014/08/yale-chaplain-blames-jews-for-anti-Semitism/

Unfortunately, Obama sympathetic to Iran and simultaneously thinks we shouldn’t be stronger than any other country http://pjmedia.com/spengler/2014/08/29/the-trouble-is-that-obama-does-have-a-strategy/



Jindal is quiet but devastating. Here he presents President Obama’s management style in 4 short Tweets. You know it’s dead-on hit the moment you read it. h/t to Instapundit, from whom I shamelessly stole this. http:/pjmedia.com/instapundit  As Instapundit author Glenn Reynolds notes, we’re apparently in Stage 2. Obama is  dependably formulaic.



Stage 1 of Obama Crisis Management: Don’t worry, I got this.

PDM 12 (7)

Hey when the President insults us with a political hack for an “Ebola Czar” then he can expect insults from the public. A celebrity president whose whole career is based on controlling the message, not on any achievement, will naturally assume that controlling the Ebola message will help his political career. Sadly, it will continue to work with some, while it never did work for those of us who asked questions and looked deeper at the man.


I’ve been on my own more the past few weeks in the sense that I’ve not been using cookbooks but trying instead to adapt old cooking methods to new ways. Some success, lots of dangers.

I realized that the almond flour and other nut flours were still difficult for me to digest. I’ve tried soaking raw nuts in water then baking them but overall I’ve concluded that I have too many gut problems – still – to do much with nuts or seeds. Bummer, but I need more healing before I move to that step. The daughter is always whipping out an animal carcass to cook with veggies and telling me I need to do broth, and pushing not just GF but more paleo. I’m not sure I’m ready to cook that myself but I think I may try some canned broth from Amazon or wherever I can find the recommended brands.

Giving up on nut flours I wandered into bakeries and the GF foods at my local stores. Lots of good stuff. I like the stuff at GF Miracles in Lexington because they also have paleo offerings and I trust their homemade cookies and other baked goods. I’ve been happily using GF pasta and hamburger buns, congratulating myself for eating grass fed burgers or whatever. That’s true, and it is an excellent way to transition into eating meat when you’ve been a long-time vegetarian who’s averse to meat eating. But it’s murder on your blood sugar and I don’t think it’s particularly healthy on a daily basis. It would be an excellent way to get a younger, healthier person to eat meat or go GF but this GF ready-made food is a trap that keeps you from going to a higher level of eating Paleo. I’ve decided to cut way back on them for only occasional use. Such as the King Arthur GF Brownie Mix, which I bought yesterday at my local Kroger but only to support the GF cause and I swear I’ll only make it for a special occasion or when lots of people can share it.

Missing the nut flour baked treats, I fell into the trap of fruits as dessert, in smoothies, on GF pancake, everything. No matter the diet, too much sugary fruit is a common trap.

To make it easier for me, some food manufacturers have made truly lousy products, while some need quite a bit of tweaking. I had some lousy rotini that I used for a healthy pasta salad using lots of my homegrown veggies. Ugh. Going to try and adjust cooking times and recheck but the recommended times didn’t work.

The daughter had better results with the Pillsbury refrigerated crust  she used to make a chocolate pie but she had to tweak not only the baking times but the technique. She cooked the crust longer and kneading the crust a much longer time than the pkg recommended. It was well worth it. She used the filling from a cookbook called Mrs Rowe’s Pies, from a pie shop/restaurant in Staunton, Virginia. We don’t know Mrs Rowe from Adam but all her recipes are fabulous. A special treat we have a couple ties a year, so it was nice to adjust it to GF.

I did try a little dessert the other night, mostly to use Rome Beauty apples, which my husband loves but gives me cramps if I eat raw. I sliced 2 apples thinly then cooked in a grass fed butter in an iron skillet with just a teaspoon or so of raw brown sugar and 2 T pecans till nice and caramel-y, then added 3 T shredded unsweetened coconut. While  cooking that I nuked a large GF tortilla- made with teff and millet for a minute on each side then cooked them 4 minutes on each side in a dry cast iron skillet, which is quite a bit more cooking than the pkg recommends but it it works better.  Then I put the apple mixture inside the tortilla, added a little whipped coconut milk and wrapped it up. It had the taste of a decadent autumn treat but it’s not too unhealthy. Two tips: the apple mix turns to hard praline pretty quick so eat it before it cools and sets, it also helps to not toast it too long and use goodly amounts of butter. Also, I can’t get these tortillas to easily cut with a fork so wraps work well.

So my goal next week is focus more on paleo. I may be going in that direction: Yesterday we ate at Moe’s, a regional fast food Tex Mex place my husband likes but I like less now that I don’t eat gluten. Yesterday I ordered a salad with tofu chunks,  which I used to often eat there. Yesterday I kept rolling the pieces in my  mouth, couldn’t stand the…. texture. I left in the bottom of the bowl.  My daughter says I’m becoming a meateater.  Maybe. Have a good day and enjoy your food.



Since I was so busy with more intense caregiving duties this summer, I mostly read light mysteries or other books that can be easily set down and picked up without losing concentration.

I did read Hitler’s Spies by David Kahn [Macmillan, 1978], which was a highly detailed and fascinating account of German intelligence-gathering history leading up to and focusing on WWII. The book is quite daunting. I read a lot of WWII non-fiction and it would be quite difficult to comprehend much of this book without a knowledge of Nazi personnel. There were many references to not only the Abwehr, the SS and the Gestapo but to Navy intelligence as well. Some of the technical details of radio use left me out in the cold but there were accounts of Nazi’s I knew but with added information I didn’t know. For example, I knew Reinhard Heydrich as a cold-blooded murderer and sadist but Kahn’s account is even more  terrifying. The intimate accounts of the spies themselves were the most interesting, of course. Kahn basically concludes that much of the spying was ineffectual but little bits of info did aid the Nazi military in strategy and was occasionally powerful, as in the devastating theft of the American invention of the highly advanced Norden bomb sight for planes, which ended up not only American airplanes but in some Nazi airplanes as well. All in all, the book is a very good source of WW II history.

I accidently stumbled onto the ‘old strains’ when I decided to reread yet again the Dorothy Gilman Mrs Pollifax series. They’re enjoyable but worthy of a little mystery tension, and always occur on foreign lands, written with respect by an author open to other cultures and experiences. I began my reread quest with the first of the series, The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax, which spoke of the beauty of Albania from the perspective of a proud native patriot. Kosovo and the Serbs are mentioned in passing, a sad reminder of life before the carnage of war and ethnic cleansing. The villains were the Chinese and the Soviets, showing that leaders may be purged and nations may experience great upheavals but our relationships with them are essentially the same, Reset and Smart Diplomacy be damned.

In Mrs Pollifax Unveiled [Ballantine Books, 2000], a fictional pre-911 State Dept. diplomat observed of Syria: “Before Assad worked his way to the top, there were something like twenty coups” [....] Without him, Assad’s secular government could be taken over by Islamic radicals -which would alarm us very much – or Syria could be invaded by neighboring countries – which could alarm us even more. You’ll find the people themselves very friendly but never forget it’s a police state and completely under Assad’s control. “

In Mrs Pollifax and the Hong Kong Buddha [Doubleday, 1985], the thesis centered on Nationalists Day, celebrated in October – wonder if those young Hong Kong protesters knew that – and the response of some Hong Kong residents that the British were negotiating with the Chinese mainland, not Taiwan, for the 1997 return. As a character notes, ” I daresay it could make for a bit of rage, seeing Hong Kong – the capitalist center of the Orient – being turned over to a country of communes and communism.”  Spot on.

I reread Peace Kills by P J O’Rouke [Atlantic Monthly Press, 2004] for a few laughs but found it quite depressing, not only because of his views on Iraq but because of his sections on DC demonstrations, which cover lots of inane and inane topics were harbingers of today’s pro-Palestinians anti-Israel hatred. His observations on Egyptian Coptic Christians are especially poignant since they’re being wiped out – along with Jews and other Christians – all over the Middle East and Africa. Here’s an apt and funny quote to leave you on an upbeat note.

The United Nations Security Council offered a weak and vacillating response to Iraqi provocations. This timidity undermined the power and prestige of the UN – to  the profound relief of all thinking people. A potent and esteemed United Nations would be in danger of evolving into a true world government.

I’m not familiar with all these black conservatives but I know some about most. I think Mia Love is a star, she’s impressive, as is Allen West, Sen Tim Scott, and Dr Ben Carson. I’ve seen Crystal Wright on Varney & Company at Fox Business and she’s sharp. The poster message is clear but it doesn’t fit the media – that is, the Democratic – narrative so you have to hunt a bit to get some truth. don’t let Brian Williams or Carol Costello or whoever limit your thinking.




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